Romance scam letter(s) from James Walton to Jayne (Philippines)
Letter 1

Hello my beautiful, our unborn daughter and son mother, attached is my bank card only for you baby
love you
your husband
Letter 2

Hello my love!
How are you my darling
I love you more than words can express baby
You are my world and my everything
Honey, I just left a Standard Chatered bank, I am in front the bank honey
I have little stress and problem honey. The transportation company that will transport my goods to site ask me to pay $2860 USD only
I went to bank just now to use my my bank card with OCBC BANK singapore , but my transaction was declined
I called my bank in singapore, and they said the chip on my card might be destroyed, and this was why the transaction was declined and the reason why I could not with draw cash
They said they will fix the problem but it will take a months time to fix and provide me with another bank card. Right now baby, I am so worried because the customs officers has informed me that I need to take my goods out of the premises or they will seize all my goods .I urgently have to pay the $2860 usd to the transportation men so that I can transport my goods out of the customs warehouse and go deliver it today or tomorrow .I need your urgent assistant, after I deliver my cables & goods, the company will pay me my $2,815,000 USD BABY, the company will not pay me any cent without I dont bring the goods to their premises from Customs warehouse, and also if i do not take the goods out between today or tomorrow, the customs will seize my goods and that means I will lose all my investment money in this project
Please get back to me honey, be fast I need the $2860 usd now, baby,you can send me the money using western union money transfer or moneygram because they are fast. I do not want the customs to seize and confiscate my goods baby. Get back to me now....just for your reference, I attached a copy my bank card that failed to this email.
I love you sooooo much. I do not want to get delayed here, I need to fly to meet you by monday so that we can make our babies, we can make love all night into day.
Honey I am not myself, please be fast to get into touch with me.
I love you so much
I will send your details and information on how to forward me the $2860 usd shortly please be fast baby
I love you
Your husband
Mike PS: Please do not tell John or Raquel my problem now I feel shy baby....just put the money together, privately and go send to me through moneygram, i will send you details soon
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