Romance scam letter(s) from Kenny Williams to Eloha (USA)
Letter 1

Hello beautiful, how are you doing?
I'm fine. Nice to meet you
Yes, her name is Daniela. Do you have kids?
Can you please tell me about your self if you don't mind?
Marital status, your like and interest, have pets or not, your profession
Ok. Do you live alone?
Ook. I'll be back soon, have little work to attend to now. Ok?
Hello. How are you today?
It was ok, but too much work for me. Can we talk on phone?
Ok. What is your email ID.
Mine is
Letter 2

Any way am sending you a morning prayer in hopes that your day will be great without a tear, may the day bring you hope and many reasons to smile with enough happiness in your heart to keep you warm across every mile. May your day be full of sunshine and lots of hugs and love but i wish am there to give you the hugs and love you need and may you receive many blessings from heaven above. And when night falls with a sky shot full of stars, may you enjoy sweet dreams that in the daylight takes you far. Just wishing you a "HAPPY WEEKEND"
Letter 3

Hello dear, how are you doing?..I guess you are fine. It's been a while now, my work take much of my time, not even a time to check my mails. I just want to check on you to know if you are fine. Kenny.
Letter 4

Hello dear, hope you are fine?..anyways i am so sorry for have not message all this while, my late wife brother filed a case against me because of properties and other things, I was in the Gulf of Mexico doing my work as usual when I got the invitation, as i am talking to you now in the custody of the police. I am so short of fund in me now, please i beg you in the name of God to please raised at most $700usd so you can send to my lawyer, I promise to pay you back when all this is over. I am suppose to be in my work now, because my contract is still on, i beg you to please help me. I will send you my lawyer's name so you can send what ever you have to assist if not all..please dear.
Kenny Williams.
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