Romance scam letter(s) from Charles Lewis Lee to Francia (Panama)
Letter 1

Hello dear,

I am so happy meeting you here in Skype, I know God made us meet for a reason, Thank so much for your time spend with me, I am so grateful and happy meeting you... You so wonderful, kind and sweet. I Can't wait to meet you soon, All i will ask from you is Trust, Care and Understanding with these 3 thing we can have a wonderful and strong relationship together.

Take good care of yourself for me, Stay safe. below is my picture hope you like it. Try to send me your beautiful picture also.

Kisses from my heart, With love
Letter 2

Hello darling, i seem not to understand what is happen over there now because your daughter wrote me on skype and inform me that you in the hospital, what really happen to you??? i am so worried and i called your phone and nobody answer.

I will be waiting to hear directly from you soon as possible, Nothing ever bad will happen to you because i love you so much and i need you in my life. God protect you, stay safe.

With love
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