Romance scam letter(s) from Patrick Chandler to Eloha (USA)
Letter 1

Hello My name is Jose Brain, I read your profile and am interested in having a serious relationship with you. Please my dear I am a sincere man all I need is just your love. Believe me I am seriously looking for a woman that I want to grow old with, please send your mail, so I will tell you more about myself and even send my photos to you
Letter 2

Thank you for your email, please check my loved your mailbox address and respond to the message I sent to your mailbox. If you do not see the message, check your junk folder because the message can get there. If you do not see the message and then write on my email: {

Letter 3

Hello dear, How are you doing, hope you are having a nice day?. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to write to you. It's a pleasure getting in touch with you. I'm sending you few photos of me in the attachment, and I hope you will like that. Once again my name is Jose Brain., I am 58 year old from Baltimore Maryland, United States of America. I will be glad to remain in touch with you, and to meet each other personally. I am a fun loving man with great sense of humor, I love nature and all the best it has to offer, such as: beholding the peacefulness of the ocean, the beauty of evergreen environment and the wonderful nature of the mountains. My desire is to meet a matured, sensitive, sensuous woman who wants a partner, soul companion, lover for a meaningful, serious, long-term relationship. It will be nice if we can stay in touch, to come together and grow older with each other, since it is my plan to go into a new relationship after my retirement. In my own word, I prefer a harmonious relationship where I can be happy again and settle peacefully after my retirement. I have had so many dangers and risk in my profession, but I always cheer up and have fun with friends. Meanwhile, I'm looking for a true and meaningful relationship where there is love, passion, respect and caring. I want you to know that though I can't fix all of your troubles, i assure that I'll be there for you through all the seasons of life. That's one constant you can always count on. My hobbies include jogging, basketball, music, horseback riding, traveling, golfing, diving and swimming. Also, I feel happier and alive when I stay near or beneath ornamental trees, reading some couple of books or having a glass of red wine at fire place, but a man's happiness is never complete until there is a woman right beside him. Who knows, perhaps you are the right woman for me, and I hope that our coming together would open more doors of blessing and affection in our life. I will be glad to hear from you soon, send me some photos of you, i want to behold whom i am discussing with. I would also like you to write and tell me about yourself. looking forward to receive your reply from you. Best Regards, Jose Brain.
Letter 4

Hello my lovely How are you and your family, i saw you on the site and asked you to send your mail to me. Thank God you sent your mail to me. But i sent a message to you and you did not reply to the message. Please my dear like i told you on the site if you did not see the message on your inbox, check your junk folder the message may enter there. Believe me when i said that i am a sincere man, and all i need is just a serious relationship that will lead us to marriage. I promise i will never lie to you, because lying destroy relationship and cause hatred. I will always tell you that truth even if it hurt, please write to me, tell me about yourself and send your photos to me. Jose Brain
Letter 5

Hello Hello, thanks for honoring my message i was so glad to hear from beautiful angel like you, i was just across your profile, i we be so glad if you can accept my relationship with you, because journey of life started one day, i would be glad to hear from you as soon as possible, yours Chandler Kevin. Can we have a chart on skype?
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