Romance scam letter(s) from Richard Jackson to Lucy (Canada)
Letter 1

Hello beautiful, how are you doing today, It is really nice of you to reply my message I really do appreciate it so i guess it will be nice of me to start by introducing my self , Am richard jackson by name but my friends call Richy lol i own a private civil engineering company In the Uk,but i hails from seattle washington am a single dad i lost my wife and my daughter on a gasily motor accident 2 years ago sincerely speaking it has not been really easy without her and my daughter around , I am a gentle handsome loving caring exciting and hardworking man and i am a fun loving man too I love to put smile in the faces of my love ones and the people around me, i love swiming singing dancing and i love to travel a lot i have to about 9 countrys in the world well my dear i we love to know you more , are you married do you have children?
Letter 2

oh really my dear great i love to travel but i have never to china how is it over there?
Letter 3

really that awesome well i am currently in the uk i travel a lot you know but never visited china but hope to visit some day i hear the have great food and culture i guess you have learnt how to speak Chinese?
Letter 4

i live in Birmingham you are beautiful and that really attracted you to me and you look like a fun loving lady so what do you like to do for fun beautiful?
ok my dear hope to chat later than take care
Letter 5

my beautiful and dynamic friend i must say that you are epitome of beautiful and brain, you are so friendly lovely and attractive , you are astonishing beautiful and i love talking with you, it been really hard for me since the tragic passing way of my wife and my daughter but i think is time for me to move on with life well i can,t say more, but to say thank you for your friendship it bring me a lot of hope, thank you my beautiful Lucy
Letter 6

thank you very much my lovely friend Lucy i really do appreciate you, wow there is something about you that just bring me abundant joy and happiness when ever we talk, you bring me hope and believe that there is a better life for me, no one has ever make me feel this way, you are special, you are my best friend and you are god sent to my life and i will let you know that my goals right now is to also make you happy and put smile on your lovely and precious face you mean a lot to me my lovely Lucy thank you
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