Scam Email(s) from Amos Lee to Alison (Australia)


Letter 1


Happy weekend to you and how are you? I hope fine, I just went through your profile now and I really cherish your look, would you mind we been good friends? I will like you to drop me your email address so that we can communicate better because am not always here on the site okay. Regards, Amos

Letter 2

Nice to hear from you again and how was your weekend? I hope you really enjoyed it with your household and all around you and likewise me here, thanks for dropping me your email address and I have already sent you an email and I look forward to read from you soon, you have a wonderful week and remain blessed

Letter 3

Here is my email:: amosleeamos2@gmail.c om

Thanks for dropping me your email address and how are you doing? I hope you are doing fine and nice to meet you here, I just got your message now and am very happy to read from you, although my name is Amos Lee, a single widower, and a US nationality, am from a Chinese family but am here in Canada on a business trip, I was ones married but it was quite unfortunate she lives no more due to cancer of the breast, and i have a son who will turn 16 years old soon. I read Civil Engineering as a professional course and i was born in the 4th day of June, 1968, although i love my job because it has really taken me to so many places both here in US, Canada or other countries. I will like to say more in our next conversation, you have a wonderful week and remain blessed, my warm regards to you, Amos

Letter 4

Hello dear sorry for my late responds to your email. I just came back this weekend from my trip, I’m really sorry; I know Communication good in any relationship, I will always responds to your email, I will be happy to know more about you, feel free to tell me more about you, I will be happy to build a good relationship with you,
You can view some of my pictures,
Regard: Amos Lee

Letter 5

Hello dear how are you doing and how was your weekend, I hope your enjoy yourself, i will like to see your pictures too, I live in USA, but because of our Branch Office in Canada, I always go there, I will be happy to know more about you, I have a sister from another mother, and 1 brother too, hope to hear from you

Letter 6

Hello Dear how are you doing, hope you doing well, i just came back home, its night here, i don’t have skype, before i have in my office Computer i use to Communicative with Client, for me whatsApp is better, I will install whatsApp on my phone, I’m going out now for dinner, I will install when I’m back, Hope to hear from You
im fine Just came back from Office, and you? how are you doing
this is my whatsApp Number, +16476944142