Romance scam letter(s) from Gabriel Williams to Eloha (USA)
Letter 1

How are you? I must confess you have a captivating smile. It will be a pleasure to correspond with you and get to know you more. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks Gabriel
Letter 2

Thank you so much for taking your time to write me and tell me more about yourself please give me your email address or face book name so that we can communicate more. I am interested to know you more, I am 59 years old, i am a widower since 4 years now, I am looking for good friendship and more in future, I am from Canada but i live here in Buffalo New York. I wait to hear from you again
Letter 3

sorry dear i forget to leave my email for you, here is my email you can write me and i will respond
Letter 4

ok dear i will write you shortly okay take care and have a lovely night rest
Letter 5

Thanks for your response, I do appreciate. I am happy we could keep communication directly here. Let me start by saying that any good trip starts with a first step, am happy we have taken one by communicating. I think the key at this point in our lives to find someone who has the same values and similar interests. Friendship/communication is the basis of any healthy relationship and that is what I'd like to find in hopes that it may develop into more.

About me: I am originally from the Canada, moved down to the United State when I was 26 years old with my dad and mom, but my dad passed away in 2011. Then 2010 my beloved wife also passed away in a motor accident since then I've been going through difficult life as I feel lonely and bored most times. I have a grown up daughter of 29 year and a grand daughter of 5 years, I live alone and my daughter living in another city. A year after the death of my wife, things change I decided to relocate to England but i live in England for one year i came back to states. I am was into Real Estate Business, when my wife was alive, before the Global Financial Meltdown which drastically affected/collapsed my capital base hence I had to re-adjust and go into Interior decorating and House Renovating and sometime I buy cheap house and renovate them and sell it to make my profit. I guess have said enough and would not want to bore you with much information till I hear from you... working so hard without having much time for myself since I dont have a wife.. Ha-ha but the truth is I love my job

I am a seeker in the deepest sense of that word - I love to learn, laugh, explore, change and grow. A high priority for me is staying, peaceful and balanced no matter what life brings. I am learning that life is meant to be enjoyed and it really is OK to have fun at all times but not when you are lonely. I love and enjoy to see people happy and am learning that the judgement I have of others are really.. I am a very simple, honest, caring, thoughtful and God fearing person... I have a lot of respect for those in my life and have come to the conclusion that in life it is all about what you make of it. I am looking for that special person to be with and do most things we love doing together. I am not here for lies, games or pretends. I guess with all these you could get a picture of me and what I am looking for. I will let you know more about more when we move further.I look forward to hearing from you and tell me more about yourself. Attached here are some of my pictures and my family. I will wait to hear from you soon
Letter 6

Hello Dear
Thank you for keeping in touch. i am still interested to know you. Give me chance to know each other, you never could say what will happen tomorrow
Gabriel Williams
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