Scam Email(s) from Anthony Bruce Smith to Candes (USA)


Letter 1

Wow so sorry for your loss honey it's alright though. Glad you're seeing your parents soon that would make you get better a little bit more I work in the US allied forces as a special force agent..(secret detectives), have been in the service for 20 years now .. working with the secret service. Am not with the TA, but have pass through their training (Territorial Army) before. I'm been given an invitation to join the secret service by my handler ..sorry don't want to tell you much about that due to the security of our work ..but when we meet and i see you , then i can surely tell you more and all you want to know ..hope you understand . As a reservist am under the National Reserve: and a captain by rank. Have been to many part of the country over there on mission and on holiday , both in and out of the country ... like Canada, Holland and to Spain 2 years ago with a friend , plenty to go around...I'm presently on deployment here in syria , "Let me say that I am an Army reservist who has been called to active duty I volunteered to come, feeling it was my duty to use my skills to help bring peace to this world.

Whether it be in mortal combat, or using my brain to help the people here create the conditions for peace. Thousands of innocents died here in Baghdad where I am stationed. And for them, and all the survivors, I would gladly lay down all I'm skilled for if I could make a difference, and save three, four, ten or a hundred. Mankind will not continue without sacrifice by some of us..Well working as a military man has been an hectic work here in the war zone ..

I just hope am out of here soon . so i can plan my life with the right woman. am an honest , caring , romantic and understanding man looking for an honest caring and romantic woman ready for a serious relationship on here a woman that won't cheat on me.. have never tried this before this will be my first time ..Here's a bit about my life and some of the things that are important to me: So far, my life has been full, full and full enough. I'm a simple, honest man, maybe a bit old fashioned in some ways as I prefer quiet settings, small gatherings, and keeping busy with projects, to mixing it up with the loud social scene. I don't dress like this all the time but when I do go out I can roll with the best of them. Above all, I value kindness. I love living in this little corner of paradise; breathing ocean air on morning walks, but life in a small community can also be challenging for widowed. I'm not certain that trying to meet someone online necessarily holds the answer, but one never knows; life is full of surprises.
I’m lucky to have a career I truly enjoy, health and fitness that keep me younger than my years, and the energy and eagerness to embrace each day with optimism. When I was younger I dreamed of having a family of my own, but preparing for my career and right now I am doing what is right to make my dream come true!! Well, but looking back I wouldn't want to remove any of the things that I've done, as they've happily brought me to this place, and now, a chance to find you. Although there is always been a past but the present and future is always greater than the past. I have always enjoyed my job and I have learnt a lot from this giving me more courage for a better life in the future.
I seek to have a wonderful woman in my life, a simple honest and loving woman who loves kids and a good mother, who well understands. I know love is something that grows with time, it does not happen a day but I am ready to grow in love with you, this I will do to make my dreams come true.

So what more will you like to know about me?

Tell me more about you? baby tell me your experiences on the dating sites....your life, past relationship ,your background and things you feel i need to know about you ..what are your likes and dislike ...what are you idea of a perfect dating?

Try to send me more of your pics..

Cant wait to read from you.

Letter 2

Hello sweetheart send me your cell number so as to text thanks I'm having troubles with my meetme