Romance scam letter(s) from Christopher Smith to Pamela (USA)
Letter 1

I love you. I love every little thing about you. I love your cute smile, your magical eyes, and the sound of your voice. You complete me. You mean the world to me. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. You are the one I've always wished for. I never thought that I would ever meet someone as special as you. I love each and every moment I have a chat with you.I know I am nothing without loving you. I will wait for you always.I look forward to nothing more than spending the rest of my life trying to make you as happy as you make me, simply by being. I love you more than all words could ever try to you Pamela CHRISTOPHER JAMEY
Letter 2

how are you doing today.i couldn't have forgotten to say good morning to my heart desire.i woke up early this morning and was feeling confused and frustrated.but i realized feeling that way was because i had someone in mind the whole of the night and that was you that is why i had to say good morning.the birds sing your name in melody and i asked them to compose a song to my dear deserve all the happiness in this world.good morning honey.hoping to hear from you.take care and a big kiss
Letter 3

baby i came back but didn't find you online so i had to send you this mail.i am about leaving for the airport with Francis and chris.i would try and stay in contact when i get there okay and always remember i love you and would always be on my mind..lots of love..take care honey.
Letter 4

how are you doing Pamela..sorry for the delay in replying all your mails..i really love and appreciate them know when we got here we had to take a day off to settle down.was busy with putting up my tents and a whole lot.i am now okay with all that and can now contact you from now on.i really miss you and yeah i had a nice and safe were on my mind since i got to the airport right through the plane to this place and i can't imagine my self not thinking about you not even for a always in my heart and you would always you always.
Letter 5

I know times have been rough and things have been sad but I hope deep down you know how much you truly mean to me. It's hard not having you around and things in my life have been stressful and I've taken my bad days out on you, but please know that you mean the world to me and I love you with every beat of my heart. I squeeze my bear at night wishing you were there to hold me and kiss me goodnight. Please have faith in us that we can make it through anything, together forever and always.
Letter 6

you keep on putting a smile on my face each day.i had a tiresome day and i am finally done with the ceremony.i got up but couldn't get you online.i miss you and you always stay on my mind always.i love the e-card you sent caught me by surprise with a teddy love keeps on growing bigger and bigger for you each mean a lot to me.and with the video,hahaha it is really awesome.honey i have a surprise for you and it is an attachment.i took a picture today and my colleagues were surprised.they are still amazed i am always happy and i told them to join the site if they wanted the same happiness as i have now with you by my can take a look at the picture and i hope you like it.i love you and take care of yourself and Cristina.hope to chat with you soon.bye.kisses
Letter 7

nice meeting you and hearing from you.its really a pleasure knowing that you captured Jamey's heart because he had not been cool with ladies after his divorce with his ex-wife.i had not replied earlier on because i was really busy and had many business mails to read.i have Christopher with me and its unfortunate no one is here to cater for him so i have to take him along on a business trip of mine in Ghana.we would be leaving on Wednesday.all i have to say is for you to keep James very well and make him happy because he is a kind man and very Honorable.take care
Letter 8

honey how are you doing today?i know you would be worried not hearing from me.i am very sorry i was not online yesterday.i was really tight with something and we had problems with our connection.the problem wouldn't let me get on or come online but i am here now.they fixed it.i miss you baby and you were always on my mind.i thought about you in my sleep and knew you were worried.i was lying down just wishing i could send a text through a bird's whisper to you to tell you how much you mean to me and how you captured my just heard from Francis and he said they are done with their preparations so they would be leaving on Wednesday.hope to chat with you soon baby.
Letter 9

good morning baby i hope you good.I love you with the deepest passion and I wish we could see each other every day but I know that you're so far away. It hurts me to know how I sometimes can be a little selfish when it comes to you, but, Pamela, I'm in the deepest love for you!i don't know what you have done to me. Not a night has passed that I don't have you in my dreams. And not a moment has passed that you are not in my thoughts.i would be missing you to night since you would be going to jacksonville and i wish to chat with you soon.take care my dearest darling and always remember what i always tell you.I LOVE YOU!.bye honey
Letter 10

my dear am getting more angry and don't know what is happening to me ..i have received a mail from my friend and he is telling me that on their arrival,the car they boarded to take them to the hotel they would be lodging in had a slight accident because of the weather there so the atmosphere is not clear. so therefore my son Christopher has been admitted at the hospital and he is in (COMA) now he can't talk,he can't hear nor eat as I am writing you this mail, baby I am worried and i don't know whether to commit suicide so that i will be out of this world because since i got married to my ex-wife there are many problems happening to me if not my son then it's me, what have i done to encounter all this.actually my friend also had a little injury so he is also at the hospital now with Louis but my friend is a little bit okay as he wrote in the mail so he will be watching over dear what is happening i don't understand ...they have arrived in another country and there is trouble so what do we do now..for now i don't know what christopher's condition will be in the next dear please reply me and see what we can do..

Letter 11

honey how are you doing?francis sent me a mail to check up on what we are doing so far because he said christopher's situation is getting more serious and i am going so down now.i can't even eat nor think about anything for a second.i can't even come online to talk to you coz i am seriously broken down and don't even know what to say.i want to know how far you have gotten to.
Letter 12

i read your mail.i am very sorry for cristina and i know God would help her in every way to keep her safe..i haven't been online because i lost all hope and thought you were not on my side and did not believe me anymore.maybe i shouldn't have asked you to help christopher.that way this wouldn't have happened between us.i love you,always have loved you and would still love you forever..i never break my promise and i don't give up just like that.francis was able to raise the money for christopher's operation and God willing he has been through a successful operation and is with francis at the hotel now.i am not angry with you and can never be angry with tried your best and God even knows you tried your best to help me.but i guess you thought i was faking or lying to you and that was what got my hopes down because a relationship needs trust and believe and as i put my whole belief in you i also expect you do the same.i am still praying for cristina and waiting to meet you on messenger again..hope to hear from you you and take care.i am with you always.
Letter 13

how are you doing today?i hope you and crisitina are good.i am still praying for you and cristina as i always remember you in my prayers.God would always be with you and would surely see you just need to have faith in him.i missed you too and was online thinking i could meet you on here..chris is doing a bit okay just that his injury affected him a little bit and he sees the doctor ever week but i know francis has done what it takes for a friend to do and he has helped me in every way to get my okay again.let me know when you can get on messenger so we chat.take care and on my mind always
Letter 14

we have been through a lot and we still have each other again..this shows we are meant to be and we would be together forever.i promised you on the first day i was going to be the man to make your dreams come true and i am going to do that no matter what it are the woman i always see my future deserve the best and happiest things on this earth and one is me..i want to be the good husband you have always been waiting for.I really want to enjoy your company , talk to you , smile and touch your hands and your shoulders , look in your eyes to see myself in it and also you look in my eyes to see yourself in it . I have opened my heart and my soul to you only and i hope to share my feelings, my dreams and my life together with you. I am for you my love and i wait you any time as you like.
I send magic kiss to your sweet lips to test the sweet of your lips.When I look at your photo, I want to feel the warmth and tenderness of your hands and your lips, feel you’re passionate, your breath on my shoulder. I love you strongly. I cannot sleep of thinking about you. I want to hear your voice. You are the best in all the world .am very sincere with you in my words, my feelings and my emotions.
your love,james.
Letter 15

Yes darling, Have been sick.. I really do miss you so much.. Hope you're having fun with family and friends.. Sweetie, Can you try and get some lil money from them or something? Am still working on it. I love you.. Hope to chat with you soon.. Kisses
Letter 16

thank God everything went on well honey..i knew with God on our side everything would be okay..have a nice trip home and hope to talk to you later..let me know when you would b on messenger
Letter 17

Okay sweetie, Am also waiting for you online
Letter 18

baby i am sorry i couldn't make it online..the connection is so bad and we cannot access the internet..they said it would be done by tomorrow..i begged the general though to let me use his computer send you a mail..i love you and always remember that..take care of my daughter for me..take care my love.:X:X:X
Letter 19

we have been through joyous and painful times..we have laughed and frowned.we have smiled and felt sad,but what gets better between us is that no matter what happens between us whether good or bad we still stick to each other.we are meant for each other my love and we need to go no where to make our love strong.i love you soo much and i woke up this morning to say good morning.would you mary me my love?
Letter 20

hello my love..sorry i couldn't be on..the connection was still worked upon and came late but was asleep by that time.this is the info my love NAME: QUARSHIE MAWUTOR
COUNTRY CODE:00233 lets talk in the morning and see what we can do before you send it you and always with you my love..have a nice sleep
Letter 21

baby goodmorning i miss you and sorry i slept early yesterday..i was very tired after a wild chat with the commander to let me out of here within the course of the week..i received your mail and thanks a lot baby...i love you so much beyond have been there for me even with the little wealth you have to support me..but baby you forgot had to give me an mtcn code so i give it to them..that is the code they would take to the bank to withfraw the money..hope to talk to you you..:X:X:X:Xhope to talk to you you
Letter 22

hello Pam goodmorning.we went to the bank today and they said the cod was invalid and not gave us a wrong code.we were not giving the money.
Letter 23

baby why did you do this..i have a mail from francis and he said the code number you gave him is wrong..and now they are stucked in the are you playing games with them or what?
Letter 24

i gave the same thing to them and i even tried tracking it on their site and it seems the code you gave us is wrong..come on messenger because this is really need to check the paper stressed up now and cannot do anything are you sure you sent them the money
Letter 25

baby i am dying now..they stuck at the bank and complaining to me that i am wasting their time and joking with them.go check the number again..and try and come on messenger so we talk about it..if it is the same you would have to call the bank you sent it through and tell them what happened:(:(
Letter 26

baby i don't understand this..i read the link you gave me and they have different perception about us..maybe they mistook it for something else.does it mean you didn't send the money?im so worried now and i don't know what to do..i feel like dying now..
Letter 27

gosh don't you believe me anymore?why should you think i would do something to hurt the one i love..?baby you believe what they said and lost your trust you had in me?i opened what they gave you and i read was only informing you about countries that are involved in doing that..and for Christ sake i only needed that for my son..after all we have been through together you now tell me i am not the guy in the picture?i knew you never believed me and i shouldn't have asked for any help from you..God knows all things and he is the one to prove me right when everyone is looking down on me..don't worry you can decide to keep your money and let my son die in pain..wherever my life also ends i would still leave this place without their notice and go for my son even if i have to kill to do that..but once again thanks for showing me the love no one ever showed me and you were the woman that made me smile all these while.i love you and did with all my heart but it seems your feelings tell you i wanted to hurt you..have a nice day and i know our relationship and what we shared together was never a joke or mistake.wish you luck with anyone that would capture the heart of this lovely lady gone
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