Romance scam letter(s) from Walter William Buehrens to PJH (USA)
Letter 1

Good Morning to you. Hello how are you doing,what a wonderful story you shared with me, and i will say am honored and it my pleasure to have you communicate with me. Your words are words that could lead the heart and life of a relationship into a better place. This i want to assure you,I'm a one man to one woman, and i don't ever think of cheating when I'm in a relationship I dedicate the whole of me into it. you never did told me what you doing for living and do you enjoy it?Here are some nice questions and i wish to know more about you and with that I wish to get to know more of you.. Have a nice day and i wish to hear from you soon.

Favorite comedy movie: Grumpy Old Men Favorite romantic movie: Pride and Prejudices, Under the Tuscan Sun, Eat Pray Love. These are just the ones I have watch lately. I haven't found too many romantic movies that I don't like.

The things that I am most proud of are: Finding my way to Jesus and never letting him go. My child, they may not be perfect, but they are mine and I love them very very much. To have the courage to buy my own home and remodeling it mostly by my hard work and the help of the less privilege ones The smartest thing that I have ever done: Diving into the Atlantic 4years Ago to save one of My Crew men. God Did a wonderful job by saving my Ass. Lol Who has been the Most Influential person in your Life: My Mom has been the biggest influence in my life. then my late wife after the death of mom she is like my mom and best friend wrapped into one. She has been a very Nice woman to meet and,such a sad time to remember that she is no more. Your have a leave at your working Place what will you tend to do with your time: I think I would rather be planting flowers or laying in my hammock with a good book or just close my eye and feel the breath and the coolness of life. If I had an afternoon with no obligations I would probably watch a good movie if it was bad outside. But if I could get outside I would go do evangelism. I can trudge forward on bad days, by remembering that what ever I am going through someone else has it worse and I need to remember that I have a choice to either let that bad day fester or change my attitude to gratitude. If the problem is major than I have to turn it over to God and let him handle it. And remember once I have turned it over to Him let it go. How Many People Are you Communicating With At the Moment: Honestly U are the First person I am communicating with on here, but I get some smiles from other member but i like to keep in track and see where a friendship might lead so i am keeping our communicating as it suppose to be. So shall a man leave his father and his mother and be with his Woman and both of them shall be call one. So the bible never mention a man should go to his women. Lol.. How Long Have you Been on A Dating Site be specify: Am new on this face book.
What have been your Good and Worse Experiences Using An online Dating site: You are the First Person I am communicating with, So i expect to get an Experiences from you. Lol. This are my Question for you. I have my answer attach to them and I will Like to get all your answer too. it was never easy typing but anything Good is worth Doing well and Doing Good. My Pleasure talking to you and i will want something better for us in the Near Future. The best and most beautify things in the world cannot be seen, nor touched, but are felt in the heart.
Good Evening my dear and have a perfect day. I would like to share picture of ourself thanks.
Warms Greetings.
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