Romance scam letter(s) from Gabriel Simon Holic to Geri (Canada)
Letter 1

Hello Honey,

How`rre you doing today, how`ve you been?

I am so very sorry that I have not responded, the other time that I sent you a message i checked for some days and there was no one back from you so I stopped looking into my email but now I just checked and there was a message yesterday, I am so very sorry that I haven`t kept in touch, pls do forgive me, my bad, I saw there was another message 22nd march, again I am sorry for not checking.

Yes Love, I would send you your money when I get paid my benefit, the lawyer is just killing me, he refused to show up the last time bacause I couldn`t pay him certain percentage, i am really sick of everything here, but still praying.

Hope you`ve been good how`s work, have you changed work yet?

I miss you much.

Your Gabriel.
Letter 2

Hello Gerri Sunshine How are you doing today?Just got home now finally from work today and seeing a friend and it was so hectic going back to that office to see these people I hate working with after being away for over a week, I am so very sorry for my delayed response, I do owe you much more apologies for this, all the times I was there in Canada I never was able to access my email the fact being that i didn`t know what my password was and I needed to get back to look into my personal dairy to recollect which I did today, my trip to Canada was mainly for the new job/interviews and my equivalent exams, not sure if you know what that is but i needed to write certain exams which would allow me use my certificates in Canada even though they`re of equal standards around the world. I have browsed through a few profiles on that site both beautiful and average but not sure which caught my interest really after my experience I must tell you that at this age I have attained I really don`t get carried away by the physical appearance of a woman anymore but that doesn`t means I do not appreciate nor admire beauty because as to my understanding after all these years; Beauty is skin deep, there`s always a greater and bigger beauty people can`t see except they`re close to an individual and know them inside out and after going through your profile one would be hopeful of an opportunity of meeting with an Angel this month of September so I must count this encounter as a blessing.

The reason why I placed my information on that single` site is to meet a responsible, passionate, understanding, affectionate, loving, caring Honest and decent individual who understands the true meaning of a relationship, partnership, respect, affection, who can appreciate and love a man for who he is and ready to build her future together with a partner, she may have been through failures in her past relationship(s) just like me but willing to dust herself up and take a bold step into the future.

Each morning of my life, for the past four years I look upto heaven hoping and wishing that a Miracle could happen to regain my direction and hope but to further my frustration when I listed my profile on the singles site which took my colleague alot to convince me about getting involved, I got contacted by two women who all turned different from their profiles and that broke my heart especially a few days ago so this got me wondering if there could be a special person on there that I`m looking to meet, but hasn`t given up yet though as i do know that as much as the world is full of evil there`re still good ones all around so I lingered a bit more to see if Mrs right would come through and then you surfaced from no where, so you know that I am giving this every opportunity, however I am more hopeful than I was few days ago telling myself that this may be the moment I`ve been waiting for. I was wondering if you`ll accept me being of European background but certain you`ll not have problem with that from your communication and profile on pof, are you a multicultural individual or you`re the type who frowns at others` cultures even though you may say you don`t have any issues with race? I was raised in a little settlement call Albersdorf of around 1800 people, about 140 Km West of the famous Prague of Czech Republic (my home country) not sure if you have any idea where I`m talking about, Well like you may know my country is a small but popular country in Central Europe sharing boundaries with Slovakia, It`s popular because of it`s rich cultural heritage which attracts lots of tourism, we share common boundary with Germany, Austria also, have a population of about 10,220,911, it`s a beautiful country but not so rich as it`s Gov`t earns most of her income/tax from tourism, it was previously known as Czechoslovakia consisting of the present Republic of Czech and Slovakia which was dissolve earlier 1992, so anywhere you hear of Czechoslovakia, it`s my country somehow even when we`re divided now, I would love to take you there someday if you wouldn`t mind, I know you`ll love it as everybody who`s been there loved it. More importantly: I was temporary in Canada for new special job Exams/interviews which lasted 6days and I have registered on that website a couple of days before i departed for Canana but was never active as I was to use it to meet someone when I arrive over there but I have never had any chance to meet anyone as I found too many silly messages from mostly women in their mid twenties and I think most of them`re crazy, chatted with two though (Bad news/disappointment like I wrote above) meanwhile I need you to know that I`m not just looking for anybody to have fun with but that special person that could mean the entire world to me , Also I have a job presently here in Edinburgh, Scotland, working for a Commercial, Tour, Charter Helicopter company as an Aeronautic engineer ( In MRO Dept) I also own a Private Pilot certificate PPC, I have been dreaming of living the greater part of my life in Canada right from when i got certified as a Aeronautic Engineer and now that i have the opportunity right in front of me I couldn`t be a happier man and knowing that i would have an Angel waiting over also to start together with, this would be some added joy and fulfillment, overtime I have read about this wonderful country of yours and followed the news more than any other, I have never seen a place so multicultural and nice except that the weather isn`t just the am looking upto is a new beginning, someone to show me around and, be a best friend/lover and not someone to offer sex, citizenship opportunity or sponsorship as I`m a European and with a bright career such that I could obtain citizenship anywhere I want, not sure how you feel that I went out of the line to mention that, I only mentioned it because of the horrible stories that I was told about some , Asian, Africa and Russia people trying to use others to obtain citizenship or money, I really started getting a bit upset especially when I started getting emails from women in their twenties, I really wondered.

I am a father of a 14yrs old happy, intelligent handsome boy (Joshua) who lives back in my country with my ex, and would be till he`s 18, that`s about 4yrs from now as she won custody of him when we divorced, I don`t see my son as often as I would love to but at this point there`s not much that i can do which really hurts in a big way.

I`m not asking for too much in a relationship right now as I know more than I did 4yrs ago, meanwhile I`m just a normal imperfect man who`s loving, affectionate, caring, passionate, committed, trustworthy and a good listener, seeking same in a possible partner as I do know that with the right person a perfect couple could be put together.

Being a European, football is my favorite game, I love hanging out, tennis (Table/Lawn), I have love for Hockey but I`m yet to learn how to play it a bit, maybe you`ll help out..? I could make you laugh as i do have some good sense of humor, so if you`re the type that love to laugh, just be ready or better still just get some extra ribs in your wardrobe before we meet as i might crack your originals and maybe you`ll have to go on the artificials, lol. I have attached a few more copies of my pictures, think the current of them are those you have seen on pof before, the others are from when I was still in school and when i traveled to Syria, let me know what you think about my appearance in general, although I`m not the greatest looking guy but I`ve not gotten much complaints about my would really love to see some photos of you especially now that I`m not on pof anymore so pls send them here. Well basically I am back here in Scotland to resign from my job here and obtain the reference and Resignation Approval which is going to be needed by my new employer there, However I am returning back there in three or less weeks finally to start my new job and get settled in Calgary, so give me some update on this, I would being seeing my emails every moment from now till late also i am getting results from my interviews tomorrow so by the end of tomorrow I`ll be 100% sure that I have secured the job but giving self score i must say that i did perfectly well in the tests, but prayers still needs to be said. Guess nothing I`ve written would scare you off, I`m not a good writer as computer isn`t my best of toys but I`ve tried to write as much as I could in a single letter, so now I`ll be praying that you reciprocate and give me same information about yourself if possible and more importantly do endeavor to write more about your background, expectations if time

Have a wonderful time ahead.

Letter 3


How`re you doing? Not sure why i don`t have any email to read from you yet today. I have just got back home and I don`t know what else to do, I opened my computer a few minutes ago and don`t even know what to write to you because everything`s crumbling down on me right now and I don`t know what else to even try, I have tried thinking about all of these critically and i don`t even know what the divine explanation would be like, I met this guy in his office far outside of town as scheduled earlier this morning, according to the arrangement he was only about to raise me three hundred (300pounds) instead of 1200 which he`d promised raising through a friend and the other person I was awaiting his call refused to call as promised but when I called him all he could say is that he`s sorry that his debtor couldn`t pay him and nobody would help him, baby I`m crying inside and I just want to hold back the tears but yet I have the tear drops not only because of the disappointments but also because I have spent all four years of my life working tirelessly for people that wouldn`t appreciate my hard works and services especially for the wrong reasons or race, I was there this afternoon to drop off the letter of recommendation on where to send the benefit and was really crazy to the extend that even the manager was upset at me and I yelled back at him because at that time i really didn`t care following the frustrations. My breath is not circulating very well right at this moment, there seem to be some real problems with my blood flow since a while ago and this maybe from all the stress lately especially the one of today and I`m so afraid I would need to go to a pharmacy to get something to calm things down plus that my body temperature has risen drastically higher than it should. I have called the agent to tell him of the situation with me and he said he wasn`t even ready to listen to my long story and so he said i have to get myself to make out the balance of the ticket as cancellation from noon tomorrow could result to loosing 50% of the ticket as fine, he was really getting paranoid at me saying that he used another customer`s funds which he need to put back immediately to secure me the ticket. Baby,I`m so ashamed but I really don`t have anything left to try or I`ll be totally devastated, the pains my heart holds is now tearing my entire world apart, you wouldn`t imagine how many people i`ve called today trying to organize things but all to no avail, I was going to ask if it would be a possibility with you but I would really appreciate this a great deal but I do assume that you`re not in a healthy financial state at the moment, if you can lend me the balance of the ticket fee that i need to make up before the end of tomorrow, what i would likely need is about 950 pounds which could amount upto 1900Canadian as I do know that pounds doubles your dollars, Geri I know this is much money but know that I would pay you back, I understand that waiting for my benefit to arrive over there in about 18days time would be too long, I`ll pay you back by next weekend as I`ll be receiving my allowances of $26,000 from my new employer being accommodation, change-of-environment(Relocation) and Mobility allowances that I would receive next Friday if i start with them on Tuesday as expected because it`ll take one week according to The contract terms pls if you can do this don`t hold back your hands I know you`re not so financially fit and I see this unfair for me to ask you for this, I apologize again please do your best as I would never forget these moments in my life and how i got out of it, I don`t want you to kill yourself over this if you can`t do it, I wish you know what it cost me to swallow all my pride and dignity to bring myself to this level right now to ask you for this, I know you`ll not be happy if I`d not told you how difficult this is getting for me and something bad happens incase you could`ve be of any help... baby pls, i don`t know if you would think I`ve gone crazy but there`s no one else for me to turn to right now, I do know that a drowning man would grab at anything, maybe that is my position right now, I have decided to send you my personal documents to assure you that you must get your money back incase you are not certain you would, I don`t want you to relate this to your friends, family or anybody about this as they would despise me knowing that you footed part of my ticket fee to come there I am European and this is against my culture to ask my woman for such assistance, I don`t want them to disrespect nor disregard my personality which isn`t good for you as well, I guess you understand everything that I`ve been through recently, if not I wouldn`t get caught in this end right now but with dad`s health and the completion of the project back home I was only depending on the benefit and sales of my car for me to get everything else organized especially the ticket but now with everybody turning away from me, life seems so unfair except for two reasons (You and my family), again I apologize and fall back on my knees if you didn`t like that I asked, I swear if I was there in person i wouldn`t be bold enough to ask because I am a very shy person and love retaining my pride, not that I am an egoist, you understand what I mean, I am so sorry, I feel very ashamed right now, I`m sorry, I truly am. I want you to know that I`m not sure I can sleep again before I come to you, I would rush now to go to the pharmacy because I don`t know what exactly has gone wrong with me, I`m having so much of anxiety and depression at same time But would try calling you in a short moment possibly on my way back from the pharmacy. Life has really shown me some cruel side to it these past few days but i want to assure you that i don`t feel there`s any need to stop because I know sometimes getting to heaven could be hell, so if these is all I have go through just to find my ways to your hands and to my new job, future, then I consider it a paltry sum to pay compare to what i feel for you especially that your arms are my new home. I have nothing much left for the rest of the day, I have most of my things packed the Charity personnel is coming tomorrow morning to see what they would take from the stuffs I have, I have printed all of our communications this morning and have them now in a special file, I also got a size picture of you in my wallet, this one is so very nice, I also attached some of my personal documents like i mentioned above, I have attached a few in this email for you pls keep them private. Would check my email when I get back in. Your Gabriel.
Letter 4

SweetLove, I have your email and the number, i don`t know how to express the way i feel right now but I need you to know that my heart is so filled with joy right now. I was wondering what your full names are so i would know what to fill in the form since I would need to fill in the sender`s details, I would try to see if i can sleep a bit now but not sure i can sleep tonight as my mind is running into 1m things, I do want you to know that I owe you alot more than you`re thinking already for this wonderful gesture, you`ll always live to be happy about this, Thanks so very much Geri, i don`t really have words to express the way I feel right now but know that i adore you with the whole of my body and soul. So before you wake up i would have gotten the new flight and would email it to you, what time do you go to work? I`ll like to call you before work but I`ll allow you to rest tonight. Your Gabriel.
Letter 5

Hi Honey, I don`t know what to start from but firstly i need you to know that am now very stranded because firstly I don`t even have money to get into an hotel and the Hostel i was putting up yesterday is very far from the airport. The western union guy said the money has been returned to you and i was wondering why that happened but he did called and they told him the trust which you would never know, the guy said he would tell me but i have to promise him that I would keep it as it`s a secret they keep he`s a very nice Dutch guy, i told him earlier in our discussions that my mom is from Dutch so he`s very helpful, According to him he said that The head office did put a call through to you because of the amount involved is much but they were unable to get the transaction authorized firstly because of the amount which is the basic issues these days, he said because Western Union in an American company, they don`t want cash leaving America anymore and since they`re already into a deep recession that`s been eating them up and no cash in their circulation and now they`re applying same rules to Canada so he said that the wrote that they suspected that they money was going into Terrorism and a suspected Fraud, however he said that they do discourage people with all possible means to not send money abroad especially huge amount and also to people they don`t know too well.
He said that they wouldn`t have problems approving smaller amount and wouldn`t even have to go to the Head office, this seem the same thing the agent has told me, i told him that I have instructed you to send in bits but he argued that I didn`t and maybe i don`t want to go to Canada, he was really furious when i told him what Western union has done he thinks that it`s all my fault, Honey i need you to understand that I have trusted you with even my personal documents that I am counting on you right now, I need you to know that i really so want to be with you, start my new life and plane a future with you, pls I don`t know whatever those people may have told you to discourage you from sending the money, pls I need you to talk to me, so we can discuss how we go about this now, pls. I need you to respond to my messages and even my text messages so i know you have them, the guy at Western union helped me set my message centre and said that my text messages should be going through and even i can call with the cell phone to you since I have an international calling card on it, pls talk to me, i need to talk to you, I am stranded now and i need your help, i am still waiting on you. Your Gabriel.
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