Scam Email(s) from David J. Miller to Eloha (USA)


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Letter 1

Hi my dear how are you doing..?
Nice to meet you my name is Daniel and you..?
That is very nice name of you my dear. I am so happy to have you here because as i join the site now you are the only person that i am talking to and i am so happy for that. Well for how long have you been here on the site and what brings you here..?
Oh that is good. Can you please tell me more about yourself now honest one..?
can you give me your skype now. or you can add me here now ok
You give me your gmail now ok
My dear i am honest and caring person ok i wan you to know that ok. And that will be the best way for as to have very good conversation ok
Thank you so much for your goodness and kindness.

Letter 2

Hello my dear this is Daniel from Hi5 i hope to hear from you soon ..Take good care

Letter 3

Hello my dear this is Dan from hi5

Letter 4

Hi my dear..Nice to meet you here my dear....I will be happy if you can send me some photos of you and tell me something small about yu now ok.

Letter 5

Hello, it's a pleasure to meet you before. If I could have a wish I woke up every day with the sound of breathing on my neck, you are beautiful! can we be friends? My name is james peter i work without a broad word. Please, can I have your electronic ID so that we can communicate from there? Or you can contact me in my personal email for more communication. ( I'm looking forward to hearing from you. Bye for now, with a lot of love. james peter

Letter 6

Hello, My name is Kelvin Miller. I am from the United States. Though I have been on this site for a while now, I have been very inactive. I would like to make new friends on here and I would like to start with you. So, be my friend please

Letter 7

I'm Walter, I'm new here single and searching my Life partner. I just went through your profile, i like things about you. Please i have interest in knowing more about you Like i said am new here. i will like us to be good friends, so i want you to tell me more about your self, Can i get to know more about you? I'm a nice and caring man and i have interest in you, i will be glad to read your email. You can get back to me through my private email address or send me your email address so we can email each other and i will send my photos. Thanks




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