Romance scam letter(s) from Peter Pace to Alison (Australia)
Letter 1

Compliment of the day! how are you doing?, just hoping everything with you is OK. well it takes me a lot of time to put my breath together when I came across your profile and your pics, it really caught my attention and am impressed, I would like to chat with you and get to know you more, It'd place a big smile on my face if you reply to this message, Thank You. Until then Stay Blessed.
Letter 2

Hello My Dear
How are you doing today?, Thanks for your nice reply yesterday on CB, i read from you with smile for the little conversation, and thank you for being my friend, well actually i am Frank Amos by name Originally from U.S, I'm a U.S Army General and presently work here in Iraq on a peacekeeping mission, i am divorced 4years ago though i have 1 son he is 12years old now and he is in a boarding school in United Kingdom, Actually i'm in the site because i want to find a LIFETIME MATE, I assure you we are going to be best of friend and know more better about each other and see what God has in stock for US, please do hold unto our faith, trust and let's be sincere to each other as we move on step by step in wishing each other the best of life, kindly take good care of yourself.
Once again it is nice meeting you my good friend. i send you a photo of me and my son and i will also like to receive yours too. Hope to get in touch with you again so that we can move move further from this page. here is my Skype id- frank196191 and my yahoo id- in case you are on yahoo messenger, i'd like you to add me on anyone so we can begin to build a new hope and relationship, Thanks Warm Regard
Letter 3

Thank you for finding time to chat with me on Skype yesterday as i read from you with much point and understand what you are talking about .... It has been nice to exchange a few points with each other aimed at building our relationship and i really hope its going to bring a peaceful and wonderful thought to us as we get to know ourselves. I am a very honest, lovely, caring, loyal to the game as a husband to the lovely woman ,, who i will call my wife in the future to be , such as a soul mate in a life time.
Love is not about finding the right person, but creating a right relationship. It's not about how much love you have in the beginning but how much love you build till the end ..... Never question if you are in love or not, because if you were you would not need to ask ..... It is better to go for someone who loves you, rather than someone who you love and the best way to love is to love like you have never been hurt .. .. PS: with all you said to each other via Skype, To me it shows you have a very pure heart and a good conscience and that is one priceless thing i look for in every woman and you have caught my interest by these qualities, and i am not looking for a classy woman or an elegant or rich woman, what i'm looking for is true love honesty, trust sincerity and more also a woman with a heart of love who knows how to take care of her man, will be there for him always and can also accept my only child as her's, sweetie i think you have alot of the things (qualities) that every man will die for, I'm happy to have you and i will love to get to know you more and see where it goes. I cherish you so much and i'm waiting patiently to have a nice chat with you again.
Get back to me because i care Heart of gold, Frank.
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