Romance scam letter(s) from Zlatan Alfred to Joy (USA)
Letter 1

I very much enjoy the company of a right woman and love chatting about a whole range of topics. If you are a person who finds it very easy to make conversation so much the better as I'm a very good listener. I'm quite old fashioned in some ways and adore woman who are feminine and take pride in their appearance. Likewise I take a lot of pride in my own appearance and feel very comfortable in a well-cut business suit.
I have a wide range of interests but I'm always happy to cultivate more to suit my partner.
You will find me to be a respectful, thoughtful and kind person who is also cheeky and humorous. I always endeavour to be positive and optimistic, and every day tell myself how lucky I am to live in such a wonderful country and that there is so much beauty around us to appreciate.
I'm a warm person, affectionate, tactile, easy-going, articulate and intelligent, honest, resourceful, romantic.
I would make someone a great partner and contribute a lot to a interesting and meaningful relationship.
My job is really interesting and does involve a bit of travel which I don't mind. I also enjoy a dinner out, don't mind a nice red wine or a scotch. Hopefully we will share a common goal in moving some of those things off one list.
I am looking for someone to share new experiences with. Our curiosity, kindness and humor will bring out the best in each other.
Letter 2

Good Morning Sweetie You have succeeded at placing this smile on my face ... Thank you xo.

You can count on that absolutely.

I have never fallen in love - real love, since the moment I set eyes on the woman I'd married. And I'd planned to be her forever.

I want that in my life again - I have so much love and tenderness to give - and so much passion. I truly look forward to finding my friend and lover.

Like anything else 'time' - the times shared together will tell us ... kisses and smiles and finding out about each other - losing us for a time, and finding us again - ups and downs. I think it will be an absolute pleasure.

I'm started to think about you for real and I can hardly wait to see you in person. I am so ready to meet you in person too. Keep Smiling and Have a wonderful day. Love Zlantan
Letter 3

Hello Sweetie I am very sorry I didn't get back to you until now ... I left office around 12noonto commerce street in downtown to get some paper work done per my license and I thought I had my phone with me ...I realize my phone wasn't in a car when I almost at home. I would have text you.... I don't mean to disappear on you .. Smiles You must be sleeping ... I am blowing a kisses through your direction and I hope it reaches you cheek....If you feel anything they from me ... I will talk to you in the AM Love Zlantan
Letter 4

Good Evening Sweetie Whenever I had a chance, the first thing I wanted to do was look on the computer to read our emails conversation. You are wonderful to be this open with me. I look forward to getting to know you and to our first meeting very much. I also am going to keep my two feet planted very firmly on the ground because perhaps on the day we meet my eyes will be puffy and tired looking, or perhaps you simply won't feel what you are hoping to feel when you see me. And that is the reality of things. And I will respect your feelings because they are yours and they are true. The truth - that is what each of us have mentioned we want of the other from the very beginning of our communications. But if on our first meeting I sense that you are OK with it, and that I am OK with it, I will hope to kiss you and hold you in your arms when the evening is over. I may not succeed to meet your demand at first glance. All I know is that I've had the privilege of sharing with a woman like you and that I look forward to meeting with her and sharing smiles and words in hopes that we can continue sharing more of the same. I come from a close family who've worked for everything they have. Where marriages stay intact and their lives lead around family, love, support, differences and understanding/acceptance and well mannered for the most part. And we love to have fun and laugh when those opportunities are there.... I miss that since I choose to lived in the other direction...I am the only child My mom and Dad passed away one year after the other...Just a little bit more about me I am thinking about you .... I didn't see my phone ... I had looked everywhere in the office is not here. I was thinking maybe I dropped it at Jason Deli on commerce street and I called, the lady said they don't see any phone ...Anyway If I don't see it before the end of today I will have to get another phone tomorrow, meanwhile I will be here to write you back and forth .......It is too hot today , but I'm coping Have a wonderful day sweetie and I will look forward to hear from you Love Zlantan
Letter 5

Dear heart Joy

I've enjoyed this days more because of what you've shared with me.... I am also disappointed that I did not see you in person to say hello....Did not check my email until now... I am presently on the plane writing you ...I hope this doesn't make any different and we are still on the same page. If you can send me your number I will call you or text when I arrive

I will love to hear about your day My dear heart - about what you do day and your night, the good moments and the troubled moments. It helps me get a feel of you ...

I love the deep feeling which our hearts meet on each word and thought we sent in out emails to one another. You have replace lonely heart with hope and love which strengths a mans soul to Love again and a wonder anticipation to one Loving heart to another. I strive to find the words to express my deep hearts desire, thoughts and feelings that twist my stomach in knots, Like Christmas morning when I was a child to open a wonder present which was given from the heart.

Yes, I have feeling for you and with word I tell you and strive to encourage these words to a sweat embrace of touching your heart and soul. And longing to the day of embracing you in a loving hug that will transform our lives to a soft and gentle kiss.

To look not at a computer screen, but deep into your eyes, which I will see the window to your very soul. Then on one knee I will bow, to God first in praise, for a gift of God I will gaze. Then I will ask you to be my everything, not for the short term but, for all of my life.

It is so hard for a man to be lonely without a soothe words. Your words are like dew on the morning grass, which make the flowers grow and make them last thought the day. Oh, How I want you and think of you every moment of the day.

I long to take the torture away and set you free to hold me and hear me say the what words can not express. But the loving touch and sweat embrace. To behold you beautiful smile and to hear your voice say, I will love you forever and the torture is gone. In your arms is where you belong....Smile

This happiness, love I desire… till the day the lord calls me…

Thank my for sending me what is best for my hearing and your word give my heart life and my soul rejoice to hear from a real Lady, My Dear heart, the gift from God. OH how I long to hold you, Just to see you, to hear your voice whisper to my hear that you care about me …..XO

Again, I look forward to feeling you touch me and hold me. I may never want you to let me go My dear heart ; ) Love Zlantan
Letter 6

Hello Dear Heart I have prayed to God for so long for direction as I have not known what my direction for the rest of my life should be...and I really hope this is his answer. Talking to you was a special thing. You last email caught me and I know we are connected to each other .....I have to be honest with you .... You are so sweet and I think we had find common ground and be happy as I don't know why things happen the way they do. I do know there is a plan but God can really confuse us sometime with what he allows to happen in our lives... truly is a journey and we have to find our way. .. I just know I would love to find some one to compliment my life but just started searching and then there was you on that web site....and that terrific smile and very nice profile that touched my heart....I don't know the rest.....I know I am stuck with you.... I can't stop thinking about you all day Have a great day and I can't wait to see you soon... I am sorry once again for not inform you earlier about this trip .....I am in Punta Cana , Domican Republic and it's one hour ahead of Texas ...I had picture of me and my son attach for you .. He is the only son Love Zlantan
Letter 7

Good Morning My Dearheart Something woke me up - and the first I wanted to do was look on the computer. Now it's me crying (but they are good tears) I'm not sure when you will get this, it is 5:40AM here I keep finding myself sitting in front of this silly computer hoping something from you will pop up. I'm trying to will it to deliver me a message from you.....crazy huh?! I copied and pasted our messages shared on the dating site and included the ones we exchanged on this venue as well.

If we become best friends and lovers for life - I will go back to this and read them over from time to time and sometimes it will make me cry too. Other times I will roll my eyes at us and think "Gosh' what a couple of mushy sensitive fools we are - and other times I'm going to read them and smile and be grateful that your heart was brave and that I am the luckiest man on this planet to have met you. All right then - I have to go back to bed now . Huge hug and squeeze and a very gentle kiss on your forehead. xo. Love you Love Zlantan
Letter 8

Good Evening sweetie I wrote this poem for you sweetie ...

Don't Ever Leave

You caught my eye right from the start when i read you profile first.
Who would've known you would soon have my heart?
From the first day you made me laugh,
I knew my feelings would stay.
But I never thought they would become
As strong as they are today
You made my day better day to day with just one glance.
I love your beautiful picture with smile,
It makes me feel so good inside.
I want to tell you how I feel,
But these feelings I just have to hide.
Your soul mate may be closer than you think,
You just have to find where the true feeling lies.
I would give my life for you, anything it takes.
Every time I think about not having you , my heart just breaks.
Everything I have to give I want you to receive.
I need you in my life, so please don't ever leave I Love you
Letter 9

Good Morning My Joy I tried to call you this morning , but the phone wont let me call international and I have to leave me room now and go , because my presentation is 9am ... I will figure the phone out when I return back to my room ... I got your text and your email and I will be honest with you.. This is one the best feeling I've had in a long time ... Thank you for making me happy ... I love you and I will talk to you when I return from the presentation... Wish me a good luck
Letter 10

Good Morning My DearHeart I dragged my laptop out of it case so that I could type this email as is so much easier than on the phone. I wanted to say so much the last few days, but thought I would be out of line and that it might offend you in some way. After this email I know that I can tell you all and you will understand and accept any and all things said. I was low and sad today, as I knew I was extremely busy, but I want to write you so much.I hope you understand that there will days that will be like this, that all we will get is the mornings, kiss and a hug with well wishes for the day, and not speak again until night. That will not change the longing I feel to see a text from you to help the day go by. Yesterday on my way back to the hotel from the site . Its about 50 mins to the Hotel. I stopped to eat by the ocean after my food I walt to ocean walk and sat and looked at the ocean. I wondered and dreamed that we were there walking on the beach as I have often done in my dreams, talking of the days events, what tomorrow will hold and how luck we were that God has but us together. Each day my feeling for you has grown stronger and you have taken part of my heart I thought no woman would ever get. You hold my heart and sole in your hands. I cried at the words you wrote to me. I sometimes wonder are you really real, is this a dream, will I wake and you be gone. It scares me sometimes then I realize you are real and that you have loving caring sole as I, with so much to give to the other. You are such a loving woman and I am so lucky that you chose me over all others. I am very proud that you are in my life. I told my son about you and he's happy . Hopefully he will see just how much we care for each other some day I long to be in your arms. I want to give you the passionate kisses, the closeness of our bodies holding one another, as close I two people can be. I long for all that makes a relationship, couple share in a life. I know that you will be there to share the rest of our lives together in sickness and health and we will share happiness and joy. I have to admit to that and I hope I get into your heart. Some times I think that we have to experience life sorrows to become better people in life love and devotion. I know I did. I have so much love to give and to share with you. Be there for you in every way that I can to show you how much I really do love you. I can't wait to see you .I want to be in your arms now and forever. This time apart is going to take so much energy to accept that facts that we can't be together everyday. That our time together will be so meaningful and I will treasure every minute we can share together. You express yourself so much better than I, I love reading your emails, they mean the world to me. Know that you are in my mind every thought of everyday. I am loving and missing you already. I am loving you with all I have to give. It is my gift to you.... I Love You My Joy Love Zlantan

Letter 11

Good Evening My Dearheart Oh my God I don't believe I am telling you this ... Anyway I really need an assistant here , that I will be so glad If you can do that for me.... I went to Municipal today to get a permit so I can carry out all the measurement on the site. I had already invest lots of money on this particular project... What I need left is LONG FORM ... Its a permit that required from the city Municipal before they can start any work on the site... Its going to cost $5,000.00 and they don't accept credit ...... If you can actually loan me this . I will pay you back as soon as I get home.. I had pick up a payment check for this project and I can only cash it or deposit into my account when I get home. I will be very glad if you can do this for me and I can get everything measure out and have the Sub-Constructor take it from there next week. I need to leave here on Tuesday Please get back to me sweetie. I Love you
Letter 12

Good Morning My Deart heart I have a free time as I am not doing a lot's today , other than meet with the contractors by 2 pm. I hope you know that you're on my mind all day and every day putting you in the corner of my mind doesn't always work as I have long hours of nothing but time to think.I can not wait to get back home ....I can't remember when I've longed to come home and be at home. It's been way too many years that someone has made me feel so special, like you do. I thank you. Thank you for being understanding about my job and the distance we have to share at this time. I told you once I'll tell you again I am shy to a degree until...... your understand when you meet me until then I think of you often. I got an email from my son today wishing me good luck on everything and my new found LOVE! That's so sweet. Keep Smiling and stay cool my dear heart Love Zlantan
Letter 13

My Dearheart It is 11:20pm here and I am thinking about you, as usual. I want you to know how much I sincerely love the times we've spent talking. It means so much to me. It truly seems like I've known you for Years I honestly can't imagine life without you now. There will be no looking back, no second thoughts and no regrets. I want you and need only you ... and that love will only grow stronger. I am not holding anything back for you my Dearheart Its just few minutes shy to get comfortable and you probably wont notice anything. Sometimes life hits you with unexpected things that take you totally by surprise. All I can say is you're the best surprise life has given me and your capacity for love, caring, and understanding never ceases to amaze me. I've truly been blessed by finding you. Have a good wonderful night rest and keep smiling ... I will always be there for you. I Love you so much dearly Love Zlantan
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