Romance scam letter(s) from George Summer to Nanda (Spain)
Letter 1

Hello this is Noah . It's a great pleasure getting in touch with you on the dating and getting the chance to get to know something little about each other , this is my photos , i hope you like what you see, i will like us to get to know each other as no one knows what tomorrow may be of us , and if you care to know you are the only woman that i sent email to and am very happy that you emailed back ,i am from USA Newark and i have been to Malaga for holidays before , i am planing to come and stay in spain , tell me more about your self, have you met any one so far on the dating site ?
My answer:
Don`t know why but I've received a mail from meetic, that your profile is improper and has been erased. Kind of scared. Sorry if this hurts you, but I don't feel safe sending you anything after this. Can you please explain this to me, so we can go on?
Letter 2

Well i joint the site on a 3 days free trail and my time was up and they wanted me to pay for it , i don't want to rush my self into the dating site and lucky to me i have find some one that i can exchange mails and see how things go as no one knows what tomorrow may be of us
Letter 3

Hello Nanda .. Thanks so much for your short but well written and composed email and i can say the content were clearly comprehended .. first and foremost , yes that is my lovely son (never asked him it the kid was his son), he is all i have as a family and as a friend on this earth .. i love him so much and he is very dear to my heart, ..To talk about the dating site , it is my first time and first day on such network. A senior colleague of mine of whom you see on my profile out there on the dating site introduced me to it , of which was last week Monday but i was not prepared and convinced enough how just a dating site can help me find my soul mate or true life companion until just yesterday when i just tried to give it a go and see what the out come is because i was less busy and i had nothing seriously doing and to my luck i got in touch with you and that is how come we exchanged contact and here we're to get to know much more about each other if you don't mind ...
In Addition to tell you more about myself .. I am by name Noah . I have been a widower for the 8th year running now .. I have a lovely son like i rightly told you and his by name Roy and 15 years of age .. I am 56 years of age and the only child of my late parents . My late Dad was a German from Bremen and my late Mum was an American from Bronx .. I lived in Frankfurt with my parents until i was 5 years old and we had to relocate to New York City .. Just 3 years after our relocation i lost my Daddy to through cardiovascular arrest , so i was just 8 years by then and then 2 years later after the death of my Daddy i then lost my Mummy as well through Brain Tumor .. I was just 10 years of age when i lost both parents and that was one of the hardest point in my life .. I was brought up by my Aunt of whom was the only family member i knew ..She was by name Mercy . She never got married and never had a child of her own as well . She loved me and treated me like her own child .. Unfortunately for me another tragic moment in life happened again when i had to lost my Aunt through heart failure with just 2 weeks to graduate from the military academy .. Life has been unfair with me in my past life .... i was 24 years old by then when i graduated and since then i have served in the US Army up to date and i hold the rank as a Major General and i hold 400 troops under my rank to whom issue out instructions and command to .. My dream since my childhood days was to be a renewed Military personnel and here i am living in my dreams ,but i am always in sorrows and tears because my parents and Aunt didn't live to see the man their only son has turned into... Rightly after my graduation from the military academy i had the chance to meet my wife , one Sunday morning when visited a near by coffee shop for a cup of coffee. With just 2 months after our meetings we got married . It took several years after our marriage to be blessed with Roy.. I lost my wife on Roy's 6th birthday when my wife decided to go to a near by shopping center to get some staffs for his boy but unfortunately on his way back home she had a car accident by colliding her car into a near by tree and was pronounced dead 2 and half hours after the incidence .. Loosing my wife was the most difficult moment in my life because i did really love her and she did same for me as well .. I never had the heart to love or never thought i could love again until my time on this earth .. Since the death of my wife i dedicated my 100 % time and concentration on my work of which has yielded me enough recognition and accolades .. Since the death of my wife i have not had the chance to be into any other relationship let alone to be in touch with an opposite sex .. I am at the very edge of my retirement and i think this is the perfect time to give myself a second chance in life to have a soul mate and life time true companion whom i can share my happiness and sorrows with and that was why i decided to give in and have a try of my luck on the dating site . Someone who will love and care for who i am and who will love my son as well . I have served under a lot of United Nation Peace Keeping missions across the globe just to ensure world peace , unity and stability .. My work is very dangerous and deadly but i do love it and i have enjoyed my time in it and i am glad i will be bringing it to a successful end to live a different life with my new family i am looking forward to make ..
This is all about me and my family and my past life and to be honest you're the first person i am opening up to say all this to ..
i do like a lot of staffs but the only thing i dislike is lies .. I like to be told the truth all the time and nothing else .I am a person who is very real when it comes to life and its' issues. Am honest,kind caring,affectionate,good sense of humor,easy going,free thinker,trustworthy and respect the lives of other people.I'm a man who lives life as it comes to me. I don't worry about tomorrow, for it will be here no matter what I do.The best days of my life are yet to come and i am looking for someone who will love and care about me for a long time relationship that can lead to marriage. Although I would consider myself be a romantic, I don't believe that life is about the 'grand passion.' In reality it is more about comfortable comrade. I am really a fun person who loves people,loves to laugh, I am very caring,love music, dancing, singing ( in my car) ! Love the a devoted friend. I like to have fun,I have strong moral values with honesty and integrity being the core of my personality, am very cool, i respect my dignity....I'm excited to see new places, meet new people and do new things.I'm not a fighter and I don't argue.I enjoy going out to dinner, movies, walks,and quiet times. I love nature, enjoy learning, and have a deep respect and love for children. I'm fascinated with the world and different cultures and would enjoy learning more about them....I love to laugh and like being around people with a good sense of humor. I also appreciate people who are different and even quirky...
I think i will end here and i hope i have been able to answer your questions and if there is anything more you would like to know about me please don't hesitate to ask because i am ready to answer you .. I will be looking forward to see photos of yourself and for you to tell me much more about yourself and your family as well. I hope to hear from you as soon as possible .. Take good care of yourself and enjoy your day to the fullest ..xxxxx Greetings xxxxxxxxxxx
Letter 4

Age is just number, what matters most is 2 hearts are happy together , am very happy to hear from you Nanda and i will be very happy if you can try your best and create skype so that we can talk more there and get to know each other better
Letter 5

Is your work that stressful and time demanding as mine ,all the same I am okay with it to know we can exchange emails on daily basis and perhaps we can use that platform as a means to get to know much more about each other if you don't mind . First and foremost I am a very honest , sincere and a hard working military personnel of which I hold the rank as a Major with troops under my command to whom I do issue out instructions and command to . I am the only child of my late parents
Letter 6

After a long journey through out the night,your good soul is brought back to experience a brand new day.I Noah your new found friend and love on the other side of the world has come here this morning to strengthen you start your day...How are you this morning
Embrace this day with this rose and song "FROM A DISTANCE",sung by Bette Middler.Put this link in your browser and it will automatically open it for you.......;
i want you to know that i always have you in mind i will never stop thinking of you
Letter 7

how are you this bright new morning....i can tell from within the spirit in me that all is well with you as you wake up, i had to quickly run to work.
This morning am wishing you plenty of happiness to keep you smiling all day.....good morning to you , take care of your self
Letter 8

In the past I had always yearned for a relationship that is genuine and lasting, as for all these, I've found them in you! I'll make sure that the hand I'll be holding will forever be yours. Whether we're living in a fairy tale or a non-fairy tale world, I still believe there is such a thing as "Live happily ever after", and even if you don't believe it, let's make it happen in our relationship! I really look forward to the day when the both of us will be walking down the red carpet hand in hand and in the name of love, we exchange marriage rings looking into each other eyes saying, "I do not regret for choosing you in my life, I Just want you to know that i am always be there for you
Letter 9

If I can't be with you, I don't want to be with anyone. You complete me, there's no longer an empty, meaningless space. I thank you for that, for you will never know how much you mean or how much you are needed. You are the reason I get out of bed every day, you are the reason I have something to look forward to in my life. You are my every need and want. When I fantasize, I think of you, my every intimate thought consists of you. I hope you are as happy as I am.I want you to know that since the day we met I've fallen deeply in love with you. There are no words to express the gratitude I feel in my heart that you came into my life, and how you make every day so special. You are my life, my heart, my soul. You are my forever, my one true love, my one and only. I love you more today than I did yesterday, and I'll love you more tomorrow than I do today take care of your self for me kiss and hugs
Letter 10

Good Morning My Joy I hope you did slept well, How are you doing am just here to wish you a beautiful morning I've been trying to find a way to express my feelings for you. I've always wanted to create something unique to show you just how much I love you. Now I've found the right place, and I'm going to tell the world that I LOVE YOU! It may sound crazy and corny, but I want to tell the whole universe about the true and sincere affection I have for you. I cannot tell you exactly how I feel, but I hope that you feel the warmth of my love whenever we are now. I will be right there beside you any time you need me, and I will be with you until I breathe my last breath. I promise to share my life with you no matter what tomorrow may bring.
I would do anything to make you as happy as you've made me! Baby, you make my life worthwhile and you do it effortlessly, I love you now and forever.Always remember the good times we are having now and how we have brought out the best in each other. Stay in love, babe, and keep that tender, sweet smile on your face. Know that I will love you forever.... have a sweet and beautiful morning
Sweetly take care for me and have a loving day with sweet kisses and lots of love from me

Letter 11

Nanda you bring to me a happiness that no one else ever could. You bring to me a love I have never known before. I could not imagine what my life would be like without you. You have touched my heart in ways no one could ever comprehend. I love being with you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, I want to tell you that the love I have for you is undying. It is a love that is strong and enduring and will stand the test of time, Every day I wake up thanking Life for you. You have been my guiding light when I was lost. i really felt happy when i heard your voice i Nanda i feel in down inside that you really love me and care about me , you just don't want to get hurt or let down my love i promise you with my life you have my word i will always be for you till death do us apart How are You doing this Morning Baby, I am only truly happy when I am with you. Your presence just lights up my world. Everything I am and everything I have is dependent upon you. Every time I think about you, it gives me more and more strength with which to carry on my life. It makes me happy to be alive knowing that you have came into my life and all I know is that I want to be with you. You rock my world, baby. I love you so much i want you to know that i will never let go of you no matter what life brings to us as you know that i can not live without you, the photo you sent last night had me thinking of you all night i had a good nite rest i want you more then you ever think of be safe for me i love you , you are what i will hold forever i love you badly To my heart, times make no difference whether dawn or night. My love for you is burning at all times like the sun so bright. Every dream about you has made my heart more caring. That is why I wish you a lovely good morning In my thoughts of you there is an underlying love that is present in every word, every glimpse I hope you feel it as I do, for it is what I am and ever I will be. I am thinking of you, in my sleepless solitude tonight. If it's wrong to love you, then my heart just won't let me be right. 'Cause I'm drowned in you, and I won't pull through, without you by my side. Thinking of you makes my life complete. You're my golden clouds; you're my smile, I love you Nanda be safe for me kiss and hugs , you already know that without you i am nothing , you are part of me My love am sorry to let you know that i wont be able to come online tonight as i will be going on patrol with some of my boys , orders came in that i need to help out till am out of Kabul , am missing you already had you in mind all day love today I loved watching you smile on skype and i was really happy my heart will always follow after you till death do us apart i love you soo much Nanda , If only I could have come up with the right words to describe the depth of this beautiful feeling that I have for you, i will email you when am back from night patrol before i go to bed always remember Noah love you badly
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