Scam Email(s) from Vincent Morgan to Angelina (USA)


Letter 1

Hello my beautiful,
This is Vince From I am really excited that we exchange emails and want to get to know more about each other.Let me start by saying I have a great life, a job, nice home, car, teeth and hair! A sense of humor. I love my family and I feel it's reciprocated. I like and enjoy the finer things in life, don't sweat all the details and am happy with me...I am a widower with a daughter age of 15 years old in which I lost her mother when she was 5 .
I'm thinking of retirement anytime . And willing to, relationships, friends, name it. I am still active and
enjoy life! I have learned to smell the roses (on occasion) and know how to keep my self occupied. I believe in God and pride myself as being considerate and a gentleman. And I am ready to relocate at any where I found the love of my life...
I like your profile and I want you for the rest of my life.

I was born in Germany Frankfurt .After the loss of my parent I moved to New York City to stay with my late Uncle, I was 18 years old then .

I Maj. Gen. Dr. Vincent Morgan received a direct commission in the Medical Corps in 1975 following graduation from the State University of New York, Syracuse, College of Medicine while completing a Fellowship in Vascular Surgery. I also served in the U.S. Army Reserve since 1980 and held assignments as General Surgeon, 5003d US Army Hospital, 812th Combat Support Hospital and Chief of Surgery of the 276th Combat Support Hospital. I commanded Detachments 1, 2 and 3 of the 310th Field Hospital and the 705th Combat Support Hospital. I was appointed as the Commander of the 8th Medical Brigade in May 1990. From March of 1991
through March of 2000 I served as the Deputy Surgeon for Mobilization, Readiness and Reserve Affairs.

Also serves in several capacities for the World Health Organization Program for Tropical Diseases Research, to include Chair of the Steering Committee on Geno mics and Drug Resistance, Chair for the Compound Evaluation Network, and a coordinator for the WHO/TDR Network for Transferring Technology for Drug Screening and Immunological Studies in Tropical Parasitic Diseases.
I am currently working in Sulaymaniyah Iraq for the United Nation Peace Keeping Mission in Iraq as a General Surgeon.
Please feel free to ask any question if you like. Please don't let my achievements and educational background scare you off, just get to know me and you will see that I am an ordinary and down to earth man like you. We all need someone to share our lives with and it does matter one's qualification This is what you need to know about me for now. I hope to hear from you again and tell me more about your self..

Yours sincerely,


Letter 2

Hello dear,thanks for your reply........i am very much happy to always read from you,but having a 15 years old teenager should not have been a problem to our little daughter Sarah school in the UK kent and lives in a boarding....i have enough money that will last me and her including your family till the end of time.....i am a giver not a taker and you also need to welcome my little daughter,i never push you or tell you to raise her for me,when am financially secure....anyway God know the best...vince

Thank you,
Andrea James

Letter 3

Good Evening Beautiful,my name is Dr Vince i work as a General Surgeon,i am new to this online dating site,you look very photogenic,i will be honored if i can have the opportunity to communicate with you and get to know you more better.....i am not good with this dating site,still quite weird for me and am At work at the moment now and at the Risk of losing you,what your email address? lets me write you a little bit about me and also send you my pics...looking forward to read from you...Dr Vince

Letter 4

Hello Angelina,good morning and how was your night? i viewed your profile and i like what i read about you...i see you are self employed,what kind of work do you do? i also notice you are a long have you being a single mother? hope to read from you.....vince