Romance scam letter(s) from Basten Boadu to Joanna (Poland)
Letter 1

Hello Joanna.

I guess you are still at work as your service is really needed.I really like what you do and I hope to get to know you better.Well Am Romney Woods,45 and survive on my own financially.I am a Medical Doctor in the U.S Army and currently I am in Afghanistan on a peace keeping mission.I have been there for two years and i have plans to resign in the army once my mission is over so that I can meet someone that I love.I don't care about the distance or the age because distance is a way and age is also a number.All is about who can make you happy and also trust you and treat you like a queen.Well am the only son of my late parents.I am a widowed with only one son call Mark Woods.He is a good boy and i love him so much..He is 10 years old.Unfortunately Mark was born retarded and lives in a home where children who are retarded are accommodated. I love friends and family, I am a lot of fun and make friends easily. I love life, love my family and still have some love to share with a special lady. Life can be lonely without that someone...I am a person who is very real when it comes to life and its' issues. Am honest,kind caring,affectionate,good sense of humor,easy going,free thinker,trustworthy and respect the lives of other people.....I'm a man that is living life as it comes to me. I don't worry about tomorrow, for it will be here no matter what I do. The best days of my life are yet to looking for someone who will love and care about me for a long time relationship that can lead to marriage. Although I would consider myself a romantic, I don't believe that life is about the "grand passion." In reality it is more about comfortable comrade. I am a really fun person who loves people, loves to laugh,... I'm excited to see new places, meet new people and do new things.I'm not a fighter and I don't argue, life's too short but I do value friendship and intimacy. Respect is one of the most important requisites in a relationship, as are honesty and commitment. I enjoy going out to dinner, movies, walks, and quiet times. I love nature, enjoy learning, and have a deep respect and love for children. I'm fascinated with the world and different cultures and would enjoy learning more about them....I love to laugh and like being around people with a good sense of humor. I also appreciate people who are different and even quirky. They're usually interesting...I want to meet someone who is kind and enjoyable to be with.I know love takes time and am in no hurry. I have the rest of my life, that should be enough time ..She would have to be a woman of integrity, honest, confident, kind and with a sense of humor. Needless to say an intelligent woman who is able to converse on several subjects without getting into passionate arguments all the time. very affectionate,easy going,understands,trustworthy,family oriented and supportive. she should be fun-loving and love to laugh... Being through worst pain in relationship is not all that easy sharing it with people simply because it hurts. through that I have learn alot from my past. There is no going to be turning back into old life style.I believe either of us had in mind of meeting someone special online but it has just come to pass with our personality description towards learning few thing about each other. I'm ready to falling in love with someone special who ever that happens to be.. there are few qualities which talks about genuine woman in relationship, such as faithfulness,loyalty, trustworthy, Honesty, respectful etc. guess having those qualities in relationship can really help alot. I am not looking to fill a void in my life, I am looking for my soul mate. I will like to end here...Hopefully I hope we get the chance to talk online later today if possible...I will be glad to have a reply from you about yourself too. Till I hear from you,take very good care of yourself... Love always, Romney.
Letter 2

Dear Joanna, I know there's an ocean between us,
and I wish that it weren't true,
for every day when I arise,
I yearn to be with you.
Though a lot of distance lies between us,
you'll always be in my mind and my heart,
And every night beneath the stars,
I pray for the day we'll never be apart. Every day I will be thinking about you. When my eyes are closed, when I sing and dance to a love song, when I'm checking my email, I will be thinking about you. When I go to sleep in the loneliness of my room and give in to wonderful dreams I will definitely be thinking about you. I know someday we will meet and spend our lives with each other. I have waited for someone like you, and now that I have found you I will never let you go. I love you so much, Joanna!! It has not been but a short time of getting to know one another and we are totally crazy about the other. I asked you if you believed in soul mates and you said that you believed that God does make a special someone for every woman. Whether that woman finds that someone she was created for or not, I know I was created for you Joanna. Here I am, heart and soul, confessing to the world how I feel about you. I would walk to the ends of the earth to meet you, and yet the funny thing is, looks as if I will have to do that since we haven't yet met. Funny how love works in people's lives. I sure never expected to neither meet nor find someone as amazing as you. Joanna,You have touched my heart in so many ways and words couldn't even begin to explain to you the love I feel for you. Without further making it harder on the two of us to be together, I need to tell you that I love you and I know you are there waiting and when the time is right, you will accept me as your husband and I will also accept you as my wife so we can spend forever and eternity in each other's arm.Together,we would have our own children and raise a very beautiful family...I promise to be a very responsible partner both to you and our family to be.I love you with all my body,soul and spirit. I hope we will talk tonight because i have missed you so much honey..Do send me a mail after reading this because I really want to hear from the woman of my life.. I have attached a song to the mail which I want you to listen.Have a lovely day honey. Love Always, Romney
Letter 3

Hello Joanna, I wish I didn't have to miss you. If only you could be with me always, I know I could never be any happier. But then again, I know that the day will come when I will be able to spend my every waking moment with you and I won't have to lose sleep. I even miss you when I am sleeping. I love you, Joanna. You are my new love and I thank you for be so kind with my heart. Hopefully, soon I won't have to hate missing you because we will be together as a happy couple. As the day fades away and the night slips up on me, I find myself clinging onto my prayers. Every night I pray to God that he will keep you in his arms. I pray that he keeps you out of harm's way until we can finally be together.Baby,nothing in this world can stop me from loving you.You are the woman of my life and I will do anything to be with you.You know my days here are numbered and very soon we will be together honey.I can't wait to see you at the airport where I will hold your hands,hug,and kiss you to show you how much I love you and how much you mean to me. Joanna,here are some of things,I will like to do with you at a point in this lifetime: Be your best friend.
Get caught with you in the rain.
Dance with you in the rain.
Stargaze on a clear night.
Watch the sunset together.
Spend all day with you doing nothing.
Moonlit walks on the beach.
Be more proud of you than I already am at this very moment.
Go on a carriage ride through the park.
Do a crossword together.
Go to brunch.
Have a disagreement (it could/will only make us stronger).
Go for a twilight horseback ride.
Watch a bad movie together.
Spend the rest of my life with you.
Have our picture taken together.
Eat ice cream with you.
Make love to you passionately.
Go to a museum together.
Talk to each other using only body language.
Give you space when you need it.
Accept you totally and completely - flaws and all (I already do).
Discuss current events in a heated debate.
Have you see the error of your ways from aforementioned heated debate and make mad, torrid love to you, in the midst of all that passion.
Carve our names into a tree/table.
Go for a walk at dusk together.
Be one with you.
Send you a singing telegram.
Spend all night thinking of 101 sweet things to do for you.
Hold you and gaze into your eyes and realize how much I love you...and tell you.
Gently run my hand across your cheek and look into your eyes.
Blindfold you and take you somewhere romantic.
Spend my life making you happy.
Spend my life making our family happy.
Feel your heartbeat.
Go roller/ice skating together.
Give you a backrub just because.
ALWAYS being honest with each other.
Go hiking/camping together.
Have our first fight, make up and feel a stronger bond because we very successfully weathered the storm - together.
Marry you.
Laugh at someone together.
Share a plate of spaghetti.
Give you a stuffed animal just because.
Go on a fun family vacation and bring back the kind of memories movies are made of.
Treat you like my Lancelot.
Go on a road trip across America.
Count thunder together during a thunderstorm.
Envelop you in my soul.
Cook your favorite meal/meals.
Know you better than you know yourself.
Go to a Renaissance Fair.
Plant a tree in our yard together.
Look over at you during an office/family party and have you know without me saying a word - that I love you.
Be able to say "I love you" in 89 different ways - in 89 different countries.
Hold you when you're at your saddest and comfort you when you need it the most.
Be the one you come to for that comfort and holding.
Wipe away the days' stresses and issues, with just one hug/kiss.
Grow old with you. Hope you're having a good day..Take care and hope to read from you real soon. Love always, Romney.
Letter 4

Dearest Joanna,

Just as a poet needs inspiration to write a masterpiece,I need you.Just as an artist needs a subject for his work of art,I need you.Just as a teacher needs a pupil to mold into greatness,I need you.Just as a composer needs a theme to create a timeless melody,I need you. For without you Joanna my life would be empty of all inspiration. There will be no work of art for me to gaze at - no person of greatness before me - no timeless melody to listen to. My life will exist in shades of gray instead of vibrant colors, and I will be less than whole. In the past, the proper words have escaped me, and my innermost feelings have been kept locked away in the depths of my heart. No more - for through this mail, I proclaim to you, Joanna, my undying love and eternal devotion. Honey I have attached the picture of me in my uniform to this mail and I hope you enjoy it. Have a nice stay my love. I love you forever, Romney.
Letter 5

Hello My Precious Joanna, Honey how are you today and how has your day been so far?I miss you so much and have been thinking about the woman of my life...If only I could have come up with the right words to describe the depth of this beautiful feeling that I have for you, I would have whispered them to you the first time we met. The best thing that I can do is to show you now. I love you so much, Sweetie. You are the best thing that ever happened to me. You are like the best poetry ever composed, the best song ever played, the best picture ever painted. I never thought that someone like me could get so lucky! I love you more than my life, more than my world. I love you more and more each day and that is the most wonderful feeling any man can ever hope to experience. I want to tell you that the love I have for you is undying. It is a love that is strong and enduring and will stand the test of time. I truly feel blessed that you have become a part of my life, and I cannot wait for the day that we can join our lives together. I want to lie next to you at night and fall asleep in your arms. I want to wake to your beautiful smile. I want to share in your joys and sorrows. I want to be your everything, because you are everything to me. I promise to always love you and always hold you in my heart. I will always be here for you when you need me, and I will love you no matter what life brings us. You are my soul mate, and I vow to love you all eternity. I love you, Joanna. Honey I will be connected tonight so we can communicate.Have a lovely day my angel. Forever your's, Romney.
Letter 6

Hello Joanna,
Your mail did touch my heart..Joanna,how will you feel if the one you love turns down on you when you need them the most..This is what am going through now...My stuffs are very important to me and I need to get them out of here..You are the woman I love so I asked you to help me get the stuffs out of here but you refused to help me...I do care about you Joanna and you will always be in my heart because you have painted a smile in my heart that will last for a lifetime...My mission ends pretty soon and my days are numbered here in Afghanistan,I am still working on how to get my stuffs out of here Joanna and it needs to be delivered to someone I trust..
Have a lovely night.Love always,Romney.
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