Romance scam letter(s) from Basten Boadu to Eloha (USA)
Letter 1

Hello beautiful, how are you doing? My name is Richard, and you? I was widowed and happy to meet your profile. And I have to admit that you are very beautiful and kind woman I want in my life. You look cute and so bright and very younger than your age. Please give me your email address, so I'll send you my photo and explain myself better for you. To the best of our conversations, Have a nice day, and I appreciate your active response kiss
Letter 2

Hello, how are you doing my dear? you look so beautiful, if you don't mind, i would like to be a friend,. The pleasure is mine to meet you here, am John Andrew, am from the United State Of America, Washington DC, what about you?
Letter 3

i will like to send you my picture as well that was the reason,i ask for email. How are you. My name is General Carter F. Ham, from United States of America. I'm here to look for a good woman in my life. I’m just new here I'm not use to this site but what I saw in here interest me. Maybe we can chat on yahoo messenger if you wish here is my email address you can add me in your list or you send me a message ( I will send you my full details together with picture, when i received your email address
Letter 4

my name is Adolf Luther a widowed from USA but presently in Liverpool UK, i am an contractor engineer i am an contractor engineer ,I came in contact with you, because I am looking for a soul mate to spend the rest of my life with i went through your profile and i found out that you are charming beautiful worthy to be my wife, thanks i will be looking forward to be hearing from you, , have a nice day and may God be with you Amen
Letter 5

Hello....How are you doing?Passing through your profile and wondering why should a pretty woman like should be single,can you tell me the reason why you joined the site maybe the men at your area don't have eyes for good things....hope to hear from you soon
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