Romance scam letter(s) from Aaron Mcmiler to Mom (USA)
Letter 1

Hello Mom... I want to use this time to explain you what I really wish to share with the woman of my life. What I seek in woman, is the initials her kindness, her manner of behaving, her manner of speaking to me, she will return to me happy... I want us to be equal because I do not want her to dominate me and me I do not want to dominate her either. like a bird in the cage i dont want her to be locked up. I want that this cage is opened and windows in it also, she must be free to do what she wants on her own and to carry out her family life and profession as she wishes it but I want a relationship of course being perfectly stable with respect for each other. I attach the greatest importance to fidelity in a couple, staying absolutely faithful and committed to each other,making important decision together, the fact of having the will to solve the problems together, the fact of managing a budget, the fact well of being perfectly sincere, I promise to you to offer the same thing on my side. I Do not seek absolutely beauty at all cost but if it is there then i will preserve your beauty,of course I prefer a woman with definitely less beauty,a woman who knows what feelings and emotion is and who has superb qualities which is fine and compatible with mine. I have even strong fears when she is too beautiful but in this case it is constantly looked at and badgered by malevolent men and increase the possibility of women wanting to go see whether the grass isgreener elsewhere. I do not want to live with the feeling whether she will betray me or will take a bad step that will hurt me. I do not seek a woman to have only sexual relationship, but i do want a relationship that will be full of love, happiness and joy , respect each other and be faithful to each other. I respect my woman and will always adore her..i am not the type of man that sexually abuse women because there are houses specialized for the men who live only for that. For me they are not men, in fact bad animals of sexual needs. For me the sexual relations are important in a relationship between couples the best thing would be to have it with emotions and feelings which would make us strong in love. sex can be offered like most beautiful of the gifts which we can make and especially in the intimate moments that we have wished both. It cannot be forced, nor even required under some pretext that it either. It must be absolutely shared in the largest intimate respect of the two people. They must believe in what love is and what really emotions and compassion really mean.You may not believe me but most important for me is to be perfectly in agreement with myself by saying to you the things as I really feel it. I wish one day we can be able to share all this together with each other,i am a simple man i do not double date neither beat a woman my parents did not teach me that instead i was thought to treasure women..i wants everlasting relationship with my woman , i dont mind where you come from because i am ready to relocate to you wherever you may be, then we can start a new life together if we are meant together, but for me that is what i desire. it seems to me that you have all am seeking for in a relationship.
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