Romance scam letter(s) from James C. Smith to Lynn (USA)
Letter 1

Hello Madam, You are such a smart woman,well i will be leaving for afgan in few hours but will be getting back to Gaza today,Sounds stressful right? well its not an easy task being a commander.
Concerning the sponsorship of Daniel(Lt col james carter smith), You will have to send the money to our post master who is located in cairo,Egypt. they are there to receive letters, money, packages, foods, treats and bring them to the camp here in Gaza, They only means of receiving money over there is through MONEY GRAM, the service is available in walmarts.
Here is the information you need to send the money to him and please send me the 8 digit reference number and your sender information as soon as the transfer is made. Receiver's first name: ABDUL-RASHEED
Receiver's last name: BABATUNDE
City; Cairo
Country; EGYPT
Amount;USD 1350.00 Thats all you need , if you have any more questions to ask , just send me an email and i will get back to you when i get back from my trip Have a great day Gen L Austin
Letter 2

Hello Madam,
How are you doing i got your email and i will do my possible best to let him have the leave. i will start immediately by asking you to provide to e the following information. Officers Information
Full name James Carter Smith
Rank Lt. Col.
Deployment code GZ7483929AF
MOS2799AF i will wait for your response have a nice day ahead God Bless America Regards,
Gen. L Austin
Letter 3

Hello Madam, How are you doing, I hope this message sounds like a good news to you but if it doesn't i will know that i have tried for you and your husband, I would really appreciate giving your husband a leave but i don't want him to miss this great opportunity, his name is among the list of military award and funds beneficiary which is meant for soldiers who have served the military with all their heart, They will receive about $400,000 each and other valuable medals and after which they will retire , if he comes home on leave, he is going to be removed from the list , so its better he endures till November when he is due to come home.I know you miss him. He doesn't know this , I am only telling you so you know how to tell him, The only help i will do for him is to reduce his working hours and shift his post to an easier post point. Hope to hear from you soon Gen Austin
Letter 4

Good morning my queen, i am so glad you finally got the money sent to the adoption home, I love you so much , i cant wait to be with you my love I will let you know when its sent to the adoption home. Your King
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