Scam Email(s) from Bryan Berrios to Colleen (USA)


Letter 1

I'm really happy that you want me to come over to the States, I have missed everything over in the States, I was really sad when my dad told me that you don't have money to afford to pay for my ticket but am happy now, you are really sweet and kind Colleen i can't wait to meet you in person and to tell you how fast i want you to be my step mom, I know my dad is going to love you more and more because you are caring Colleen, hope you are going to get me some new clothes and a cell phone to be able to communicate with you, i don't have a cell phone that's why it some time head for me to email my dad I really want to be in the States i have missed my dad sometimes i always cry because when i need my dad around is not here with me am happy that his vacation is soon and his not going back to the war zone so we can have all the time to be with him and live happy as a big family,Colleen do try and do everything that you can do to pay for my ticket so i can be with you over there.
Thank you for your care and kindness that you have show me, you have prove to me that you are kind and lovely woman that every men will love to have as a wife Colleen, do take care of yourself over there and always stay safe too,hoping to hear from yous soon.