Romance scam letter(s) from Justin Jaromil Dawson to Briana (USA)
Letter 1

HI Briana How are you doing? Thank you very much for granting to me the pleasure to know you more, I appreciate the opportunity I have granted you to know more about me, am an easy going person, smart, good sense of humor and always know how to treat people right. I was happy when we communicated, because I am a very busy person, but miss that part of life where I have to communicate with a lady. I just opened my company and it's growing very fast. You are such a pretty lady and it will be my pleasure to know more about you. What color look best on you? Name the #1 quality in a man that you look for! What is your favorite #? and Do you prefer being around your man 24/7 or do you enjoy some personal space? I am sending to you the pictures of my dogs, the white one is Sheila and the brown one is Kash. Am also sending to you the pictures of my workers from LEFT TO RIGHT are Desmond, myself, Anthony, George, David and Anderson, they are all Engineers ranging from Electrical to Petrochemical. I think you are a very easy going person with understanding because SERIOUSNESS is my #1 priority. It would be my pleasure if you can be able to reply to my email once you receive it. We can take our time to know more about each other, by texting each other, by sending each other messages daily and sometimes having conversation on phone. You seems to be a very nice person. Thank you very much Briana. Waiting for a reply from you soon. Yours Faithfully,

Letter 2

Hi Briana Thank you very much for granting me the pleasure to know you more. Thanks a lot for your pictures which you have for me and i do appreciate them a lot from the depth of my heart, i have printed your pictures so that i can be looking at them always. I would love to develop and have a special opportunity with a caring, desiring, honest and devoted woman like you. I was very impressed and honored to get a response from you. Compliments are nice, but the true beauty of a person is within & this takes time to discover. I also believe in the discovery part, before intimacy. Am not a one night stand or friends with benefits type person because I am far too sensitive and caring to "turn emotions on, turn emotions off," like a light switch. I would really enjoy reading from you and would love to receive more if possible. It is so nice to have you as a great friend; I hope and pray that we establish a lasting friendship that will last forever. I need you to understand that it takes a lot for two people willing to tangle to continue their acquaintance in a stable manner. I am sending to you the pictures of my cousins; they live in Scottsdale, Arizona, the picture of me when I was young. I like purple, what I meant by seriousness is trying to communicate with me frequently so that we can know more about each other. My Dad is an American from Athol, Idaho and my mother is from Opava city in Moravian-Silesian Region, Czech Republic and Jerusalem, Israel, both of them met here in the States. My dad left my mom when she was pregnant and she lost her life during childbirth, because she was heartbroken she passed away, I was being raised by my Aunt overseas, who took me to Czech Republic and there she raised me. I came back to the States after my college, looking for my dad with his address in Idaho, but I have not seen him till date, I am 55 years old now and I would be celebrating my next birthday on the 28th October, 2016. Am 6"4, I got a B. Sc in Petroleum Engineering, spent 4 years of my life in Czech Republic and then spent one year in the United States to obtain a Master's Degree in Petroleum Engineering (PTE). I attended the Technical University of Ostrava in Moravian-Silesian Region, Czech Republic and got my Master's Degree in A&M University, TX. I once worked with Oil and Energy Company (ConocoPhillips) in NY for 27 years and I started off on my own a few months ago, am still an investor with ConocoPhillips till date, my company is awaiting its license from the Government and once the license approved i would be commencing fully. I have one daughter, she is 20 years of age, she lives with her mom in TX, we got divorced 10 years ago, and my daughter's name is Irena. I sometimes visit my dad's brother Eli and his family Elam 39 and Asenka 37 in Scottsdale, AZ. Elam and Asenka work as Liquidators in different firms. I am extremely independent, confident, secure, easy going person and have good sense of humor. I am full of surprises, educated, sound-minded, and can carry a long conversation. I speak English well even though I have an accent, a friend of mine told me that I have the accent of Arnold Alois Schwarzenegger. I want to know more about you so that we can get more acquainted to each other and know more about ourselves, likes, dislikes, hobbies and what both of us do for fun. What kinds of things really make you laugh? What's your biggest goal in life right now? What do you hate most about the dating process? (Tell me so I can avoid it!) Briana I'm a Professional, goal oriented and a caring person. I would like to see my woman and her friends happy. I want someone who equally enjoys life. A woman who is respectful, affectionate and kind. I would like that person to be truthful, and honest; as well as treat me as the King I am, as I will treat her as the queen she is. I enjoy being playful and having a good time. Please try and send me EMAIL so that we can get know more about us. I am sending to you some of my photos. I look for the best in people and life. I hope to hear from you pretty soon. Yours Faithfully,

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