Romance scam letter(s) from Dave Hardson to Harshi (UK)
Letter 1

Hello harshi,how you doing?hope you are doing great i just wake up from my relaxing.i am still having back hurt just managing myself to write you so you won't be scared.i still need some medicine what i have in mind to do now is to make you happy and here is what i wanna do as soon as i get the ticket information i am gonna email them to you with the home address ok you don't need to worry about that.
Babe the doctor told me to have much sleep so that i can recover pretty soon...i am trying to be stronger just because of you.what i want you to do now is by tommorow i want you to send me the money for the security so that i can pay them and get everything ready and remember i still needed the 6000pounds,i will handle it to you.i just want a safe trip i don't want to be kidnap here babe and if that happen then that is my destiny i just feel bad....babe pls try and do your possible best and get the founds to me by tommorow so i can get everything settle and be on my way home.....i love you so much and i want to be with you real soon.have a nice day......going back to relax...dave
Letter 2

Hi harshi,how you doing...i can understand you now...well i want you to know that i have been honest to you all the time and i do love you so much i am not asking you for money just to spend it.just asking you for my safety purpose well i didn't gave you fake passport number don't know why you could listen to them not to just see what happened i know they have spoiled your mind and you listen to them...i am mailing you with the pains i have but you don't care about that. Well what happened to me none of the embassy business there because i was attacked by robbers does not means the embassy will help me,i don't know my social security number of hand.i have been hurting so much i won't get my ticket without not having the money for the insurance security...because i know i book it they will ask for it again and i don't want to feel stupid when i get don't wanna miss my flight again.i am getting hill now just need to relax for tonite....that's all........pls try and understand me babe i am here and you are don't really know what i am going through pls and pls and pls try and send the money tommorow so i can book for them for saturday nite,i love you so much and i will talk to you later just came and check your email so i can email you back and rest once i get everything done i am gonna email you the dretails and mom address ok....i love you so much pls do what you can do just for tha sack of love we have for each other.the money you sent me today have been paid for all the hotel bills.if i didn't be able to work things out that means i will be going back to the hotel maybe you will be happy with that while i am not happy going back to you later i will check my mail...have a nice day and i love you.....dave
Letter 3

Hello mrs harshi,
How are you doing?compliment of the season.i hope you are doing fine i am mr tunde by name calling behalf of mr happens that they cut him the plane when he was about to leave and they started seaching them in the plane and they got cocaine in his jacket and he was got arrested and investigation was carried out.they later found out he was innocent but he has to bailed himself for him to be free. I was there yesterday and today.i spoke with him trying to know how far he went through the problem...I finaly found out he was not guilty of the case and i felt so worried because he was not guilty... well Mrs Harshi, I am ready to do all my possible best to get him out of this problem if only you are going to do your best to help him out.....I am doing this out of service because they already promised to sue him to courth next week and i never such things to happen....Now i am going to take him out and then ask him to fly on a direct flight Ticket back to United Kingdon and i will know the way out to solve my problem when he left.
Now what you have to do for me is this.....They said he needs to pay the sum of 4,500 Pounds in other to settle the securitry and some agent in charge of the prison so that he wont remain here forever.......Please and please i can understand he is a nice man and he is a very honest man even to the way he speak.....we dont even believe him untill i spoke with him privately........I am waiting to hear from you as soon as possible best there is a actual date and time they he will be hand over to the nearest police station before to the high courth. Thanks best regard. Mr tunde
Letter 4

Hi mrs harshi,
Just wanted you to know that i get the email and i have tried to contact the hotel manager and we have consider to help him but what happened is that we can't get the whole money.i truely undertsand what you are going through over there and i want you to know it's part of life. Dave his a nice person and he always told me how much help you have done for him.but yet you don't need to stop until he survive out of this country.please i want you to see what you can do to assist him,i and my manager will come up with 1500pounds and i want you to try get the rest so that we can get him out of there because i don't want him to end up his life in jail because his innocent week he will be taking to court if he didn't bail himself out.we need to find a way may God bless you.(AMEN) Best regard
Mr tunde
Letter 5

Hello mrs harshi,
How are you doing? well here is the information you asked and make sure you do it in time before we get out of time so they won't take him to the court.
Name:tunde adeyemo ganiyu
Text question:color
Text answer:white
Letter 6

No 10 adeyele street house 3 flat 17 island road.
Well mrs harshi i have tried my best on is my home address and don't try to do anything silly.because i am only trying to do my best.take care. Best regard Mr tunde
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