Romance scam letter(s) from David Schafer to Iona (South Africa)
Letter 1

This is my prayer for us.

Father we love You so much and we worship You, Lord You are our First love and the Lover of our souls, Lord You spoke life into us so unconditionally, with You as our first Love, we respond to You Lord unreservedly.we your children did waited and now we are taking the bold step of loving and being loved by one another intimately

Thank you for bringing me and Iona together. We sincerely invite you into our relationship that You created in Heaven, lead us to follow Your plan for us, You want us to be obedient in so that Your Name be lifted up High.

Bless us in such a way Lord, that in our relationship we stay humble and focused on You, that we will always be open and honest towards each other, with the respect that is born in us through Your guidance. Let us be like water always transparent, good and moving forward in our relationship, let us be like the birds sing and fly around happy rejoice in every new day you bless us with, let us be like flowers. loving the Sun and faithful to Your roots, let us be like the fruits beautiful and healthy inside, be like a firefly, although small, casts our own light, above all let us be like the heavens, A HOME FOR YOU LORD.

Lord don't let us remain where we are, helps us to reach where You want us to be.

We pray this with praises and worship while we lift Your Holy name up High, we proclaim it in Faith as if every request is already granted with abundant blessings.

We love You Lord
Letter 2

Hello my sweetness, I do not know how to express the joy that have surged like a storm through my heart ever since we met You have the greatest soul, the noblest nature, the sweetest, most loving heart and beautiful smiles I have ever known, and my love and admiration for you have increased so much since we ve known each other just in few days that still amazes me how it all happened, from afar you set my heart thinking of life has pages but the most beautiful page is the one you filled you overshadowed everything in my heart..never knew love could treat me this special. when all seems to me a dream i remember i have been praying for your arrival. didn't know God was going to surprise me with the most beautiful and adorable angel like you Iona...
when i don't chat with you on phone i am doing that silently admiring and appreciating the gift of God upon my life which is you...
so excited i will be coming to meet with you this coming weekend. am just lost for words but all i know and certain of is. i LOVE YOU with all my heart,,
Letter 3

Sweet here is the detail provided by my agent. Acct no. 9292595280. Name. P. Debese.
Absa. Branch code.650655
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