Scam Email(s) from Allen Brand to Eloha (USA)


Letter 1

goede morgen schat Hoe was je avond lieve ?

Letter 2

You looking great friend, i am so happy to meet with you my dear i will want us to talk more and more better to know better please i seek serious because what i desire is the woman to spend the rest of my life with, so i decided to write you about myself for you to know me more better i want you to know i am a widower l lost my wife 9years ago to a cancer disease when my Son was 2years old, and since them l have being going through emotional pain because l have always love my wife so much, and l really miss her even up till date she was like everything to me then, I have always love to wake up in the middle of the night and kiss her when she is sleeping, and l always tell her how much l loves her every morning until the evil hands of death took her away from me, since then, loneliness has being the order of my day but l have always pray to God for another God fearing woman to love me and my beloved Son Kelvin l really miss her, but l always hope God will give me another good and caring woman to love me and l will loved her back, l really will be happy to have you as my woman because l do always believe in God for his hand work, my Son age 14 years old and soon will be 15 He is in a boarding school in United State ,California, we have not seen now for 2 years because of the nature of my job but we do talk by emails and He is studying very hard i love him so much i nationality i am from Norway but left to live in California but now i am currency in Saudi Arabia, working in a sea underground I work in an oil refinery for supplying of crude oil gas and petroleum i do drainage of crude oil and other resources to other countries i have study hard in life i do massage and that was the work of my wife before i lost her I'm alone. I honor my commitments, like to be a parent or even a devoted family man, I should find a person who enjoys that status.I was born and raised in Mexico, in 1960, December 6th i have been working for good 19 years now in the same company i love my work but very risky we all look up to God for life, I'm very open and flexible to situations, my meal is Spaghetti favorite with chicken fried, I also love vegetarian cafe and drink often, I really do not know what else to say, but if you ask me, I'll be very happy you know. kindly reach me on my personal email (( allenbrand649atgmaildotcom ))Waiting Thanks