Romance scam letter(s) from Bruce Popoloski to Lia (Australia)
Letter 1

Hi Darling,
How are you? I am writing you right now from Heathrow Airport, Honey I want you to know that each word I sent to you are straight from my heart and soul, I sat for minute/hours just to write down what I feel in my heart and soul to you, there is nothing that I need I have not found in you, I may have met you for months but to me it is been for me like years. I miss you every passing day and I want to be the first to say how was you’re day and night? You slept well? Do you dream of me? Or what do you dream of? Etc
Each passing day honey I lay in my bed wishing if you were next to me, my need for you is beyond me, I just wish you could see my heart burning for desire for you, how true they say love is magical. I'm missing you more than you do, I think about you every now and then wanting to hold you in my arms and rob your body, each time you said you are tired I was worried because if i was there with you, I would have massage your back and every other part of your body. I have some problems here right now at the airport with the customs officials and I don’t know what to do at present.. I have been here for hours..
They are requesting me to pay for Custom Clearance Certificate in respect of the Gemstones and Diamonds which I purchased, simply because Its weigh more than personal use and as such I have to pay for Custom Clearance Certificate. To get this Clearance Certificate, it will cost me about $17,500.00. I have reached the limit of my traveling credit card as I have spent well over one hundred thousand dollars down here putting thing in place which as exceed my limit and I can't swap my card any longer to transfer money out here and to credit the card, Now I have only $10,500 with me here. Withdrew my last limit which is just $10, 5,000.00 So I am still short of $7000 to make it up the total sum to get this Clearance Certificate. I am very stressed right now and I am tired. They don't want to listen and they request it must be done accordingly and I will need to the receipt after payment. I will like to chat with you as I am still at the airport and I can make use of the wifi here.
I will ring you on phone darling. Missing you right now and same time tired
Mr. Romantics.
Letter 2

Honey, I love you and I am online and i need to talk to you. You dont even want to heart what I have to say, you are really impatient..
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