Scam Email(s) from Christopher Smith to Eloha (USA)


Letter 1

Hello dear, My name is John Charles, I am 55 years of military widower from New York, I am a warm, loving, romantic and confident person, I am looking for a very long-term sharing relationship with a loving and honest woman. I'm currently the commander of the International Security Assistance Force and U.S. Forces Afghanistan (USFOR-A). I'm on a mission in Afghanistan as the commanding general, I'm stationed in Kabul. I will send you my profile pictures as soon as I receive your email address. my private email address With love. John

Letter 2

Thank you for accepting my friend request in the site, My name is John Charles, the attached is some of my pictures, I have considered our meeting as a divine connection from above and not ordinary. I have thirsted for a lady like you to be with me and make me happy and finally the good Lord have sent you to me. I have not been able to fall in love since I lost my lovely wife with my younger sister on 13th of August 2009. It has been a big disaster and unforgettable day in my life. I have a daughter who is now living in Dublin, Republic of Ireland and her name is Isabella. She is living and schooling with her grandmother in Dublin . She is the one who register me here so that I will find a good woman who will be with me and fill the gap left in my heart by her mother.

I will retire from active service by March this year and I will like to build a happy family with a beloved partner.I will not ask you to relocate but I will come to you at first so that we can plan everything together after my retirement.

Tell me more about yourself.

With love.

Letter 3

Hello, how are you today? I hope everything is okay with you? I am really interested in knowing you more better until we are able to meet personally. Are you married? you have kids? I look forward to receiving a reply from you soon, and I hope this message will come to you with good health.

Letter 4

Hello dear, how are you doing today, nice pictures, my name is smith burno, just want to be friends with this beautiful lady on this profile Please response to me if you will also like to be my friend. Thanks