Romance scam letter(s) from Frederick Cowell to Steve (USA)
Letter 1

Hi Steve I’m happy you reply back to my email. I really appreciate your response. I am single and curious in meeting someone with whom I can enjoy a meaningful relationship with. I believe in monogamy. I am not interested in bar scene or one night stands. I think there should come a time in every man's life when he moves beyond that party and play mentality and realizes that clock is ticking, and it's time to settle down with one special man to be there for each other. I honestly want a soul mate and some one that is willing to have a serious relationship with me. It will be fun to have that with the right person. I like you, I really want good communication, trust and commitment between us… I’m an honest person, understanding, genuine, caring, sincere, romantic and trustworthy. For me distance is not a problem, my female friend in School married someone from Australia, who she met on-line, She relocated to him there in Australia. So anything is possible if both parties agree. I can relocate to meet my man anywhere in the world. I am the only child of my family. Sometimes I miss the way I don’t have a brothers or sisters, Am not from a large family. I don’t keep much friends.. Am 6.1 tall, brown hairs, Blue eyes. Am 31 years old. I was born in Israel, spent my childhood in Tel Avi but am presently living in Istanbul Turkey, I relocated here with my mother.Been a gay man here is very hard. One of the challenges gays and lesbian are facing here is majority of Turkish citizen are predominant Muslims and they are against homosexual. So am very careful here and lonely .I gym every morning to make my body fit. I have been single for a while, never been married, no kids as well but not against it. I have my degree in hotel management and tourism. I am Jewish ... Age means noting to me. It’s just a number, i tend to like older ones. I lost my dad when I was young, so I don’t really know much about him... my mother is still alive. She is 67 year-old… she is a nice woman. She wants the best for me. I have a very simple mind. I hate argument, I hate people with lots of doubts. Things happen in life, which is sometimes surprising (anything is possible). So I want someone who does not doubt, when we have doubt about anything there is the chance of losing everything, when I am in a relationship, I always want to satisfy my man with everything, I am not the best but want to be the best for him. I have a good heart and I easily fall for the right one.… I want a partner I can share my life with, someone who is caring, someone who has it in mind to love again and forget the hurtful past, someone that can love me for who I am, someone I can be with till eternity. Someone who is prepared to share everything with me, a giver. Someone who is prepared to trust me as well because without trust, there is no relationship. Please never mind the way I write my English am originally from Israel and still have that tongue… You seem like a gentleman. I'll attach a recent picture.. Take Care Frederick
Letter 2

Stephen, you look good.It’s nice to hear back from you. I guess we are having great connections between each other. Who knows where this might lead to? Well once in a lifetime you meet someone that takes your breath away, not because you want them to, but because they were meant to. I am hoping to find the right guy. I long for the man with whom I will sleep each night and awake beside every morning. The one who I will kiss gently every hour and the one who will bring me to new heights often. The one who will bring a smile to my face by walking into the room. Is that you? And in return I will think of my partner with each breath and I will love him till end of time. I will hold him and love him at every twist and turn our lives encounter. Can I be that to you? I am very hard-working but presently am not working. It's not that am lazy... here in Turkey the job market is not going well at all. I spend all my days searching for a job everywhere. It’s so hard to get a job here. I pray I get something doing soon. I have a question? Does the job market work well where you are? Am presently staying with my mother. She is the one supporting me for now. I don’t really like the way I stay with her, but I have no choice for now... I know she will be happy to see me working soon and also have a partner soon who knows maybe it's you? I smile a lot but when I remember that am lonely without a soul mate, I feel sad.... I need someone we can both say I love you to each other. can that someone be you? I am ideally looking for a best friend,companion,lover,husband.When I commit myself to someone, I hold that commitment like my sword, with honor and integrity. No other man, no matter how hot they may be, can turn my eyes and heart from the one that I love. That’s my ultimate goal. I love traveling if i have the funds. I love sports like tennis, soccer and swimming. I’m a great listener of songs. I love R and B music, pop, jazz and country music. I love watching movie with my man, going to the theater together holding each other hands. I love showing the world my love. I don't hide my feelings. I don’t lose my body to anybody I don’t love so I must say to you that I only let someone I love go through me… when I was with my ex, I loved him so much so I allowed everything with him. He was the first person I kissed deeply and still the last for now... Who knows maybe you will be the second person and the last forever? My ex partner is a cheater , I caught him making love with my best friend. It still hurt me so much but i have to let it go. When I was first cheated On, I thought I could never live or love again. However, I later understood that if things are meant to be it happens, I don’t cheat, and I don’t lie. I always want to make my man happy. I am new on the Internet dating. I know about it but never tried it so my mother advised me to try it, and fortunately I found you. I think it’s making me lively again… can this work between us? I will love to know about your past relationships and more about your life? What are your plans for today? Please ask anything you want to know about me. I will be sincere with you. Looking forward to your next email. Frederick
Letter 3

Hello Sweet Man

Wow you have a charming smile.thank you for making this more interesting between us and i am happy to learn more about you, Honestly am so happy that we are communicating with each other. I woke up this morning and the first thing that came to my brain was to come here and read from you. It is good to find arms that will hold you at your weakest, eyes that will see you at your ugliest, lips that will kiss you in both instances, and a heart that will love you at your worst. That’s a deep word from me. I like saying poetry… do you like poetry? I follow my heart and I know it always leads me right, maybe that why am writing you or what do you feel? I will like to be with a caring and honest person... Someone we can be happy together. Buddy I can call my own, I want someone who can fill not the emptiness in my heart but the emptiness in my life, someone who I can look at him and he at me and with our eyes we tell each other how much love we have for one another, someone who I see next to me when I go to bed and look at him when I wake up, someone who I can watch him sleep and whisper on his ear I Love You and then I see a smile on his face while he sleeps, someone who in a colder night pulls the cover away from me and I get closer to him to keep him warm and he doesn't push me away, someone who will put his arm around me and hug me tight as we fall asleep, someone who will wake me up in the middle of the night with kisses, touches and caresses me because he feels intimate and that is his way to show me how much he cares and desires me and I will show him that he is welcome any time because I will never push him away or say no because it is also my way to tell him how much I love him as he tells me how much he loves me... Are you the one? Though miles may lie between us, we're never far apart, for friendship doesn't count the miles, it's measured by the heart. If you truly give me your heart, am ready to be there and down for you until the end of time. If things work between us i would treat you like a king, and worship you for the rest of our days.
Basically I love technologically , love animals (Dogs are my fav.), camping, beach, 4x4 driving, trail bikes.. The way I see life is that if you love that person and you want to spend it together forever you should have no reason to look elsewhere. So I do feel a real connection with you and i have stopped searching, I want to see myself coming home to long awaiting kisses, hugging you, holding yours hand and just telling you just how much I want you. I see us taking an afternoon walk down a beach hand in hand to enjoy the ocean sound, salt air and the sand between our feet, sitting and kissing at a lookout watching the sunset over the mountains, snuggling up either at the movies or just on the couch at home so yes I think I could fill that void definitely. I know that if you walked into a room and gave me a kiss there is no way anybody could wipe the smile of my face. It seems we both want that close romantic bond between a loving couple that would last for a lifetime. Am sorry about your ex, You just need to forget the darkness of the past so that you can move to the brightness of the future. Of course i can travel with my passport to any where, i use a Israel passport.
,I love to travel or holiday as well. What is your favorite place to go? Would love to just take a cruise( I took one with my ex) and live life on the sea for a short time, drink, eat, sleep.I do enjoy the occasional football or swimming. Do you love camping? I do especially on just heavenly falling to sleep with the breeze . Even better cuddled up with the one you want? You i guess? The relationship part of my life is pretty lame after my break up with my ex as I have never had any real thing after that.. I guess I have been single waiting for that special someone to give me those butterflies you feel in the stomach and that nervous feeling before meeting .That i am feeling with you. Have been here for 4 years and have never return to Tel avi I have some few questions to ask from you. Do you easily fall in love? Do you get attracted to what people do? I mean how they act in life, attitude? Are you a jealous type? Can you trust from a distance? Trust is really important in a relationship. Without trust, there is no relationship... For me when I like someone, I think I can trust that person... What about you? Do you believe you can love from a distance? What do you really want in a man?do you smoke or drink? Apology for asking so many questions, I want to know more and more about you... About sex life....sorry for being nasty here, I love long sessions of foreplay before we get to the fucking. I love to cuddle, kiss, Romance. I love making 69 and doggy style, rub nipples and play with balls.... I love rimming as well, love putting on Pants for my man... Love to cook naked for my man too…. I’m versatile, have 9 inches cock when hard… Thought about love, what love all about? It's all about giving, taking, sharing and keeping. If you are willing to do all this, then you are ready to love that someone unique, when am in relationship, I make everything good... am a kind of person … i love to do all the house work. I have a strong believe that we could be a great match...I sought for love, but love ran away from me. I sought my soul, but my soul I couldn't see. Then I sought you, and I found all three. This has never happened to me in my life, I mean writing someone far away and have this kind of feelings of mine. I am not here to joke or get a one-night stand. I want a soul mate . Every words I write here is from the bottom of my heart to you. What are your plans for today? You will be in my thought. Kisses and hug Frederick
Letter 4

You are so sweet Wow so nice to hear from you again, Believe me, I want to be able to hold you in my arms now. Let our naked body's envelope each other. Kiss your sweet lips and wrap my arms around you in a naked embrace. Kiss you all over. Kiss your chest, your arms, your cup your wonderful ass in my hands while I suck on your wonderful tasting cock. Alternating between your cock and balls and then every so often shove my tongue in your sweet-tasting man-hole. I love to suck you. I love to rim and be rimmed, and I love the feel of cock .. Sex by itself with a man is fantastic, but when you are with the man who you want it is truly something beautiful. I want to make love to you for hours and when we finished holding you in my arms and whisper loving things in your ear. When we go out in public, I want the world to see how I have such pride in our relationship... You are exactly the kind of man I've always dreamt of and now that your here, within reach... I'm caught off guard, I read your emails and afterward l stare off into space thinking about you, thinking can this really be happening? If, out of time, I could pick one moment and keep it shining, always new, of all the days that I have lived, I'd pick the moment I met you here. Well For me love is knowing that one special person is always going to be there through thick and thin, the good times and the bad times. It's exactly what l want it's what l need, it's what makes you whole. To love and be loved.I can’t get you out of my mind ... You must be who i have waited for all this while... If I had just one night to live, I'd live it in your arms, for you hold all my joy, happiness and desires. I FALL IN LOVE EASILY ,i say those three words to my soul mate, my lover, my best friend, the man I'm going to spend the rest of my life with, Who knows may be its you...I'm not the jealous type, l know what it's like to have someone watching you and accusing you of things you haven't done, l believe you have to trust your partner and your partner has to be happy to be with you. If they are not happy to be with you and someone else approaches them they may start having 2 ways and what it basically comes down to is cheating. that's what l believe anyways.For me i can love from a distance, Am sure as hell that some things are happening to me now,I know l think of you when l fall asleep at night and when l wake up in the morning, it seems the signs are there. What are your thoughts about this?
I don't smoke , I'm a social drinker as in I'd enjoy sharing a bottle of wine with you or maybe a beer or two on a hot summers day, hard alcohol doesn't mix well with my body chemistry. It will be nice if we see each other in person soon. Cuddle, kiss and have a deep passionate love making... Do you think about me and you being in each other arms one day or soon? Are you still on dating site? Are you satisfied with me? Meeting you was fate, becoming your friend was a choice, but falling in love with you: I had no control over.Believe me, I know am falling for you... I do have you in my heart and soul. Deep down, in my heart I know it will be fun to have you as a soul mate. Kisses and hug Love Frederick
Letter 5

Sweet Heart Where are you now? I Miss you and i cant stop thinking about you
I wish i was there with you now, I wish i have wings to fly over now and be in your arms, Am seriously searching for job so that i can save and come over to you.
You are always on my mind and noting will change my feelings for you.... Kiss kiss
Letter 6

Sweet Heart Where are you now? I Miss you and i cant stop thinking about you
I wish i was there with you now, I wish i have wings to fly over now and be in your arms, Am seriously searching for job so that i can save and come over to you.
You are always on my mind and noting will change my feelings for you.... Kiss kiss
Letter 7

Sweet heart am very sad this morning,i have my first personal request from you and i feel close to you that is why am asking you and it will go far. we had a argument with our landlord this morning and i have to pay him today or tomorrow . My mother is not feeling better as well.She would have find a way out but sick for now. i also need to pay bills,gas, electricity.Internet, Just to help my mother hurt me so much that am not working yet but honestly i have to let you know i am hard working. Everything just came up as once. Honey you are the only one i can ask this,Can you please loan me 1800 lira or any amount you can afford , i think 1800 lira is about 650 dollars? Honestly i will pay you back. Am just sad and i want to pay all this. I beg you. Am sorry for asking but am so much in need of it.. Love please you send it to me with western union , all you just need is my information like Here is my details for you to send the western union
Name - Frederick Cowell
Address- Apt 402 bar street. sisli
Istanbul Turkey. Love you and i cant stop thinking about you.
Let me know what you think? Kisses Thank you sweet heart
Once again am sorry for asking this help from you but i just dont want to lose my internet now and stop communicating with you.
Love you
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