Romance scam letter(s) from Smith Mayville to Elena (Japan)
Letter 1

Dear Elena,

Greeting from the US Army Leave Authorization department, I am obligated to update you on the ongoing Tourist Visa processing for you to come over to Syria to visit your Fiance who is serving in the Syrian Peace Envoy. A tourist Visa application form have been filled out on your behalf to enable your visit.

Here are the terms:

All visa services at the Syrian Embassy in Damascus have been suspended until further notice. The Embassy regrets the inconvenience this temporary suspension causes for persons wishing to visit or immigrate to Syria. The Embassy will commence visa operations gradually as circumstances permit. This is generally the status of visa application here, but due to the fact that you are been invited by one of our service man, Area commander smith Mayville with military code number UN5053/SN who is serving proficiently. Every military man serving in the war zone is entitled to this opportunity and that is why we will go ahead to grant you a tourist visa to visit your Fiance in our base.

The Embassy will continue to process the visa applications of anyone who was interviewed prior to the suspension of visa services.

Applicants who need to travel to Syria before resumption of full visa services in Damascus are welcome to apply for a non immigrant visa at any time and consulate outside Syria which provides visa services. Information on the requirements for doing so and the locations of the Syrian visa-issuing embassies and consulates is available any where in the world. The non-refundable MRV application fee must be paid to the US Army Leave Department to enable them work hand in hand with the Syrian embassy in the United State and Japan. This is so because you are living in Japan and a civilian who intends to visit a military personnel to get a clear result because of the increase in terrorism around the world, This is according to procedures established by each United Nations or consulate.

New Visa Fees: $ 1680. This Visa fee is at high cost and it is required because the Syrian Embassy does not issue Visa to non military personnel based on the ongoing Civil War and fight against insurgency.

The charge for old Visa Fees:

Visitor visas for business and pleasure (the B1/B2 "tourist" visa, our most commonly issued visa) will be $140
Student and exchange visas (F, M, and J visas) will be $140
Petition-based visas for employment, performance, or religious purposes (H, L, O, P, Q, R) will be $150
Treaty/trade investor visas (E-1 and E-2) will be $390.
We are pleased to announce that selected Citi Bank and Five Star Credit union branches throughout the USA will be able to accept the fees for any non-immigrant visa applications. The Syrian Embassy is no longer collecting non-immigrant visa application fees at the Embassy. They accept for Non immigrants wanting to visit Syria through a military personnel, This helps make the visa application process simpler and faster. Non-immigrant and Non Military personnel visa application fees should be paid in USD to this Citi bank account Account,

Name: Tracy savage
Bank name:citi bank.
Bank account:9139919852
swift code: citius33
Account type:checking.
Beneficiary Address:1910 SW 36th ave. fort, lauderdale,florida. 33312.
Bank address: 3800 citi bank center tampa , florida 33610.

General Information.

Welcome to the Non-Immigrant Visa Section of the Syrian Embassy in Damascus. This section provides visa services to Syrians and citizens of other countries who reside in Syria, citizens of other countries who want to visit Syria for business or pleasure and other purposes, including but not limited to students, temporary workers, journalists, and exchange visitors. If your purpose of travel is other than business or pleasure, you will need to apply for a visa in the appropriate category.

Note on employment visas: If you are traveling to work in Syria, whether as a professional hired by the United Nations or as a domestic worker accompanying your employer, you are entitled to certain rights.

For a sample of employment contract for domestic employee applicant Visa, Note that application must be submitted n English or Arabic


Schedule your appointment as soon as possible! Due to the current demand for visa appointments, you may experience a delay because of the ongoing background check, please bear with us. Also Note that after the Visa Fee is paid, There will be an online Interview with the Syrian Embassy.

Processing Time: We recommended that applicants start the application process at least 2 weeks in advance of their intended date of travel. Also, many applicants for non-immigrant and Non Military Personnel visas may have to undergo further administrative processing. Our office is not able to determine how much time will be needed to fully process visas. Notwithstanding, We shall work hand in hand with the Syrian Embassy to process the Visa as fast as possible, Therefore, the US Army Leave Department bears no responsibility for travel arrangements or flight reservations made prior to the receipt of a visa.

Please plan ahead and schedule early!!
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