Romance scam letter(s) from Chris Richards to Susan (South Africa)
Letter 1

Hey honey hope you're good today and having a great day as well..its been a bit of a busy day for me dear and will be off to the rig the picture and oh dear,the difference is so,what was she thinking hahaha..Oh before I forget,the luggages are now in the custody of the courier company and they have raised a few issues about the delivery of the package. I had an extensive conversation with the Rep here in kuwait and he told me that as a standard policy for private deliveries, the company demands that the sending charges must be paid in two part of 61%($3,073.79) payment by the sender, which i have fully paid and 39%($1,965.21) payment of the total transport charges by the receiver, before lifting and delivery of the boxes, for the total charge of( $5,039.00) This he explained is the statutory standard procedure for all private deliveries and also a verification process to ascertain the security and proper delivery of the boxes to the receiver via a secure process. I have also tried to offset all bills but the terms and conditions prohibit the sender to make all payments. i am also comfortable with this process as they have assured me of a full security and insurance policy on the boxes as they contain very important and valuable items of ours.Honey he has advised that you effect the remaining payment of balance of $1,965.21 to the company international representative there in SA by monday to facilitate the immediate lifting of the boxes to your location for delivery by the process which I have choosen.
Honey i have made a mini list of the items inside the boxes and they are as follows a) Valuable Kuwaitian antique Arts and Craft b) Some jewelries, unsown expensive female fabrics and beautiful traditional female basic accessories c) My personal effects clothes, shoes, personal files, important documents from work. Sue these items are properly labeled and i want you to also verify them properly on delivery. honey i also want you to properly read the attached airway bill from the company to make sure there are no errors with your details I wrote your email as well dear so you'll be notified with the necessary details and guidelines for the luggages to be sent...hopeto talk soon my dear and I love you so so much,can't wait to be with you dear...hope you have a beautiful day my sue
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