Scam Email(s) from Macdonald Helton to Lucia (Brasil)


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Letter 1

Hi dear,
Thanks for your reply, nice to meet you.
Hope you are spending a nice weekend..?
However I admire your looks so cute in your picture hope we can become close friends...
Well,I have to introduce myself little to you, I'm Mr. Mac Donald Helton, use to call a nick name.
I am originally from Ottawa Ontario Canadian..... But living in Manchester UK. I am a civil engineer, 46yrs old also..we have the some age. I have one son who i love so much .... I lost her mother when she was giving birth to a set of twins but that is by the way.....

Can you please tell me about your pretty self????
Thanks, waiting to hear from you soon....


Letter 2

Yes! I head a nice day. but very tried today. How about you..?
Actually you look very sweet in that picture. I love you.
Sory I thought he is you son or brother. He is handsome.
Where are you now..? what are you doing today..? I wish we are in the same state or city. he he I want to hold your hands.
You are the quality I need in life.
Please take care of yourself...I want to take shower right no. miss you a lot.

Letter 3

Lucaia, I wish I can hug you and kiss your lips one day..

Letter 4

Thanks for your message my love. How are you today? I just came back home. How about you? What are you doing today?
Are you there my love?

Letter 5

OK. Good night. You can call me on this +448719158923

Letter 6

Hi my sweet heart,
How can I stop thinking about you? I know I'm an Engineer not a Government work.
I'm not the rich man but I'm happy with everything I have, with love.
I'm very well. Just thinking about you at the same-time, missing you so much.
Maybe you are not thinking about me as I do. But I'm ashamed to tell all the love I have for you. all my feelings for you.

You are everything for me, please take me to your health. I love you.

Letter 7

Hi Honey, How are you today?? I'm back home. How about you? I had nice day. Just thinking about you. I love you..




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