Romance scam letter(s) from Christopher Smith to Inger (Norway)
Letter 1

Hello good evening Inger

How are you doing today, i hope everything is going on well with you, am really glad to hear from you once again thanks for your nice and wonderful pictures you sent to me, you look very nice and beautiful woman, I have never meet such pretty woman like you are before, am really glad to meet you...It was very great meeting someone nice like you. Thanks to nature bringing us to meet each other in this modern technology way. It is my time my first though and i believe it really works within two individuals. It was very lovely spending time to talking to each other.. The day has been wonderful and yet we welcome another wonderful tomorrow. I am very happy to meet someone like you are. I thought of dropping this few notes before night patrolling. I am gentle, humble, trustful, highly loving and caring. i like giving out when ever i have, making friends and creating good reputations among human limit. . I am patient,generous, kind, and loving. I am always upbeat, have a positive attitude about most things and I like to have fun. I enjoy music, theater, movies and art. I love to travel, and to go sightseeing. I love museums, romantic dinners, seaside resorts and sunsets..I am a fun loving person who loves to laugh and make others laugh.I believe in honor, manners, ethics and treating people with respect and look for the same qualities in my friends. I also have a quiet side and am quite content staying home especially if I have someone to snuggle up with. I believes that, Life is a mystery to be lived and not a problem to be solved. Even though the past never treated us right, I think we still stands the maximum chance of enjoying life to the fullest. Take good care of yourself kisses and hugs to you, I will be waiting for you online tonight

Always Michael
Letter 2

How are you doing today, I hope everything is going on well with you , thanks for your nice and wonderful message you sent to me, I really appreciate it Inger, I have attach some of my pictures to you, I hope you will like him, but i will send you more as time goes on ..The happiest thing in life is to love and to be loved. Tomorrow's hopes and dreams will never die as long as you believe in yourself and follow your heart. The kindnesses in your heart will guide you to accomplish many things in life and overcome all challenges and all obstacles. Never give up, always have faith in yourself, and you will gain the greatest gift of all, the gift of hope and love you rightly deserve.
Whatever you may do in the future, never let anyone stand in the way of you pursuing your dreams. Know that you will always have family and friends to rely on whenever you need them. No matter what you may decide to do in life, I will be right there to help, support, and love you. I wish you only the best as you continue chasing your dreams..

I don't even remember the last time I frowned.I always make sure to share the little that I have with someone and also satisfied with whatever I have. am an all rounded person to cut it this is all i can say about me but if you feels there's more you want to know about me please you're more than welcome to ask any question you wished to know about me and am also alone and looking for someone to share my whole life with,not just someone but one who have all the good characters in life. am of that type and want someone with the same to spend with. I can see you are of that type because you stated it in your profile the type of person of you want. I really know what love is and also the type who give his whole heart in a relationship.. Relationships are built one day at a time; they take time, patience, honesty, passion and ability to compromise and grow! So with true love, is by sharing bad and good times together. True love is a covenant that we build on a strong foundation and that's why we don't develop it within a day.

It takes sometime to mature and that's when both sees that they are having the same strong feeling for each other. It is with true love as it is with ghosts; everyone talks about it, but few have seen it. I promise to make my one and only the most happiest woman on earth if only you willing to accept me as part of urself. I'll be there whenever you need me and promise never to do anything to hurt your feeling . I really mean my words and I'm serious too. I’m ever ready to sail to the end of the sea with you and ever prepared to do anything to have you forever.

A man without a woman is like a river or a stream without a source and as relationship are build on trust and with mutual respect I assure you my whole heart.. I don’t know and can’t tell if that special person is you but I believe it's you Because your profile alone speaks of it all so why don't we give ourselves a chance and find out what happens. I know at this point, we have something in common so let us be serious to each other and see what the future will be for us and pls write back and stay blessed.i will like to know about yours too take care and wish to hear nicely from you Always Michael
Letter 3

I'm really sorry for not making it this morning, I went fo northern part of Afghnistan early in the morning to see one of my general who was shoot by the taliban's yesterdays night, Thank you very much for the email you sent to me,I do have feelings for you, I can see that you are the right woman sent from heaven to me, and i promise you that i will always be honest and faithful to you, I will never do anything to hurt your feelings, so let us hope for the best okay, I am just this man who would remain sincere and honest to you, would always be there and to show love and compassion when ever it's needed and to support you in the difficult times.
I see marriage as a very important thing as it's from God. Marriage makes an incomplete human being a complete one. It makes us a grown up and gives us responsibilities whether those responsibilities are to feed, to love or be there. Marriage is supposed to take a person out of the hectic lifestyle and place in an organized environment giving a path to follow in life and a shoulder to lean on.

A happy life is not about finding the right partner but how long you can hang on to your partner till the very last end.True love is not about how you love your partner in the beginning but how much love you can endure till the very last end.
Yesterday is gone, no one knows tomorrow, but today is a gift.
To love is divine and to error is human, life is full of ups and downs, but strength in each other will determine life for a true couple.

Sweetheart, i promise you now and always to be loyal, loving, playful, curious, very romantic and full of life. Value honesty, faith and communication. Believe in love on first site, appreciate you as my partner and always respect your views and decisions. I know this will put me on a solid foundation to build a healthy and happy marriage with you. Take goo care of yourself kisses and hugs to you, I will be waiting for you online 9pm in your time, I hope you can make it honey, I hope to hear from you soon

Always Michael
Letter 4

How are you doing today, I hope everything is going on well with you am really glad to receive your email address this afternoon. I have really missed and thinking about you all day and night, because you are the right woman went from heaven to me and i promise you that i will never do anything to hurt your feelings and i will always be honest and faithful to you..When I think about the way that I am feeling for you now, I don't know what to say except that I was lost in the garden and needed a route to come out until I got a way that leads to the exit of the garden. I was going and I saw a butterfly and I tried to catch it, but the harder I tried to get it, the higher it flies into the sky and the more I try chasing it, the worse I get lost. I was tired and tried to rest after the butterfly had gone away. I was sitting under an oak tree and all of a sudden, I saw the butterfly that I was trying to catch; it came down onto my shoulder slowly and with many friends that showed me the direction to the entrance. I was happy and came out from the garden and I was happy forever. I was lost and you are the butterfly that came to save me. I love you very much and never will I let you go. I love you, Take good care of yourself for me, I promise you that i will send you more email later this evening, Remember and extend my warmy greetings to your family for me, Take good care of yourself kisses and hugs to you

Always Michael
Letter 5

Hello Sweety,
Good evening to you and hope you are healthty?Thank you so much for your wonderful and heart touching message.
I had butterflies in my stomach at the time of reading your email and it is a good feelings I feel within me.I had a great time today and you were in my thought all day long.I miss you so much and can't take you out of my mind just for a second.As day the pass by I fall deeply in love more and more with you and it is so amazing we met each other.The world is like a puzzle and we are two pieces that fit perfectly together and we two will make a perfect couple. You complete me. You mean the world to me. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You are the one I've always wished for. I never thought that I would ever meet someone as special as you. I love each and every moment I share with you. Every day I will be thinking about you. When my eyes are closed, when I sing and dance to a love song, when I'm checking my email, I will be thinking about you. When I go to sleep in the loneliness of my room and give in to wonderful dreams I will definitely be thinking about you. I know someday we will meet and spend our lives with each other. I have waited for someone like you, and now that I have found you I will never let you go. I love you so much, Take good care of yourself kisses and hugs to you, Tell me what time will you be online tomorrow so that i can come and wait for you.. Always Michael
Letter 6

Are you doing all this to hurt me? did you really love me like you said or you were jut playing games with me ?
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