Romance scam letter(s) from Thomas Hollande to Helen (Australia)
Letter 1

Good morning, this is Tom from pof dating site, i want to be sure if i got your email correctly
Letter 2

Hi Helen,
How has your day been so far ? What have you been up to for the day ?
Talk to you soon xx
Letter 3

Hi Helen,
I had a busy day today at work, I was trying to make things work out as my agreement with the government as a contractor expires next week , so i would have enough time to focus on my petroleum company as the government has been giving me a tough time in approving my company. Did you work today ?
Letter 4

Yes , I'm a very busy man, i tend to create time for self improvement . Yes, i'm quite sure about that but i hope soon the government grant me a license as i have ordered for thirty trucks to be used in the course of distribution from Europe. I'm hoping all things works out well. Do you like surprises?
Letter 5

Everyone does, what is a first date like for you ?
Letter 6

Yes, I'm of the same view as of yours. I would enjoy a quiet and serene environs where we can both have a great discussion though
Letter 7

I love to be in a conversation and situation , where i would learn new things though
Letter 8

That's great though, what a clever and brilliant woman you are
Letter 9

A good morning hug
I'm sending to you
Wrapped up in love
With big smiles too My special wish
Is you'll have a good day
I hope things are pleasant
Each step of the way A day filled with sunshine
No clouds overhead
Feelings of peace
As you climb out of bed Enjoy the fresh air
Be good to yourself
Find time to relax
We only live once A good morning hug
For you hun
Have a good day
From beginning till end
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