Scam Email(s) from Derrick Barrett to Jerilyn (USA)


Letter 1

Good morning Jeri,

How was your night? Thanks for your email, I am very glad to read about you. Distance and location should be no barriers to cause I don't mind relocating for the right woman, am not asking her to leave her family and relocate but I will do so because I always do listen to my heart, I look forward to meeting someone and becoming friends first and then hopefully it will turn into a lifelong relationship. I said am going to relocate for the right woman and I meant it, I have had series of jobs in the past that have taking most of my time and have now decided it shouldn't be all about work at this stage of my life but to also get a companion who we can sit together close to the fire when it's cold, hold hands, laugh with each other, go to the beach together, go to the movies together and my daughter supports it, we shouldn't forget we are not getting any younger..hahaha.

I have a big heart, I love to laugh, I love meeting peoples, I'm a open minded man, respectful to other cultures and have all what a man has in life to satisfy a woman. When am less busy, going out for movies, cinemas, taking a walk at the beach, meeting people, travel a-lot, shopping, hiking and want to spend all my time with someone that's caring and lovely. I am Goofy especially at work, I can keep the crew that work with me laughing, helps ease the tension, sarcastic but in a good way. When I get hungry, I can start to get cranky, I think that's true about most of us, agree? I'd rather laugh than frown, extremely caring and thoughtful. Well am looking for someone that appreciates the little things just as much as the big things in life, a quiet night laying on the couch watching a movie, or cuddled up in front of the fireplace. Will have the trust in me that I have in her. Someone that will listen and try to work through problems rather than argue. Will show me the same respect and thoughtfulness that I give, I have been lonely for some years now, but life goes on, I consider myself a lucky man to have the ability to adapt to any environment and time, I'm simple and enjoy any environment anywhere in the world because am a traveler, My favorite season is summer, because I love swimming and relaxing in my pool. I love to be spoiled and to spoil others. I have add a picture hope you will like it.

Hope to hear from soon.

Letter 2

Good morning Jerilyn,

Thanks for writing back, it really warmed my heart receiving your email and you sharing more with me, I appreciate it, am sorry for my late response as a result to the seminar, it's all about enhancing and enforcing safety within the job site, then developing more engineering skills, I just thought I'd share this with you and know what you think.I understand that there are many different ways to partner, and I try not to judge other people’s choices, but for me, I would like to find an equal partner, some one who contributes as much as I do to a relationship. This doesn't have to be about money, but in totally, the work, effort and total contribution we bring. I have expectations for myself, and in the past I've found it difficult to find someone who had similarly high expectations for themselves.

It seems like so many people want to do ‘just enough’ to get by, but I want more than that.As a basic foundation I think there should be respect for each others freedom (though to make a partnership work, I believe that we have to freely choose to take our partner and our family into consideration when we make choices), honesty and openness, I don’t believe that ‘little white lies’ are harmless or kind, I believe that honesty, even if we don’t want to hear what someone has to say, is always more kind in the long run. I think it’s especially important for partners to be able to trust each other, without that, it just seems like everything falls apart.

I also think it’s important to be able to express your needs and wants to each other. And make decisions together about how to meet them.I believe it’s important to be kind to each other, to not be callous with each others hearts. To have compassion and empathy for each other and be willing to really listen to what your partner has to say. I want to support my partner in achieving her dreams, and feel supported by them in accomplishing mine. I want to work together with my partner to make decisions as a family, and share our power,well....This will be all for now dearie and thanks for reading.

Cheers and have a wonderful day,

Letter 3

Good morning Jerilyn,

It was really nice to have received your email and learn more about you, how was your night? Hope you had a restful night? My night was wonderful because you were in my thought.

As I go back home, I want you to know that the main reason I decided to cancel my subscription with the social dating sites is because I want to concentrate on getting to know you better, the winks and emails from other ladies were getting too much and irritating, since your profile and I found out that we do have some things in common, I had to take my time to cancel.

I cannot communicate with more than one woman at the same time, please don't get me wrong, I am not trying to impose it on you that we must have something or that you must cancel your own subscription but if you feel so, i will be so happy and honored, i just want to have my attention on you and see where it leads us...

I am offering you the flower of my heart as a friend. It's always growing and searching for perfection,always reaching for the sparkling rays of the sun but only if you can give it the care and nourishment it needs to thrive, Love it, Treasure it, Keep it safe, Give it your light and I pray it blooms forever..

Here is a song for you as I go back home,

I want us to continue this communication, because there is much to know about each other, though we are far apart but if we keep communicating good, we will be close to each other in our hearts...I will be leaving for Canada 1pm today and would really love us to talk on phone before I return, I have been in the states for 3 weeks now and can't wait to get back home to hug my daughter, please don't allow my returning back to the Canada scare you, OK! as I will have more time to communicate with you and send you more pictures when I get back home.

Wishing you a wonderful day....

Warm thoughts

Letter 4

Good morning Jerilyn,

How are you doing and how was your night? Hope you slept like my baby that you are? I am very sorry you didn't hear from me earlier on when I got back, when I got home, my internet was bad and had to fix it. I am home now, I got your email and I wonder why you sound that way, I wanted to call you but didn't have your number to call you.

My daughter is so happy to see me, she wants to know everything that happened in the, I can't wait to have a good chat with you and talk more. This is my phone number, you are welcome to give me a call at any time, during the day or at night, you are always welcome, hearing your voice while am back home would be lovely. +1 647-488-0971 ... or you can also reach me through the number I was using while in the states 818 588 6937, I still make use of it because my clients contact me through it always.

I have attached along this email a pictures for you and hope you like it, I hope you are having a stress free day and don't forget to always smile cause that's the best thing we can do with our chin and lips...

Please,email me more picture of you as well I will appreciate it.

My warm thoughts,