Scam Email(s) from Kennedy Bueno to Eloha (USA)


Letter 1

Good day lady, call me Kennedy. I like your profile you look natural nice and attentive, and would like to know something about you and have a good friendship with you that will last forever. Please, whatsapp or your email I'm not always here. Thanks

Letter 2

How are you doing dear Well let me say ... I Have Been out of a relationship for so long now after the deaath of late wife, and ever since then a I Decided not to go into a relationship. Until my hurt are heal and now i need serious relationship to meet Someone who is ready to love me and i havea daughter but if You have kids i am ready to take them love them and show them father's love and i was Having same directions of thought That you are the one to make my heart happy again, and your profile happens to show interest in my cos you look nice and caring, humble and honest i need a happy family. I am so happy and grateful for all if you can accept me in your life, i need you to give me the time and chance to get to explore mutual relationship with you That will lead to something great and lasting, Now I feel I should try to meet that special someone out there Who Could really be the one for me Which is why i write to you now i have found you. I need to know more about you, the privilege is mine to explore with you and get to understand you. I want someone That will be sincere and honest, faithful, and good.Okay I like doing a lot of things for fun like watching movies, listening to music, spending time with that special someone and more like my work line Which Gives me an opportunity to do a lot of things. Quickly let me introduce to you my i am Good Kennedy, by name, but i married late years ago i am a Consultant in Civil Engineering, i am from Berlin and i live Highland in United Kingdom i am living alone i am the only are and child of my parent my dad and mum died on my age of 30 years hope we can write here to know each other better, Because of my work i decided to use email and WhatsApp to write I am looking forward in meeting you, hope you Could Explain your self to me This way. where are you from where you live what you do for a living (JOB) .. take care and hope to hear back from you soonest and never forget to send me your whatsapp number When you reply me thanks