Scam Email(s) from Patirck Danie to Sara (South Africa)


Letter 1

Hi ,

How are you doing and i hope your day started on a good note?. Thanks for trusting your email in my hand, i really appreciate, I believe with faith that all our heart desires will surely come to past. I really need a companion with the same interests, moral values and goals as myself, I would like to meet someone that is very realistic and understands the Importance of Communication in a Relationship.

I am a new person on site. Initially I find it weird to expose myself on dating site looking for a friend/life partner but my friend insists. I am not comfortable with the messages am getting on the site and i have taken my self off the site. Please I don't need one night stand or sex partner. I need a good friend/partner.

I'm Patirck Danie, widower, 51 years old, 15th March 1965, I have a 19 yrs old Girl. I consider my relationships of great importance, which ultimately keeps me up on my feet. I also hold dear my career and commitment to helping others as much as I can.

I am a very easy going fun loving person with a very realistic but optimistic view on things with many wholesome interests and values.

Enjoy the rest of your day.
I await your response

Letter 2

Hello Sara,

How are you doing this morning and I hope you slept well last night. Thanks for your respond to my email... What can I say… Life is too short so we should enjoy whatever God has for us and enjoy it to the fullest. I have never done this internet dating of a thing before as i told you but my friend insists that I should give it a trial as he met his lovely wife through that medium. I just hope and believe that it will work for us. I believe in total honesty and openness no matter what the end point may look like!! I know that truth hurt but at the same time gives room for concrete union.

Let me tell you little more about myself so that it will be easy for us to get acquainted as well get use to each other because my Dad once told me that a race of a million miles start with a step. Am a creative man, who try to find my own life. I am a soft hearted Bulgarian South African man...(my mother is from Bulgaria and my father is from South Africa.) very playful and gentle man who so loves to touch and be touched, I am a giver and love to treat my partner with a lot of love and with very deep respect. I lost my Dear wife in a motor accident July 2013. My late wife and I had only one child a girl (Michelle) who is very dear to us and we love her so much. I lost my father in 2001, he committed Suicide after he lost his job with Exxon Mobile UK as a Civil Engineer. He lost his job due to drug problem. My mother is still alive. She is presently living in Brisbane Australia with my only one sister (Sally) She is married to a Mexican guy and my daughter is staying with them because he is schooling in Australia. I do visit them often.

I am an independent person. I work for myself as a commissioning Engineer. I conduct preventive and routine maintenance with some engineering firms. I also install drilling jigs for drilling companies. Now I am installing driving shaft for Eskom in their power generating plant at Spartan. I really enjoyed my time working in the Oil Platform because it my first Job Experience in life and i love my Job. I have my personal house in Benmore Garden Sandton.

I just need that simple woman that will partner with me in all i do. I have been involved in one or two short relationships since my wife died but we could not click. I know nobody is perfect but we still deserve some element of respect and truth. I will like to enlighten you more about my kind of person. My hobbies are swimming, traveling, shopping and going to movies. I am too emotional and cannot stand heartbreak that is why i need a woman who will love me for real and who will understand and take me for who i am. I strongly believe that we can make a good soul mate if we can be honest and straight forward to each other. I am a free and open minded person. I will be very happy if i find a person With almost all this qualities also.

I hope I have not bored you with my long email. Hehe!! I believe through this medium we can get to know each very well. Please can you drop me your number so we can chat more on whats app as well talk on phone, you are free to ask me any question at any time..

Do have a splendid day and stay blessed,
Hope to hear from you soonest.

Letter 3

Hi Dearest.

Thanks for your beautiful honest email and its been great chatting to you on whats app to keep the strong communication. I can sense your Intelligence and discretion. You are amazing. I am really interested in meeting you and knowing you and maybe having a future with you. So far so good, I’d rate that I find you loving and most of all beautiful on the inside and I am willing and ready to give myself the opportunity to get to know you better. When I was much younger, I recall the admonition my mother always gave me about women. “Love and Cherish your girls, be there always etc etc”.

I am family oriented. I enjoy spending quality time with my woman and my loved ones and I enjoy the outdoors a lot like going to the parks, fishing, playing golf, seeing rugby games and taking a walk on a beautiful beaches. I am hard working and I believe in playing my role in the family; giving credence to gender equality and roles.

I believe in being there for my woman in all ramifications which includes, emotionally, financially and physically.I consider my relationships of great importance, which ultimately keeps me up on my feet. Let me still dwell on the importance of how much you captured my attention. The words you wrote about yourself and the little I have come to realize about you in communication defines a confident, focused and reliable Lady. I would kindly crave your sincere participation in this process of knowing each other. Being open hearted and honest with your emotions and feelings will help us know where we stand. I would so love to build the foundation of our new friendship on that principle. We all crave for one thing or the other. I, in person crave for the finest things of life in a woman – True Love. Love to me is life and the feeling associated is my power to conquer the world.

I came up with a few things I’d like to ask you. It will be great to know more about you and you will know more about me. I hope you can answer the ones you can and leave the others. (I minute my own answer to the questions below in other to also introduce myself)

1. Do you believe in open affection?
Yes, I believe so much in open affection. I believe in receiving and giving the same.

2. What makes you happy?
A good sleep and a lot of water and also been around with someone i love dearly, talking and cuddling with her.

3. What is your favorite color?
Brown and black is my favorite color. I feel a sense of calm with brown

4. What do you specifically desire from me?
I want you to have an open heart towards this relationship giving it as much as you can so that we can see where it will lead us. I hope it will lead us to marriage of course, God's willing.

5. What jerks you off loneliness when you are lonely?
I play music.

6. What religious background do you belong?
I am Christian and I attend church regularly.

7. Do you like flowers and what is your favorite flower?
I like wild roses

8. What is your present living condition, renting or owned?
I live and own a house in benmore Garden Santon.

9. Are you ready for Love?
Yes, I am very ready to love again.

10. Are you receptive to too much attention?
Yes so far it is giving in no obsession.

11. What is your taste for a car – exotic or mere transport?
Exotic - I drive a Range Rover sports 2015 model and a Toyota fortuner 2011 model basically because of the nature of my.

12. When can we meet?
I am ready to meet you as soon as am back from UK.

13. What is your sense of style?
Casual and up to date

14. Are you career focused?

15. Do you have a drive for success in your career?
Yes, I consider my career of great importance because I love my job.

16. Do you have dreams for the future?
Yes, to someday find and marry a woman that will grow old with me.

I hope you can answer these questions and i didn't bore you with all this questions. please feel free to ask me anything, anytime. I love writing long emails because it gives me the room to explain myself very well and also for you to get to know me more, hope you don't mind..

Enjoy the rest of your night and stay blessed.
Hugs and Kisses. xoxoxo.