Romance scam letter(s) from Sami Turner to Marg (New Zealand)
Letter 1

Hi Love, What is all these again honey? I really do not understand you now. You say i hide my identity? what does that mean i do not get please explain more and as for my bank i never told you i banked with Heartland never!!!! I have always told you its Heritage never Heartland and how will i know if they have influence in Nigeria?? and even if they do what has that got to do with customers please??
Well i am not a Scammer and maybe that is why i am not a professional enough in it like you said but, NO, to you i have always been a Scammer almost all the time... You are obviously mixing a lot of things together my love. How was your day by the way did you get what you wanted to buy?
Letter 2

Hi Love, Honey i am writing you from Kuwait as i even had to come do this from a cafe... It looks like you were right from the onset that am i sure i wont need more money when am here but it now is very obvious i do need more thank goodness not much, ?300..
Please this has to be done quickly as there is no time atall.. I will check my mail later today before you go to bed to write you again,,
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