Scam Email(s) from Matthew Brown to Jan (USA)


Letter 1

I'm happy to hear back from you,,,i'm looking to meet someone who is honest, sweet, independent,caring,attractive,God loving,smart,open-minded,loving,joyful character,God fearing,affectionate and mostly Faithful.Someone who is looking for a serious relationship. someone who is looking for something that can turn into a long term relationship and possibly marriage..I'm new to that site, this is my first time on the site... i'm at a point in life to settle down and grow old with someone to love me for whom i am.. i want someone i will be coming back home to and settle down with.. though i'm currently in Cameron border to Nigeria for peace keeping on Boko Haram...i signed up to that just to search for reliable woman i'm happy i found you.. you re the second woman i'm talking to from the site, i block the first woman just bcos all she want is just a night stand and am not the type..Tell me what you looking for???And about the distance , i believed that my love can be anywhere on earth ,its doesn't mean we should be in the same state or city,, but for things to work out successfully,I can even relocate for a good relationship..And i want you to know that no distance can stop two hearts that are meant to be together, no matter the situation we can make it work out if there is trust, understanding, love, care and mutual respect for each other.So i don't think distance should be a barrier when it comes to a good relationship...I will be waiting to hear back from you....

Letter 2

I'm sure you can not expect that from me,, its personal. I respect that,My MOS and my gun most We can only talk on here...For now and when we have a good connection and i know who you really re then i can do that....

Letter 3

I'm not one of them.. Alot of scammers as been reported We have been waiting to hear back from FBI on that.

Letter 4

Yup i'm a good snipper.. Anyway i''m doing good and you? you can tell me more about you and what are you re looking for on that site.. i'm new to the site and i'm looking for a woman i will end my life with cos time wait for no one.. i want someone i will be coming home to right away from here.... Waiting to hear back from you

Letter 5

No private ip here.. and alot of hackers as been working to locate us,, for some security reasons that you can not understand for now , i can not do that. i will do that when i get secured.simple.

Letter 6

I love saving lifes and thats the main reason i joined Army, I'm a man of my word and i do treat people the same way i want them to me, so i will never hurt anyone. have been hurt and i knew how i felt then so i will never try it to someone inlife... if truly you re who you re i think you re pretty charming and beautiful...I have to tell you something before we move on and i think its my bad habit, i hate saying sorry, i'm a man and also an Army. though i do put everything into my shoe , am not telling you that am perfect but my yes is my yes and my no is my no.(My word)