Romance scam letter(s) from Sean Mcdonel to Lilac (Sweden)
Letter 1

Darling the world becomes one as our love grow for each other all through the day,all through the way We are one. Love has brought us to be one and Live forever all through the morning and evening. No one can see that pain that hide inside us when we miss each other. I prayed from high above each morning, i have waited to feel like this for a very long time I thought never again it would be love i do find it in you today my love; my heart, lies on you because i feel you are the roses i see each day of my life. Any time my heart, my soul, my body missed you i ask my self Where is my love, To bloom my day, To shine and bright, Every single day. to make me smile, in any single way, to cheer me up, when my eyes water. The one there to wipe my tears, When is slowly runs down, To turn my frown upside down, When I am sad and feeling blue. the one that will be by my side, and comfort me, to share and open up, and connect with me. by my side to hold my hand, and cuddle when I need warmth , to warm me up outside in the cold, when its winter or summer.. To love, to kiss, to share, to connect. Who can it be rather than you my love ....I love you and you are the most wonderful thing that has happened to me this few days. Each moment that you and I spend together is so magical that i catch myself smiling for no reason at all.Good Morning to you my love,how was your night with you honey
Love Always
Letter 2

Hello darling good evening how are you doing, i hope you have a lovely day, today? Darling today has been a busy one for me i went on patrol with some of my men, i was unlucky so sad i lost some of my men, honey they were shot by unknown gunmen, darling today also the UN sent me a later of post, they have transferred me to a rescue mission in the city of Kandahar for the rest of my time here, and i will be leaving by Monday.. My love there is something i want you to help me with, I thought i can manage the situation by myself until they just transferred me, my love 4 days ago i received an email from the security company where my salary is been paid in for the last 18 months, they told me to move the money from their custody giving me till 25th of July, My love i can't move to Kandahar with the money it's too dangerous, my love i want to transfer the money to you to help me purchase some properties, a house and maybe a car, and then you keep the rest in your bank, when i come to you i will take back, my love you are my only hope, Sarah is still in school and under age, my parents are late and i don't have any siblings....
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