Romance scam letter(s) from Rupert Marc-Andre to Therese (USA)
Letter 1

I am very sorry Therese,do you want to really know the truth about me? if you want to, i am so ready to open up to you, as long as you will still like and love me for the truth......
Letter 2

Awww Therese you are such a wonderful person i swear.....Thank you for wanting to still talk to me and hear the real truth...please find a place in your heart to forgive me if you hear the truth....
Actually my real name is....Bamidele Success Junior,I am originally from Nigeria,please dont feel sad about this, Conditions make me to be doing this,I am not bad person i know how feelings goes,I have finished my ND in school,but there seems to be No job ,The economy in this Country is very low,there are 95 % of graduate no job ,the government are not doing anything to help will civilians,all they do is empower their-selves and give out post to their children and fly their kids abroad,I am from a polygamous family, where by 4 different women had kids for my dad,from my father side we are 9 in number,6 girls and 3 boys,out of the 3 boys i happen to be the elder son,My mom happen to be the first wife, before they separated , few years back she remarried again, and had 5 kids for my step-dad,out of the 5 kids we are 3 boys and 2 girls, i also happen to be the first son....My dad is only Good in getting the women pregnant, but he is not good in taking care of us his kids, and me and the rest children are not close,everybody are just close to their mothers....its just me and my sister that happen to be the same father are close,she is my elder, you know in Nigeria Culture a girl can never be senior to a boy,and first son from mother and father side happen to be the head of the house,every responsibility are on the head of the first son...Thank God that me and the rest 7 from my dad side are not close to each other,me and my sister which happen to be the same father and the rest 3 my mom had for my step dad happen to be close,because Mothers are the once who bring love and bring kids together...
Therese,the fact is that we are poor,I grow up with my grand-mom,Ohhhh may her soul rest in peace, i missed her till date,she is the reason why i am alive today,she took care of me when i was 1 and half years,because when my mom and dad had issues my mom drop me for my grand-mom to take care of me,why she when to the city to look for work,well she find a job,she became a director in a fuel station,she was sending my grandma some money to take care of me and my sister,then she haven't met my step dad yet,the 3 where not born yet,years later some men assassinate the owner of the fuel station and the company was close down,to cut long story shut,my mom didn't find any job till now,she met my step dad he was a taxi driver,years later after the 3 kids was born,he had an accident and couldn't drive again,things became worst,meanwhile me and my sister where still in the village with grandma....when i become 19 years she had a serious sickness that have been in her bother even before i was born,her first son took her to the city,why me and my sister where in the village strongly to help ourselves and taking care our primary school..
My dad never supported me and my sister in schooling it was my grandma...then i continue taking care of myself from 19 years,few years later my grandma died...Ohhhh i Love my grandma so much, i love her more than my real mom,i wish she is alive today i would have made her look like a young girl...she died 2010..then when i finished my high school in the village i followed my friend to the city,where i found out that they where doing internet work,my friend was treating me if i dont do this internet work, he is going to trow me out of his house,i have no choice than to learn this internet chatting with white women,that was since last year...
I start helping myself and my younger ones from the same mother with me,my mom and my little ones are in different city called LAGOS.why i am in Benin city....I decided to help myself since the Government are not doing anything to help graduates..
Honestly i know Americans do say Nigerians are bad,Therese no country is bad and no Country is Good.Yes corruption are in this country but there are still Good once...I have friends who find a white woman and they became lovers even when they find out they are black....i have pictures of many i can send to you...
as for the money you sent to me...I used it in helping my mom and younger ones in renting house for them...and the 300 dollar i was begging you, was to help my aunty who was pregnant and the dr said they have to save the mother and the month is suppose to make it 9 months, but Dr said the baby has to be save and the mother...that was why i was so begging you...but the bad news now is my aunt deliver the child and the baby boy died that day you where suppose to help me with the money....I was so sad and cried....her husband is a civil Defense...but for good 4 to 5 months they have not paid them salary...
Therese if you still wish to talk to me,no problem in time you will get to know more of real me....but if you decided not to talk to me again, i will understand....I can send you my real pictures if you still wish to....
Thank you..
Honestly you are a good woman....God will bless you for me....
Letter 3

unblock me on fb lets chat there...
Letter 4

because when you chat there its like you are talking to someone and the messages are coming instantly,you wll see the person typing there than here...dont worry i will not hurt you in anyway we can still be lovers,execpt you hate blacks.....just unblocked me....
Letter 5

Okay i am sorry, i taught you decided not to write to me again after sending email twice....well i have been promising you that i wont bother you as Larry , but now i am tell you that i will never in history bother you..and i will from the debt of my heart delete your pictures .I am sorry for the way i message,i am so confuse and frustrated dont know what to do, ...if you help me on this i will not message you again......I will.please help me like i said even if its not up to 300 USD i will appreciate it, cant you see that i need this help badly...i know you have helped me i appreciate it from my heart ...please please...
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