Scam Email(s) from William B. to Eloha (USA)


Letter 1

how are you
am fine. am william from Houston texas where are you from
my dear is good to read from you. am fine. how are you and the family. ok my dear i will ben=en happy to read from you my dearest
good to read from you my deareat. how aare you doing
How are you today, I am sorry for writing you late guess you are doing fine as always.
How are you today, I am sorry for writing beats you guess you are doing fine as always. I'm from Houston Texas. I am engineer by profession. I like your profile and you look so beautiful. I work with the Organization of Diamond Offshore Drilling here in the US .. I've been with the company for 13 years as director of operations. I am the only son of my parents and the late Professor Dr. Andy of blessed memory. I was married before but lost my wife in a car accident five years ago. May his soul rest in peace. I have a son, His name is Rafael and he is 12 years old now. I want to spend the rest of my life with someone who is kind, honest, caring, trustworthy and God fearing. It seems very much peace and quiet here. I`m 5`11 "190 bless you with an athletic build, mentally stable a positive person, fitness, lots of laughs, warm, caring, honest, good listener, fearing God, and. I am very easy person to talk to and a loving and sympathetic father. I like playing sax that I often do in my free time. I like going to the movies, or watching movies in my room or cabin, I like swimming, music and dance to any music , singing, sailing, going bowling and also a good cook. I am a family oriented person, children love and more, but it would be better for you to find some things for yourself
am fine. how was your Holidays?
How was your Chistmas. my dear are you married ?
do you have kids?
and you how old are you now my dear
wow that nice age my dear. what is your job?
from what kid of job? am really happy meeting you hear.
my dear do you believe in distance relationship? my dear for how long have you been using online dating?
so tell me have you ever meet with a man hear
don't you like the men that com your way
my dear i can see you are a good and nice woman?
my dear am hear now for you