Romance scam letter(s) from Anderson Walters to Clara (USA)
Letter 1

Hello my darling,
Good evening/night from Dubai... Its 10:44 PM Sunday evening here.
I came back very sad from the seaport and I feel so tired and frustrated :( and I haven't been able to think straight since I came back from the seaport, since today evening here, because they didn't give me final confirmation on the clearance of the goods until today, but I was told that the charged fine for the clearance of my goods was finally levied towards the goods this morning and they didn't inform me until late noon today.
Darling I am very unhappy to inform you that the problem I have here is beyond me darling when I went to the seaport today. I am so confused here honey I don't know what to do, the custom officer that is in control of my goods at the seaport refuse to clear out the goods based on that fact that I have a pending custom duty charged fee of 80,175 Dirhams AED on my goods today.
I actually do not have up to the amount they are requesting because I thought I wasn't going to pay that much, as I have already spent much on my apartment shipping etc.
Luckily for me, I still have with me close to 27,000 Dirhams AED cash on me and I will go back tomorrow morning and deposit it to them as partpayment for the customs required charged fee. I have that amount with me here at my apartment, so before I could go back to my apartment to pick it up, and come back to the port to pay them, I will not meet the officer in charge again because of time,
In other for customs officers not to place my goods on hold and thereafter confiscate the goods, I have to give them my travel passport and collateral, that I will be back on tomorrow Wednesday morning here to pay a partpayment for the charged fee, if not they would have just moved my goods to their department where they store confiscated goods and rule out my shipment/goods and confiscated goods, which will become property of the Dubai Government.
I have also exhausted all the little money I have with me, which I withdraw from my account to purchase the goods I needed to carry out this contract. I am so worried my love I want to get this contract done on time so I can live this country and be with you for good, all I want now is your help honey to help me with the remaining 53,175 Dirhams AED, which is in Dubai currency and I will send it back to you immediately before I come or give you in cash first thing first, when you come pick me up at the airport.
I tried to get a loan here today, but I was told that I can't be given any loan as I am not a residence of citizen of Dubai.
As soon as I clear out my goods, deliver them and get my balance 50% payment for the contract? I will go straight to the airport to buy my flight ticket and fly to you, so I can be with you darling, honey I want you to help me out with this money even if it cost me to pay you with any interest rate, I don't mind, just give me your calculation and I will do the needful on that regard as well when I come or even before I come.
My love all I want now is to get this goods cleared and make the supplies.
I have also included my correspondent with their customs officer on this email about this current situation which you will also find more details on the attachment.
Take my word darling I promise I will make it up to you when I come to you my dear.
My dear I am writing this email to you honey with confusion and frustration shown all over my face, because I never expect to see my self in such a situation today Tuesday, that's why I didn't want to bother you with it at first when I went to a loan office here earlier today, and later I had no choice than to let you know when they turned down my loan application because I am not a residence of Dubai.
...I love you and I will dream of you. Please call me my love,I am so tensed and I really need to hear your voice please to calm me down before I sleep my darling or you can call me later when you are less busy.
Yours ever.
Letter 2

Ref: DXB072641
Assalamu Alaikum Sir – Anderson Walters ,
Prior to our last communique at the port today as regards the final clearance of your consignment/goods, find attached to this email complete details and information .
Re: the total charged fee you are required to pay for the final release and clearance of your goods? you are required to effect the payment within the next 7 business days so as to avoid your goods from being confiscated by the UAE Government.
Further information as regards the remittance of the charged fee will be provided to you upon your request.
Rajan Mathew
For: Dubai Customs, United Arab Emirates.
Visit us:Dubai
Customs Head Quarters Building
Al Mina Road
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Tex/Fax: +971(0) 522102393
Property of Dubai Customs – U.A.E
Letter 3

Good morning from Dubai
I write to let you know that I will be done with my contract today Thursday. The last batch of the goods finally arrived yesterday and I also did the clearance too same yesterday Wednesday, I will be done with the delivery today Thursday and receive my balance 50% payment for the contract.
I will book my ticket to Denver later in the day and send you copy of ticket so you know when I will arrive.
I keep counting the hours and minute I will be with you, talk to you and watch you laugh at my crazy lame jokes. I want to experience a lot of things with you as you have been in my thoughts all day long, I think of you more times that I can remember and I think now is just the perfect time to meet with this awesome lady.
I am going to get my shower now and get ready for today's wok here, I will let you know when I am done today and send you a copy of my ticket as well. I decided to drop you this few lines so you know everything that's going on here.
Take care and have a lovely night rest as I know it's late over there, and tonight I give you permission to dream of me, lol
Goodnight morning from me and goodnight to you...
Walters xoxox
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