Romance scam letter(s) from Albert Pelton to Seawave (Greece)
Letter 1

Good Morning My love,
How was your night been ? It a beautiful Sunday . it been raining here since morning and the connection is very bad, But am thinking about you and i wish we can be together in this cold moment to make me feel warm , Honey, I want to let you know that you are the love of my life. You everything I ever wanted in life. You are my only one. It's you and you alone. I will love forever. I will love you through out eternity and a day!. I will live with ONLY YOU, share with ONLY YOU, learn with ONLY YOU, and grow with ONLY YOU for the rest of my life. If there is one face I really want to see every day of my life, one smile that makes a difference in everything that I do. If there is one joy, one love that I desire to have forever, it's YOU - that special someone in my world, my life, my heart! I've chosen to be exclusively yours for the rest of my life. No body can take your place in my heart. You really mean more to me than all the words in the world put together can ever express. Always and forever is what my love for you means to me.
Take care of yourself for me and don't forget am thinking about you ..
Kisses and hugs ...
Letter 2

Good Night my love,
Now am going to bed and i want to tell you I'm deeply and passionately in love with you! To be truthful, just when I thought my life was perfect, that life couldn't get any better, you came into my heart and showed me a brand new world of happiness! You reached out and touched the deepest part of me, a place that no other has ever been before. Mary words just do not seem adequate to describe the feelings that I hold in my heart for you. So how can I tell you how much I love you and what you mean to me? I don't think I can, so for the rest of my life I plan to show you my love in as many ways as I possibly can! You are my love forever.
Have a goodnight and sweet dreams my love.
Until tomorrow ...
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