Romance scam letter(s) from Colin Jones to Mary (Canada)
Letter 1

hello Mary, how are you doing my dear??? i hope you are okay...i am sorry for everything my dear, i dont mean to make you feel bad bout me... i was a little bit stressed up then i discovered i met my self in the hospital....i got your message and i have been trying to reach but your number is not reachable.....i miss you and really need to hear your voice just for me to feel more better...i am waiting for your call or reply
Letter 2

hello honey, how are you doing? i got your message my dear...i really miss you so much..i am in south africa now, since i came here i have been weak and down..i am just trying to take some rest because my journey was too stressful . I hope you are fine my dear, i miss you..i did not forget you at all and i love you so much..text me back as soon as you get my message..bye my love
Letter 3

hello honey, how are you doing? i am so sorry it take me time for me to reply your message....i am have to trying to cope over here and to fix what i came for....i miss you, i miss your tender voice so much... Honey, you know what you gonna do for me right now... i got a way we gonna communicate better because i just got a south africa number yesterday.... right now you have to go to your app store on your phone and download WHAPSAPP application... the application is use in chatting and making calls....pls do that as soon as you get my message...i love you honey
Letter 4

my US number has not been working over here since i landed maybe until i get it roamed but i dont have time for that now...i am too i got a south africa number so what you have to is to download the application i told you (WHATSAPP)...please try and do that okay...when you have the application i can be able to reach you often and often like i promise you.. i will be waiting for your reply....I LOVE YOU
Letter 5

wow, my love .. at last i heard from you.. good morning to you, how was your nite?? its been long i heard your beautiful voice.. i hope you are fine over there my love... my dear you really need to try and install the app okay?? its faster and easier to talk to you whenever i want too talk to you... please my dear try your possible best to install it.. you can tell you sister tp help you out okay? i am okay over here but i really miss you my dear....make sure you take good care of your self my dear. i love you honey
Letter 6

Baby i know you're at home now just have to write you something before i lay down,you really do mean alot to me and talking to you on the phone makes me feel great.Just can't wait to come back home where i can take you out for a dinner where i look into your eyes to express my feelings to you.I need you and i will Thank God everyday for sending you to me.I am glad that finally I have found someone like you. Now that I have you here with me, I would like to let you know how happy and grateful I am for you..I care for you and will forever cherish you.
1. I Promise Not To Hurt Baby No Matter What Is Said
2. No Matter What Happens Baby It Will Always Be Me Me And You
3. If You Need Somebody Baby You Can Always Call On Me
4. No Matter How Bad Things Get Sweetie I Will Never Never walk Out The Door
5. Whatever Is Broke Baby Believe Me I Will Fix
6. When We Make Good Love baby I Promise To Make You Feel Good
7.whatever You Need Baby You Never Have To Wait
8.When You Need My Loving Baby I Will Give It To You Time After Time
9.i Will Always Love You
10. You Are Mine.
Baby this are words that came straight from my heart and i promise to keep to them.Truly you are special and i never seen a woman like you that seems to be loving,sweet,caring and know how best to treat a man,i believe you are Gift sent from God and it is meant for us to be.I think about you in my conscious and subconscious mind, (awake & asleep.)I wondered why it took so long for us to meet and under these circumstances. I believe it was because we needed to experience what love wasn't but we thought it was in order to recognize what love really is..well i will stop here for now and i hope you write me back to tell me your feelings..Love you now and Forever
Letter 7

my sweetheart i dont skype either, i have not fix my phone because i dont have time to...i will properbly fix that soon okay?
Letter 8

Hello honey, i am good my dear. how are you doing too?? i slept well last night but actually i did not see you my dreams but i really think about you all day and night... how is everyone over there, your sister?? i hope everybody is fine.. i look forward to meet you and your family... i miss you so much and i wanna feel you i wanna cuddle with you i wanna make love with you my dear... you make my heart feel so loved by you... i love you so much and i promise to always love you....
Letter 9

Good morning sweetheart, actually i know you will be sleeping but i just wanna use this time to know how are you and how you are feeling.. Honey, i want you to know that i really care about you and when i care about you i must care about your family.. when i love you i love your family so you dont have to thank me because that is how love grows... all we need to do right now is to thank GOD for bringing us together... honey, my laptop dont have webcam so i dont bother to download skype or any app on my laptop and i have not taken pictures since i came here because i have been so busy...when i am coming home i need to get alot of new stuffs like laptop, phones, cloths, shoes etc...thanks for the lovely and romantic song you sent to me, i really love.. i will always hear the song day and night... you are my QUEEN, you are my life,true love begins where there is nothing expected... I LOVE YOU JUDY... i promise to call you at night, i need to get back to work now... bye my love
Letter 10

less i forget honey, are you on facebook??

Letter 11

Good morning my love, how are you and how was your night rest? i hope you are fine my dear... you made me happy too because you make me feel like a king all day since we meet , you so much mean everything to me..looking back I’m glad I chose you, looking ahead I’m grateful I’ll be spending my future with you nothing compares with my commitment to you my everything my better half my boo I love you..dony worry my dear i will be coming home soon to see you and to spent my whole rest of life with you forever, belive me... i miss you so much,... you are worried about the cold over here#smile, you dont have to worry my dear..i got my jacket with me but i really wish you were beside me to keep me warm always.... yea, i enjoyed the song xoxoxoxoxo much, thanks sweeetie... i love you and i will always love.... did you go to church today? i went to church and i prayed for you my dear..... if you have facebook account i want us to talk there because i am on facebook also... have a nice day honey... bye my love
Letter 12

Good morning sweetie, i am doing great over are you too? how was your night? its so amazing hearing from you often.. thanks for praying for me honey.... i love you my dear... this is my facebook id ( you can add me up... i miss you so much my dear
Letter 13

Im gonna call you with my US number at night, it is now roamed so i can be able to call and text you with the number from now...i will only be using the south africa number because of my workers over here okay? i purposely roamed my US number because of you my love... i want to hear from you day and night.. i miss your voice and everything about you my dear...bye for now #KISSES
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