Romance scam letter(s) from Wade Walter to Mysti USA)
Letter 1

Hello, Wow I didn't expect my friend to inform you about me but I am glad you wrote and thanks for taking the chance to contact me. I appreciate you for sharing this much with me. I am very sorry about your accident and i wish you quick recovery. let me tell you more about myself. I'm God fearing, honest, caring, trustworthy and understanding. I have an easy heart which makes me enjoy helping people when I can and I’m also into charity giving. I was born January 13th, 1956. I have two grown up daughters and a granddaughter. I'm originally from Germany but i live here in the US. I am a Petrochemical engineer of international reputes, I just succeeded in establishing my own company. I want a serious relationship with a honest and understanding woman because I'm not getting any younger so I don't want to play games and I want something serious with the right woman who is willing too. That’s why I want to keep in contact with you to see where God will lead us, what do you think? I was in a relationship some years ago and it was serious and lead to marriage, we had two kids together. She had a heart disease and was always on medication, so she was fit. But it came to a point where she couldn't stand it anymore, actually its a long story but she didn't make it, so I have been on my own since then. I have not been in a relationship for a long time because, I don’t enjoy a short term relationship. When you quickly jump into a relationship, believe me, you will also quickly jump out and I don't need that kind of thing in my life right now. I want a relationship that can lead to something great, after all if there is chemistry between a man and a woman nothing can stand in the way. I really think it's time to build a relationship. I am a man who will never cheat on my partner because I believe that God made one man for one woman and so it should be like that. Please do not mind my long story, I am just excited about getting to know you. I think I have written enough, I'll close this email now. I look forward to hear back from you soon, and it would be nice if you can send me more pictures of you, because I'm not on so I can't have access to view your profile; Also, I was told that people don't really put their real information on that site, so I would love to know where you from, so I know how close we are from each other. Cheers & Hugs. Wade.
Letter 2

Hello Babe, Hope you having a great day, when i read your mail i had to take a while to reply because i was amazed and couldn't have said it any better but i still have to air my view. Firstly i think the key to a successful relationship is to love with all your heart and every other thing will seem perfect. Secondly commitment is also a vital key to a successful relationship. If you are committed you will always find a way to work things out. Communication... talking and open honest communication about how you feel. What makes you happy and what upsets you. If you don't tell your partner then they can't do what makes you happy and vice versa the way a person treats his/her parents reveals how they WILL treat you! If it's with love, kindness and respect, then this is what you will receive. But if it's with criticism, defensiveness and disrespect, then this too you will receive... EVENTUALLY... it's almost certainly a guarantee! So watch and listen to the answers you get in their actions and words BEFORE you jump into bed. Thirdly the foundation of all successful relationship is based on honesty and acceptance. When you can fully accept yourself, honesty will come naturally. This in return will leave your partner feeling comfortable with you, knowing there is nothing to hide. If two people can see each other in full view with complete acceptance, they can build a successful relationship from this. I believe that the most important 'key' to a successful relationship would have to be 'trust'. I believe that with trust, love will follow. However, what I have noticed is that many people think trust, or expect that trust is to be earned by the other person, when in all actuality it is something that comes from within. All too many times people will say they don't trust due to past experiences. What they don't realize is that they have built up those proverbial walls to protect them from the very thing they are searching for... Yes, there is a risk in trusting someone, but when you finally find that 'right' person, it makes all the past experiences and lessons learned very much worth the risk. All of life's little lessons do not have to be painful... even when they seem so at the time. You just have to chalk it up to experience and move on. Nothing is worth closing your heart. Nothing is worth living in a world of fearing what bad 'may' come to you. Without trust, you close your heart to the happiness and joy that true love brings. It's only my experience... and It's what I believe has given me the wonderful gift of 'true' love. It's a hard thing to do, a scary thing, but very much worth it. This is not to go without saying that some people may betray your trust... that's the risk... but why allow past betrayals to prolong the pain by building a fortress around your heart that not only protects you from pain/betrayal, but also denies you the ability to experience happiness and joy, i understand what you said about your father some men can be like that forgetting the promise they made on the altar in front of God and man. I am a one woman man and if i fall in love with you it mean there's no going back which means there's no room for any other woman just that one woman that i love. Most have been hurt enough by one person, why allow them and their actions to stop us from finding what we search for? I say open your hearts to trust and bask in the beauty, happiness, and joy, of the true love that will follow. For everyone there IS a someone, you just can't find them if you hide away all your life.. Not expecting your partner to Think and react to things the way you do. Resolving any conflict in your relationship depends on this. It's important to respect your partner's feelings, even if they are different from your own. If you and your partner both do this you can usually resolve bad situations. Wow i think i have written more than enough .., listening to your voice yesterday meant a lot to me that it got me fantasizing about you and what we could share together. Lots of love.?? Wade.
Letter 3

Hi Sweetie, Have you ever come to a juncture in life when you are so sure of everything you want to do? You know and gossip to yourself this is the right steps, this is the right move, this is the right woman, this is the right love, this is exactly how I feel about you constantly and all the time and when I don't hear from you or reaching out to you I feel like some big part of my present-day (life) is missing. They say love is blind but I am seeing it in your eyes and your heart, I can't wait to sit close to you and share beautiful retention of our youth time, i am sorry about everything you've gone through i will say God has a purpose for keeping you alive i think that purpose is us me and you, i have fallen for you already which means i am down with everything that come with it. I wanted to let you know the outcome of my meeting this afternoon, i have to be in New York on tomorrow against the contract i mentioned to you this morning, the final bidding is on Friday i assure you it won’t affect our communication anyway i will keep in touch both on phone and mail, Please wish me all the best as i have been working on this for couple of months and i believe you are my good luck charm i could tell from the meeting i had today and you being the person i last talked to before the meeting. Lots of love.????????? Wade.
Letter 4

Hello my strawberry, I trust you doing fine, its been a stressful and productive day as i have been preparing myself for tomorrow's presentation i believe it will definitely go well. I miss you already my sweetie and all i wish for is being with you right now, i will call to hear your wonderful voice tonight. Attached is the picture of me and my mother. Lots of love. Wade.
Letter 5

Hello my strawberry, It was my pleasure listening to your tender voice, you make me melt from inside out, as i prepare for tomorrow's meeting while i will officially chose which of the contract am accepting, you have been at the top most of my thoughts before i called, you are such an amazing woman and I admire you a lot, I went through all our messages since we started connecting and I just could not believe how far we have gone in getting to know each other, we just need to meet each other and continue a new beginning, I have a good feeling about us and the chemistry is of no doubt, I bet it will be hard to let go of each other at the first meet. This is all sensational and whole new experience of feelings which I really find remarkable, the anticipation of our first kiss in addition to the anxiety make it all exhilarating, thank you for making me feel this way. I love you. Wade.
Letter 6

Good morning my strawberry, I am so happy to hear your sweet voice baby, and I am smiling as I am getting myself ready for my trip, it will be a lovely day as your sweet voice has overwhelm me, you are so incredible and I will love you forever. You are all I ever wanted in my life. Kisses and hugs to you, the below song is for you "Thank God i found you" by Maria Carey. I will always love you. Wade.
Letter 7

Hello Sweetie,

I feel really good whenever i read your mails you blow my mind, the feeling that someone somewhere care and loves me its the best feeling in the whole wild world the "inner peace" thank you for making me feel this way, anyway i cant wait to be done with this project and return home to meet you in person, i already know it'll be so easy for us because we are two connected souls. I remember your first mail vividly it was self explanatory and made me feel like i know you already but one good thing i really noticed that put a smile on my face that very day was you being yourself thats the only thing that lasts forever every other thing is vanity, that very moment i had a high hope and am grateful to God its becoming reality,i want you to know you are always on my mind even when am busy with work i still remember you and smile but in few weeks i'll be through and relieved of all the work stress, the first thing i want to do when i get back is meet you and go on a short vacation if you are available.

Please take very good care of yourself for me, attached is my flight itinerary and it leave JFK 10:05am tomorrow, i will call to hear your voice later tonight.

I love you, Wade.
Letter 8

Hello my strawberry, Thank you for your email and especially when you said "WET WILLY" i will love that since its coming from you LOL i am also playful when i am with my strawberry i really cant wait to be with you and spend the rest of our lives together because you have found a way to my heart" i feel exactly the same way you feel, i am so happy and thank you for your support, I've been busy reviewing the contract papers before I signed them. Judging by the fact that I've been to London before, but I've never been to South Africa ever (Cape Town), so I had to go with that Cape Town offer, and considering the cost of the project, things are not too expensive over there in Africa, because I've done my homework on the costing of both projects and the Cape Town one is on the cheaper side. So I will be going with the one in South Africa so I can explore a new environment and make new marks on the land. Also, the time frame is shorter, so I can come back to you on time, I signed the contract papers and it kicks off immediately. I've been in a sweet state of mind with high expectations and I feel so excited about going to a new environment for work. Though this will be my first time in Africa for a job, I'm sure everything will go well. I'm taking my time to look out online to see the sites of Cape Town and learn what it looks like in Cape Town, and I just read many great things about Cape Town that I would love to share with you; here is a link of what I read from google, so you would have a clue of where your sweetie is traveling to; When I was applying for the contract, I already submitted copy of my International passport and all paper works have been done for my trip, and the contract approval letter states that I have to leave for Cape Town immediately at least next tomorrow 23rd August also because i have to accompany the other contractor who was given the London, project to London to purchase sign release of some materials they won't be needing over there so they can be further shipped to CapeTown, so I'm getting things together to start work, which is the renovation of an old abandoned refinery and a building a cross over bridge across the road. I need to be in Cape Town latest on Friday so I can get clear up all my shipment by the custom in preparation for work first think Monday morning, so the job will be starting effectively, I have been told i have to meet with the head of Project owner's for final notice for bidding of the contractor of the acceptance of the submitted bid, i also have to call the Shipping company that will help convey some of my equipment's and materials tomorrow morning, too many things to do but so little time. I will also be going shopping tomorrow as its impossible for me to come back before leaving for Cape Town, and I want to buy some nice postcards for you, so I will be sending you postcards once I get there. You have to know that this will not affect our communication in any way, because I will always be texting and calling you, and make sure I fill up your inbox with emails, until I finish my job over there and get back to you my love. Once I get back, we should be preparing for a vacation which i hope you won't decline because it's my first request of you, I need you to pray for me always, and keep sending me sweet emails as usual. You are not losing me baby, before you know it, I will be back from Cape Town. I will wait for your sweet email and you can also call me when you get this. I hope to know what you think about the sights of the link I gave you about how cape town looks like. I'm also attaching a picture i took with the contract papers i hope you like it. I love you , Wade.
Letter 9

Hello my strawberry, I will make this short and brief, i have been with the other contractor that was awarded the London contract we went to the site together a lot of work to be done here but am sure he can handle it, still have about 2hrs here before i connect my Capetown flight 9:35pm. Please make sure you take good care of yourself for me as you drive to Georgia, and don't stress yourself too much, i love the songs baby you refresh my memory and make me feel love over and over again. The below song is from me to you and you alone, my endless love to you. I love you my queen.????????????? Wade.
Letter 10

Hello Strawberry, I am sure you are doing real fine especially the outing you had with your workers yesterday am happy you had fun, anyway I'm writing you this email to let you know i finally arrived Cape Town, South Africa safely. I arrived a couple of hours ago but I have been busy with clearance at the airport due to the funds that i brought in for the Job. Sweetie, the country is so beautiful I'm sure you will like it. I will be going back to the airport tomorrow because I am still waiting for two of my luggages.I checked in 4 of my boxes but I only found two, the airport authority said it's common here and that I should come back tomorrow. I just hope they were not stolen during the time the customs was interrogating me about why I came into the country with so much money. The bags that are missing contain my clothes,mastercard,creditcard, checkbook,medication, laptop,iPad and the new iWatch i just got, to enable me pick phone calls without holding my phone while busy at site, including the beautiful post cards I got for you. Well, I hope i get them back tomorrow. I am in the guest house now where I will be staying in Greenpoint, Western Cape, Cape Town. You can call or text me on +27713485022, i had to quickly get a number so i can hear your lovely voice regularly. I miss you and everyone including my family, i will tell you more about Capetown because it's very beautiful here. The weather is sunny and very cold, it's winter honey and we can do lot of adventures here too because they have a good land space. I got to my apartment and rested my head, i was thinking about you and couldn't help it. I am not very happy about my missing boxes, i just hope they find the bags. My love regarding your question, I WILL LOVE AND RESPECT YOU FOREVER, and i have always wanted to tell you what i would do you while i am next to you on bed, i will do so in my next email. I need to get some rest now. Love you always,????????????? Wade.

Letter 11

Good morning my strawberry, Seems like I have fallen in love with you for the rest of my life, you are just the best! Now all I want to say is that I can't live without you and don't even want to. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me and you make my life complete. I adore you from my heart and soul and want to let you know that you are my angel. You make me so happy that all I need now is you to make my life complete. Honey, you wont believe what happened regarding my luggage, the airport authority called me this morning at about 08:05am to inform me that they found one of my bags, on getting there, I found the bag completely vandalized, it's only some of my clothes that was found and my medication, thank God for that. The box containing my laptop, camera, iPad , iWatch, creditcards, check book and some of my working tools is gone, the most annoying thing is the postal cards I got for you are messed up now. my love, i can see through your heart how pure of a person you are thank you for your support my queen, i will love and respect you forever and when we are together i will gradually guide you through every necessary thing we think its needed and you can teach me how to please you too. Sorry i am just writing you now, i have been very busy as it is really difficult dealing with these people especially when it comes to wages but we eventually came to a conclusion and we agreed that once off payment is most preferable. I will have them settle today, a meeting has been arranged with the laborers supervisor, 60 workers, $100 per day for 5 weeks. some of the material i ordered will be delivered next week, I just hired a crane for $21,800 and other things we need, things are crazy expensive here. I also discussed the payment options with my guest house management and that was settled.thank God for successful negotiation, I love you my strawberry and you are constantly in my thoughts. I am writing you in a public cyber cafe i have a meeting with the laborers supervisor in 1hr after then i don't have much to do, i will call you a little later today and you can also call me anytime, i miss you already. I love you my queen.?????????? Wade.
Letter 12

My queen, all i can say right now is i am sorry for the way i talked to you, i was just heart broken.i have tried to call you but the connection does not permit me can you please call me.
Letter 13

My queen, take the cash home and have a good rest , i got the bank account from an exchange company over here, so since there is a problem with the one you tried to use i will get another of their account tomorrow. I need to sleep right now i will send you a proper email in the morning my time with some nice pictures i took at the site. I will love and respect you forever.???????? Wade.
Letter 14

Baby i got your mail, i am trying to call the number now, but you can cash out the money and i will tell you what to do next.
Letter 15

Sweetie, you might be asked purpose of payment , tell them its business you don't have to explain you sending the payment down here. You are paying to an american company over there, you don't need to explain my missing luggage because they cannot do anything about it, just give them the money and tell them the purpose of payment is business, and get the payment slip attached to me.
Letter 16

Hello my strawberry, I admire so many things about you sweetie and your courage is highly incredible, I believe partners need to support and be there for each other, this is what I will always do when you need me for anything, your heart is beautiful and this is what I fell in love with, I have never felt the way i feel before and i don't think i will ever feel this way with anyone else, you are just my perfect match and there is no doubt about that. We only live to be happy, it does not matter who we love, what matters is who wants what we want. I feel you are my better half and it is better coming late than never. I know in my heart I will meet a woman of my dreams, someone that will love me for who I am and not what I have, I come to your life to be a blessing in everything we do. You have been on my mind even now that I am thousands miles away and I am ready to share my life with you and that was why I decided to let you in fully into my life, I have absolutely nothing to hide and that is a fact, you can tell me or ask me anything you want, my love is your love. I love you and one day you will be my wife so I have every reason to be open to you in everything I do, my business, my pain, my joy, my happiness, and everything that matters to me especially you. When I love, I love truly and that is a German way, we love with all of our heart and we give everything to make sure our words is real. I believe you 200% and the way you express yourself always make me see your beautiful heart, oh what a perfect future I see traveling around the world together and making sweet love on every hotel balconies...hahaha... My love, you are an embodiment of beauty the smile on your face makes me melt, Oh my days my heart beats very fast looking at the picture of you standing, i feel like coming quietly to grab your waste gently and whisper how much i love you to your hears, and make you feel my long dong.. hahaha pardon my language. Babe, if you need my SS# i could give you in a blink i just cant trust any other person with it, my love the sick feeling you get in your stomach is normal it is the feeling you get when you about to do what you have never done,I want you to know i love you when I say I do and I mean it. Your body, your money, your treasures means nothing to me if you don't have your beautiful heart and that is vice versa, I will never love anyone out of how much money they have, if they don't have a good heart, it's nothing, I think at this point I love you more and I am not worried about our future together because I know this is for real, this is a lifetime, be happy baby for the man that will put that smile on your face is here, if you want you can visit me here in Capetown, but i will have to plan against it and know when i will be off work to enable me spend quality time with you. My love, attached are the pictures i took yesterday at the site i hope you like them, my work here is to repair an abandoned refinery, the man standing next to me is Joe, he was one of the former contractors that previously worked here. I spoke to the exchanging company this morning about their issues i had yesterday and they gave me their Welfargo bank details which payment can also be remitted here and they will pay me here with the local currency,all you have to do is locate any Wells Fargo bank in your area and tell them you want to make a cash deposit. Bank Name: Wells Fargo Bank Bank Address: 420 Montgomery, San Fransisco CA94104, USA. Routing/ABA No.: 121000248 Beneficiary Name: Fazo Energy & Trades LLC Beneficiary Address: 208 Woodview LN Woodstock GA 30188, USA Beneficiary account no: 3654200314 My strawberry, i am running late have to be at site really soon.Lest i forget please rub pie on her head for me and tell her wade cares. I will love and respect you forever my queen.???????????? Wade.
Letter 17

Babe try to understand it is not convenient for me, to open an American Express in this short period of time. If you want to help go ahead and make the deposit if otherwise you will not do as I wish.
Letter 18

I agree with you and apology accepted. If you are truly sorry call me in 3hrs time will be off site by then.
Letter 19

okay sweetie, below is the bank details. Bank Name : Natwest Bank,
ACCT Name: Wade Walter
ACCT Number : 71151435.
Sort Code : 50-00-00.
IBAN : GB70NWBK50000071151435,
BIC : NWBKGB2L, Address : 91 Westminster Bridge Rd, London SE1 7HW, United Kingdom. I await the transfer slip. Wade.
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