Romance scam letter(s) from John Herman to Eloha (USA)
Letter 1

Hello dear I viewed your profile and I picked an interest on it......Can I have your Facebook handle or your email so that we can know more about each others

0190hermannjohn facebook
Letter 2

I am happy we are knowing more about each other i have a daughter six years old leaving with me here at the state.
I will tell you more about my family,I am from a christian family and we believe in the true values of Christianity, My Dad was a Pentecostal pastor and my mum is a teacher.
My dad is late while my leaving mum is with at the village because she is old (85 years old).
I have marry before now which my wife die some years ago in a motor accident.
I am a simple individual and am always eager to meet new friends and get along with them.I don't smoke but drink occasionally. i enjoy all kinds of music and i love to dance.
My friends says am easy going person and have such a warm sense of humor, i love pets,
How i spend my weekends,I usually stay at home with my friends and later in the evening we go to comedy show and have little dance lesson before the day comes to an end.
i will take you with me on my dancing class.I travel a lot when i am off from work on holidays.I send my holidays traveling and reading.
I love to read too and mostly novels that are interesting.i will stop here until i receive a letter from you.
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