Romance scam letter(s) from William Scott to Lynn (USA)
Letter 1

Hello Miss William. Exxonmobil Oil And Gas Company Plc.

Address: 4045 Scenic Hwy, Baton Rouge, LA 70805, United States
Phone:+1 7605167127 We are so sorry for late reply we were going through Mr William document after we got your email asking for your husband to be given three weeks off duties we will do our best for that wish you have ask from us, But madam according to our document we have about Mr William, He lost his wife some years back so please madam if you don't mind sending us a copy of your Marriage Certificate in other for us to be sure that the both of you are legally married then we will let him come to you once more we are sorry for late response, Thanks From Exxonmobil Oil And Gas Company Plc,
Letter 2

Hello Madam,How are you doing today? I,m so sorry for the late response to your email..I am in receipt of your email in request of my legal service to you. Let me start by wishing you and your beloved family good health and prosperity, I am using this medium opportunity to introduce myself and profession to you, I am Barrister Mark Steven senior advocate of the British bar association, a legal Attorney with great vision and Barrister to humanitarian Affairs. I must express my appreciation for choosing me to help you and your Husband with a Marriage Certificate....I am assuring you that you have chosen a good attorney, as I have good working experience...I also would appreciate if you would see me addressing you as"Madam" will not make you feel bad, because its general acceptable in field of law. I am writing not just because writing comprehensively is part of the legal field, rather am also using this as a medium to alert you that in the legal field there are more to it than to just called a” lawyer" I'm going to help You,and your Husband with the Marriage Certificate,Madam,the payment charges of the registration, for the Marriage Certificate to be issued is going to cost( 850 pounds)If you got this massage, please kindly reply back so I know you got it,and I will tell you how you will make the payment Please: note that this form must be filled and sent back to me as soon as possible for the process to go faster because I do not have much time as I will be traveling next month for a case. Thanks Madam, Barrister Mark Steven.
Letter 3

Hello Mr William. how are you doing and how is your job going i hope all is well, i told you i don't like any one that make's promises they can't keep we have being friends for sometime now and you should no that i don't joke with my job and i always keep to my words, i told you if your wife don't send the balance money i will not send her the certificate but you promised that if i send it she will send the money but now look at what she is telling me to wait for you to come what is the meaning of that Mr William ? can't you keep to your wards if i don't have the money in the next 24 hours i don't need it any more thanks for letting me down, From Barr Mark Steven.
Letter 4

Hello Mrs William. I am Dr Tanjila Selve, There has been an emergency situation that requires an utmost attention from you, all effort to get to you was abortive,. until 2.00am this Morning, hence i have been worried of how to get to you not until one of my staff found is diary in his pocket then we found your number and email address so the hospital management ask me to write you this urgent email and i hope you attend to this mail with utmost attention please, It is with sadness that I inform you of the car accident which occurred to your husband Mr William. Injuries suffered in a car accident which occurred last evening during the hours of 5.30 pm. your husband was rushed into our hospital by good Samaritans who witnessed the accident when it took place and confirmed that a truck ran into his lane and hit him off the road across the other side . I have been worried so much , after series of tests and scan X-Ray have been carried out on him, it was diagnose that your husband has a fracture in his right foot, ribs, left hand.
Right now a surgery has to be carried out on him without any delay, so now the hospital are demanding for some money before they can start up the surgery process for him, so right now you and your husband family need to make a deposit of .1,450 dollars to get the surgery started with immediate effect order wise your husband will never gain back his foot again, also may even die. Madam, i will like to read a reply from you today as to know what next to do, as this is a matter of life and death, he lost a lot of blood during the accident and he needs a lot of attention before the operation.I tried to call you i could not understand what you said did you not get a call last night Mrs William? Sincerely,
Dr Tanjila Selve,
Letter 5

why tag me scam?

what may i call you and where are you from?

like seriously,i love your spirit. i will like us to be close we can know each other better.then we can get to share ideas,interest,plans..who knows what the future might have in store for us.what do you say??

c'mon dont be too mean. I am a very open minded person, someone who accepts people as they are, I am a fair individual who adapts to changes in life and enjoys life to the fullest and looking to meet a woman that i can spend the rest of my life with. I pride myself in being honest and most trustworthy,I seek that in a mate, someone who is compassionate yet understanding who has a calm demeanour and a great personality. and i see this qualities in you. why not give us a chance and lets see how things go from here

am here even trying to play cool with you and all you think about is tagging me a am i sure you are not a scam trying to get my attention you scammer

i only visited this site cause a friend of mine who met his wife here told me about it since am also looking for my missing rib..and you are here pissing me off..i just wasted my time visiting this site fuck
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