Romance scam letter(s) from Neilan Vittore to Yveta (Czech Republic)
Letter 1

My Yolanda,

Wow that was very nice to hear from you ... Very happy to read what you said and am sitting down here with a smile on my face.. Wish you were here with me now... How was your night??? We do have alot in common and can't wait for the moment we will be together..... You are heaven sent from God and l will hold you soo tight!!! I have some more questions for you Yolanda and hope they will finds you well..

1.Do you like traveling... if Yes What's your philosophy on travel...? Oh Yes l traveling alone and sometimes l do travel with my client, when we are leaving my bag's are well packed, but when am with my life partner l just don't like traveling much. lt's because l just don't want her to be lonely or l have to go with her...2. What do you mostly do on weekend...? I clean the house, wash my cloth's , and then have some fun with my male friends, sometimes l do go on shopping too....3. Are You left or right handed...? I'm right handed and l can also use my left hand to do many things , example playing Golf.4. What have you learned about yourself from every past relationship...? I find myself being worried when am not with my life partner..also l just don't want her to be alone, and l always want my life partner to understand how l really do feel for her...5. Would you ever spend fund on assisting your partner when in need or in trouble ?? When I'm in a committed relationship I feel we share everything, what I have they have, I'm not selfish and expect the same..

6.What is your idea of the perfect romantic vacation? Perfect Romantic vacation, being with the true love, on a private beach watching the sun set or rise as we chat...7. What are the top ten gifts you would like to receive? Trust, honesty, love unconditionally, sense of humor, communication, then comes flowers , chocolate for my kid , jewelry(for men ), Gift card and any other thing form the heart of the giver..8. What is your idea of a perfect date? Someone I truly care about and feels the same about me, don't have to do anything special just being together.9. What three things could friends describe you as? Organized, Happy, Reliable...10. If you had three wishes, what would they be? Three wishes, good health for myself and my kid, Being able to help all those I love financially, and finding my soul mate ... Yolanda guess it's good for now...Hope this will finds you well this morning.. I will check back on you soon.. Stay blessed and always be good for me..Hugs and Kisses,

Yours Russel
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