Romance scam letter(s) from Dickson Krause to Doe (UK)
Letter 1

Hello Doe and it is good to read from you once again.The image i have on the site was taken early this skipped my mind completely when i was writing to you the previous message..I am a government official with the security and defence department..I will like for us to have a chat later when you can make the time so we can share more about each other..Let me know when will be a convenient time for you..
Look forward to reading from you soon..
Best regards..
Letter 2

Hello Doe,here is a little about myself,I was married for 25 years until i lost my wife 8 years ago and i have been on my own since then..i have a boy who is in college in London..My dad is originally from Germany and my mum is from Manchester..I grew up with an uncle in London and i later moved to the united states to further my education and that is where i met my wife..My hobbies and interests include music (jazz, pop, country, opera, old rock and soul), movies, reading, traveling, quiet moments, romantic times, seeing the sunset, nature, rain, and all the simple things in life. I miss the quite moments with a loved one: laughing, talking, listening, touching, affection, physical closeness, warmth and support. I am a good listener and am a dedicated partner and believe successful relationships are based on developing and nurturing respect for each other.I enjoy dining out, going to movies, traveling, shopping, and staying active as well hanging out on the couch and watching a movie.
Look forward to reading from you..
Best regards.
Letter 3

Hello Doe and it is good to read from you..I do not think the age really makes any difference..Kindly tell me more about yourself..
Look forward to reading from you..
Best regards..
Letter 4

Good evening my dear and how are you doing today,i am hoping that all is going well with you and you are just fine,i have really missed talking with you so very much and i would be glad if we could chat this evening so we can talk more,let me know when you get this..
Letter 5

Good morning my dear and how are you doing this day.I am hoping that you are ok and doing just fine,most of all you getting enough rest and eating well,that i am sure of anyway but had to ask anyway,i miss talking with you Doe and i was expecting to talk with you last night but did not hear from you,i will be here today as i am not working but have a few gentlemen coming over for some consultation but that will not be for too long,i am hoping that your day has started well and everything is going well,you have been in thoughts since i got out of bed and hoped on my treadmill,i think i am beginning to miss you too much but then that's ok as i will be coming home in a few days..the more reason i want us to talk so we make plans for our meeting,i will get into the shower now and after have some cappuccino then the day is to myself,maybe il watch a movie or just be on here doing some research,you know it never hurts to know more,anyway you let me know when you get this..
With you in thoughts..
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