Romance scam letter(s) from Joshua Vitaly Stronov to Jane (New Zealand)
Letter 1

Hi and good evening Jane, It's always nice to read your messages. I have really grown fond of you and look forward to meeting you in person soon. The shipment isn't here yet and that is a main worry for us here. I have tried to track from their website which is but we are unable to access it from the rig location because of internet security without a VPN.
I really need help from the outside world. Oh now i understand what you meant, i know you really don't want me to disappear and i am not one for disappearing into thin air either. However, I am not going to be out of communication while i travel because i will be able to ring you and speak with you once i leave here for mainland. Unfortunately, i don't really have a dark complexion unlike more Maori people. You can be jealous that i have a bit of a tan and look equally darker than you probably are lol. I think i am fortunate to have messed the worst of winter too but now i am home sick and cannot wait to return home. Especially to meet you in person. You must be very tired after being that domestic godess, cleaning and re arranging furniture. I bet i don't think it will be easy cleaning up a growing adolescent room lol. I am not worried about you having a doubters moment Jane for it's only normal because of what we hear these days. The only way you can really be sure of a person you meet on a dating site is when we meet in person so keeping fingers crossed. I have not asked many quesions but you have gone on to answer almost everything i will like to know already. Now it feels as though we have known each other for long as i feel comfortable with you already. I am really looking forward to meeting you too Jane, Take care and have a wonderful evening. Joshua Collins.
Letter 2

Dear Jane, How are you and how was your night? I hope it was Ok and you have a good day lined up.
I hope my shipment turns up too and to be honest, I don't think i am going to make the 22nd August return as it's too near and i need a couple of days to install even if it gets here tomorrow. However, Do you think you can help me track it from there? I know i shouldn't let it stress me but i am very stressed and tired already. You are right, it feels like being a prisoner when you spend so much time on a rig like this with all these restrictions.
I really wish you don't have to cancel the accomodation, maybe you can just postpone it? Take care and hope you can write more soon. Thinking of you, Joshua Collins.
Letter 3

Dear Jane, How are you and how was your day ? I hope it was Ok. I am sorry for bothering you with details about my work and hope you don't think less of me for asking for your help. I feel bad because i have never had to ask anyone for help when it comes to my work but my hands are tied at the moment and really need the assistance.
The item ID and tracking number for my shipment is 9700213, MST21218 respectively.
Please try and look up and let me know what info you can get for me. It's so frustrating not knowing whats happening and when it will be here and now i am going to loose a lot for extending my stay but still keeping fingers crossed. Thinking of you, Joshua Collins.
Letter 4

Dear Jane, How are you and how was your day? I hope it was ok and you had some nice weather. I am glad you agree that every one needs help every now and then. However, I want to thank you again for helping me out. The information was very good for me but i am still having difficulty in emailing them. I tried to send am email to the address but it bounced back and i need to know what can be done to have them renew stamps for me and deliver as scheduled. Do you think you can try sending an email over to them on my behalf?
It's indeed a struggle to ask for help especially in this manner as you may not even understand what i am talking about.
I have ever been in this position before and never had to ask anyone for help. I usually know i have no one to ask as i am always the one being there for others. Well i hope you are having a goodnight by now. I am sorry that all i seem to talk about is my shipment problem now but i hope you undertand it's very important to me as it's the only thing standing in my way of returning home. So the weekend is here with us again, What do you have planned? I hope you have a nice weekend. I have you in my Skype contacts now, do you think you can chat in the morning? Thinking of you, Joshua Collins.
Letter 5

Dear Jane, Yes it went through, I hope you are not having problems. Joshua.
Letter 6

Dear Jane, Thank you very much for looking into it for me. I am happy with the info because i have waited about 2 weeks and still didn't know what was going on.
Thanks a lot Jane, I shall reply your other mail a bit later. Please have a goodnight. Thinking of you, Joshua Collins.
Letter 7

Dear Jane, I understand you don't have internet in your bach. How are you and how was your night? I hope you had a goodnight.
Please try and send on the message below to them when you can. " Dear Sir/madam,
I understand that my shipment - 9700213 mx203114 Is held by customs at Tema, due to expiration of diplomatic stamps and excess weight.
What can be done to have you renew the stamps and deliver to me as soon as possible to prevent further delays.
Please treat as urgent.
Joshua P. Collins. " The email address is Thank you very much for willing to help me out Jane. Thinking of you and hope to see you soon, Joshua Collins.
Letter 8

Attn Col. Joshua Collins/Jane;

Thank you for making contact. I have tried many failed times to contact you regarging the problem with your shipment - 9700213, mx203114,MST21218. As you may have already noticed, your shipment has been held by the customs of Ghana for 2 weeks now for the excess weight and because the stamps have expired.
You need to make the payment of US$12,260 in order for us to renew stamps from here and deliver as scheduled.
Please treat as urgent, Your shipment will be placed under demurrage after after next week if it's not cleard before then.

Many Rgds,
Frank K. Buck

+(233) (0) 246 907631
Letter 9

Dear Jane, How are you today? I hope you had a goodnight and you enjoyed your weekend.
Hope to hear from you soon. Thinking of you Joshua Collins.
Letter 10

Dear Jane, I am glad you are back in internet land. I have to say that i missed you lol. I wish i could tell you that i have the shipment or that it's on the way here but i can't. I haven't managed to pay for stamps to be renewed as i have no access to my bank from here and no way of sending the US$ 6,000.00 that i have on me here to them on mainland at the moment. Do you think you can be of further help to me Jane. I know this is too much to ask off you but do you think you can make the payment on my behalf? I shall pay you back with no matter how much interest might be needed as soon as i return to NZ.
I hope you don't think bad of me now for asking you but my hands are tied and i know that you care. You will be a life saver if you do this for me Jane, and you shall be rewarded in more ways than one. You have my word and my word is my bond.
Please let me know what you can do. I will reply to your longer email attached in the morning. I hope you have a nice day and you take care because i care. Joshua Collins.

Letter 11

Dear Jane, I understand if you don't feel comfortable helping because we haven't met yet. I hope this doesn't come between our "friendship" Take care,
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